Strictly Business Boxing
Strictly Business Boxing

SBB Friends

SBB's Charge

Travis "The What's Next Kid" Smith

Thinking Pink SBB Making Strides

Ahead of the Crowd!

Talkin Boxing with Billy C

Thurman vs Porter

Post Fight Show!

SBB's Mike "Crash" Alparslan

Wins NY Metro's Jr Olympics!

(Coach "K with Team Guerrero)

(Coach "K" with Team Mosley vs Collazo 2007)

In Camp With Ricky “Hitman” Hatton

At The Fights With “The Lion”  Lennox Lewis

Coach "K" (in red) With Team Hatton

Coach & Undefeated Jordan Keller

Coach K & Teddy Atlas

Jason "Strictly Business" Sardelis

Sparring "The Ghost" In Big Bear

"Strictly" Working With Ben Tackie

"Strictly" Working With

LI's Renown Trainer Joe Higgins

"Strictly" Working With

"Sugar" Shane Mosley & "The Beast" Joe Smith Jr.

"Strictly" Getting Advice

From "Sugar" Shane Mosley

Darrell Madison, Shannon Briggs,

"Strictly" & Ethan Doutney

"Strictly", Buddy McGirt,

NYS Champ Darrel Madison

L-R Ethan & Bill Doutney, "Strictly,"

Darrell Madison, Jim Everett, & Vivian Harris

Jack Mosely, "Strictly" & Micheal Buffer

"Strictly" With Soprano's Joe Gannoscoli

SBB’s Yvonne Montalvo

Coach & "Smokin" Joe Frazier & "Big" George Foreman

Coach "K", "Magic Man" Paulie Malignaggi

And Metro Champ Kenny Ruiz

In Camp With "Hitman"

Trainer Billy Graham

  Matthew Hatton & Freddie Roach

Coach "K" & Coach Lenny Mangiapane

 Lou Savarese & Vito Antefurmo

Coach "K" With "The Blade" Iran Barkley

Tommy Gallagher & Derrick Rossy

"Strictly", Bill Gallo, Lorainne Bracco,

Mark Breland and Bert Sugar

"Strictly" With

Contender's Tommy Gallagher

"Strictly", Renaldo Snipes & Carmen Basillio

Leon Green, Henry Coyle & Coach "K" Cicero Stadium

"Strictly" With Oscar De La Hoya & Antonio Margarito

Jay and "Irish" John Duddy

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