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Jaron 'Boots' Ennis vs Cody Crowley

Launch Press Conference!

(May 10th) Jaron 'Boots' Ennis is finally home! The IBF World Welterweight Champion defends his title for the first time against unbeaten mandatory challenger Cody Crowley. Watch the launch press conference, hosted by Eddie Hearn from the Wells Fargo Center ahead of July 13's clash.


Jaron Ennis and Cody Crowley came face-to-face at a launch press conference today in Philadelphia – as tickets flew for the homecoming defense of Ennis at Wells Fargo Center on Saturday July 13, live worldwide on DAZN.




Ennis fights at home for the first time as a World champion and the first time since November 2018, and fans flocked to snap up tickets for the next household name of the sport, with presale tickets selling out on Thursday and then the general sale tickets proving a huge hit.


Jaron Ennis

“He’s got to get in that ring and it’s going to get nasty. Keep talking and he’s going to get the worst beating of his life. I promise you that. We can make a bet or whatever. You’re in my city. It’s going to get nasty, man.


“Look, I’m glad you accepted the fight. July 13 at the Wells Fargo Center. I’m very excited. It's the first big fight here and it’s a blessing. I’m glad I’m going to be able to be here and put on a show. I want to look good and retain my belt in a beautiful, knockout fashion, in front of my friends, family and supporters.


“Listen, there’s really no pressure on me. I’ve been in this game since I was a baby. There’s no pressure. It’s normal for me. My brother has been at the top and I’ve seen all this stuff before. This is like being at home in my house right now. It’s natural for me and it’s normal.


“On fight night, I can’t wait. He [Crowley] has got more pressure than me, I’ll tell you that right now. He’s going to have 20,000 fans against him and that’s way more pressure on him than me. For me being here, it will be like sitting at home with my feet up. 


“You know, he’s definitely a good fighter and a tough guy. But on July 13 it’s going to get nasty and I’m telling you that now. I’m going to put on a beautiful show and I’m going to look good. We’re going to do it in a knockout fashion.


“My main focus right now is Cody Crowley. My eyes are on him. After this? Definitely undisputed, for sure. I want to go and collect all the rest of the belts, then go up to 154 and do the same thing there.


“By the time I fight on July 13, it’s going to be a year. Everybody's missed me. I’m the best. I’m the best at this game, I’m the most exciting in this game and the fans love to see knockouts, so of course they’re going to come out to see me. For sure. They’re going to come and see me put on a show, beat him up, beat him down, then get the knockout.


“I want to thank Cody for coming out to fight. I appreciate that. But I’m sorry it had to be you.


“You know my story and I can’t wait for this. Don’t miss it and make sure you tune in because on July 13, we’re going to put on that beautiful show. We back on tour, that P-I-A-C tour. Let’s get it, CBG!


“July 13, we’re taking him to the church. Philly, you in?”


Cody Crowley

“I’ve been out of boxing for the last year after people on my team done stuff, so I’ve been totally out. I had people trying to negotiate on my behalf when I’ve been out. Then I tried to get back into boxing and then I had emergency double eye surgery. I just said I got my eyes taken from me and I’m still getting booed? This is kind of… hey, we don’t have to have a show on July 13! It takes two to tango and I am very, very excited to be here and I am very excited to fight Boots Ennis because I have wanted to fight him for a while.


“I wasn’t even fighting, and I’ve been dealing with a lot of mental health. I didn’t even want to live for the past couple of years. Then my dad [passed away]. Just like everyone else in this room, when you have things happen to you it takes time to get over it. It takes time to heal yourself and come back and step up.


“So, I went away and did what I had to do to try and heal myself. Then I had people who weren’t even on my team trying to negotiate for me. Like I said, I just wanted to reach out to you [Boots], DM you and say how can we just make this happen?


“I want to fight for a World title and if I fight for a World title, there is one, two, three, four World titles, I want to fight the very best in the world. And I believe that at 147 right now that Jaron Ennis, you are that guy. So why would I want to fight anyone else? Out of respect to you Jaron, I love you. I hope you have the best sleep on the Friday night because on the Saturday, I want the best you to show up because I want to be there. The best me is going to show up.


“There’s a lot of people who didn’t [step up] and it takes two to tango. You can’t even put on the gloves by yourself. You need your dad to put them on.


“I had WBC opportunities, I had WBA and WBO opportunities, but I chose you. How comes World champions at 147 are moving up to 154? How comes former World champions won’t even fight him for a certain amount of money? It’s because he has got the crown. He's the man right now.


“Listen, this is a real-life Rocky Story. I’ve had my whole, entire life taken from me. I’m ready to die on July 13. He has a man in front of him who is ready to die. I'm serious.


“The last time I was going for the IBF, I was going against the No.1 contender, and I went from No.6 after I beat him to No.14. So that tells you none of this s*** is real and it’s all f****** illusions. I don’t care about this IBF title. I don’t need the title. And I don’t need any of your guys’ acceptance. I’m whole in myself and I’m happy. I’m just proud of myself to be here. All the s*** that I’ve been through, I pulled on and I kept going. How many of you have stuff going on in your life and when you wake up you question whether you get up and keep going, or do I sit here pop a Coke and have a little potato chip? It’s much easier to do that and be comfy every day. But I’m a champion at heart. I’m a champion at life. I get up and I don’t quit.


“I went through the back door to get here. There are gatekeepers and certain things you have to do to get to this level. I had my own promotional company, and I was my own promoter. I’ve done everything I had to do to get to this moment and I’m not going to let anyone steal my happiness or my joy. My heart is way too powerful for that.


“I can’t wait. The second I get to walk out in front of all these people booing me, and in front of Jaron looking at me thinking he’s going to walk right through me, it’s going to be the most beautiful moment of my life where I get to actually show up the highest version of myself. I have to walk through that fire and every decision I have made in my life is going to show on July 13.


“I’m pretty excited for this to happen and I’m pretty excited to become a champion of the world. I want to thank Jaron Ennis because in this fight, you are setting me free.


“I’m an honest guy and Jaron, you know I am coming to fight. So, it’s going to be an exciting time and I’m going to be right there for you so we can allow the best man to win. I’m going to put my heart down and I know he is going to do the same thing. That’s it.


“For my dad, up in heaven, this one is for you. I love you.”


Matchroom Sport chairman, Eddie Hearn

“What a great reception and what an incredible turnout. Before we get started for this incredible event on July 13, live on DAZN, judging by the pre-sale yesterday and judging by the general sale this morning I think we should make an official announcement that the Wells Fargo Center is now the home of Jaron ‘Boots’ Ennis.


“It took me five years to sign this man. I remember the first meeting we had in Las Vegas it was during the Canelo-Daniel Jacobs fight week. Someone said to me we had a chance to get Boots Ennis. Now there’s a lot of people here and it’s no secret here that everybody has known for a very long time that this guy is the real deal. A year later, then six months later, I said to everyone stop wasting our time. But shout out to Shaun Palmer and Kevin Rooney that they kept trying. And recently, of course, we made the huge announcement that Jaron Ennis would be signing with Matchroom Boxing and DAZN.


“Now, this was a massive announcement for us. The news and the ramifications it’s had in the world of boxing has been simply incredible. The numbers we saw from it and the excitement it generated with many saying, finally he is going to get let off leash and show the world how great he is.


“But the most important thing to me was to bring him home to Philadelphia – and we made it happen. When you have a fighter as special as this and you have a city as great as this – and people don’t even understand the history of boxing in this city – how has he never even fought here before?


“Well, now, it’s time for all of that to change. And on July 13, your champion, Philadelphia’s champion, will defend his IBF Welterweight World title against a mandatory challenger in Cody Crowley live on DAZN around the world.


“When I walked in the arena this morning, the first thing I said to myself was: “Wow. Wow. What a place.” And I looked out and in the middle of the arena was Jaron Ennis doing exactly the same thing.


“What a great thing for someone from this city, who has dedicated his whole life to the sport with his father Bozy and his family, who has lived the life and is a great ambassador for you all, to finally get his moment and fight here and fight in front of his people and his city on July 13.


“But you know the great thing? And I shouldn’t really say this! But sometimes I go to a city and I tell a little bit of a 'porky pie' – that’s a ‘lie' in the UK – and I might say something like: “Oh, this kid! He's going to be a World champion. He could be a great, he could be this…” and that’s my job. But the difference is when you have a fighter like Jaron Ennis, I’m not even lying. So now the whole city can say not only are we bringing big-time, World championship boxing back to Philadelphia, we’re doing it with a young man who may the very best in the entire sport.


“Of course, he’s got to prove it and he’s got to prove it against a very, very tough and undefeated mandatory challenger, Cody Crowley – who, I’ve got to say, is just as excited as Jaron Ennis by the way. He came up to me earlier too with a huge smile on his face. He’s already run the Rocky Steps this morning and he said to me that this is his dream, and this is his time. He said he knows that this is the big homecoming. But, as he said on his Instagram earlier today, ‘I’m going to steal the hearts of Philadelphia’. Come on guys… I thought it was a nice line!


“Just a word or two before I start this press conference, but this fight is part of an unprecedented schedule live on DAZN.


“DAZN has absolutely become the global home of boxing. Last week we had Canelo against Munguia. A couple of weeks before we had Haney versus Garcia. Tomorrow night in Mexico we have a huge card with Rocky Hernandez and Erika Cruz defending her world title. And, of course, next week we have Fury against Usyk live on DAZN for the World Heavyweight Undisputed Championship in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, where Joe Cordina and Jai Opetaia will be defending their world titles.


“Then we fly back to the UK for a huge, all-British domestic fight with Josh Taylor against Jack Catterall in Leeds before we head back out to Riyadh for a historic night with Dmitry Bivol and the 5-v-5. Then we are in Puerto Rico for another World Champion, Subriel Matias, defending his World title before we’re back to the UK for an incredible card in Birmingham. Then we’re in Phoenix for Bam against Estrada – what a fight. Then we have July 6, which we’ll announce shortly and on July 13 we will be here in Philadelphia. I cannot wait.


“It always takes two fighters to make fights to happen and I promise you there aren’t many fighters in the world who want to take on the challenge of fighting Jaron Ennis. Everything Cody has been through has brought him to this moment. I want to thank him for coming today and I want to thank him for accepting this fight. We look forward to seeing you in Philadelphia on fight week.


“And, of course, the man who will fill this place up and bring big-time boxing back to this city, the reigning and defending IBF Welterweight World champion, Jaron ‘Boots' Ennis.


“As I said, the pre-sale and general sale has been incredible. We’re already at 10-12,000 and we want to fill this place up. Spread the word, we’re bringing World championship boxing back to this great city and it will be live on DAZN.”


Bozy Ennis, father and trainer of Jaron Ennis

“The way you talking [to Anthony Girges, Cody Crowley’s manager], after they fight maybe me and you get the gloves on. We can go to my gym now. We’ll see.


“Why didn’t you accept the challenge last year [for Crowley to face Boots]? We offered you $300,000 to fight him and he turned it down. He turned it down. What happened? I like you Cody, but he [Anthony] is talking that tough s*** so I will stop him. I'll stop him.


“Cody, let me say one thing. They said you were trying to go for the WBC. But they made you take the IBF because you were the mandatory for the IBF. Understand this, we wanted to fight Crowley and we wanted to fight Spence. We didn’t ask nobody to take the title. We wanted him to fight us. 


“We appreciate Cody for taking this fight because so many other people turned Boots down. Even the top guys. We wanted Spence. We wanted Crawford. Virgil. All of them. We sent them to word.


“I want to thank everyone for coming out, buying tickets and everything. I appreciate Cody and his team for taking the fight. He’s a good fighter. You can’t take anything away from him and I respect him. But you are going to see something different.


“Cody can fight. But you’ll see him [Boots] go to another level, which you saw in the last fight he went to another level when he’s in with someone who is real good. He might go to a different level this time too. It all depends on which version of Cody’s coming out. 


“One more thing. We fight all ways. You want to fight, we’ll fight. You want to box, we can box. We can do everything.”


Anthony Girges, manager of Cody Crowley

“He is more than ready. Nobody has seen this version of Cody Crowley. From everything, A-Z. From the management team to the training team to the resources. A-Z, nobody has even seen him. Boots shouldn’t even watch videos of him because he will be unrecognizable on fight night come July 13.


“I see you already forgot the belt at home. Are you ready to lose it? Yeah. Bro, you got emailed that belt. You didn’t even win it. You’re not even a champion. Just so you know, we’ve had plenty of opportunities. But he’s been waiting for you. He’s here.


“Eddie, I’m really sorry that this is his [Boots] first fight under Matchroom. I apologize because I like you. He [Cody] is the real-life Rocky Story and he’s in your hometown. We didn’t turn anything down before. We are here.


“Cody will be walking out of here on July 13 as the new World Champion. That’s all I’ve got to say.”

 IBF Welterweight King Jaron ‘Boots’ Ennis welcomes Canadian to Philadelphia for first fight as World Champion.


Eddie Hearn’s Matchroom Boxing and Boots Promotions are proud to announce that Jaron ‘Boots’ Ennis will defend his IBF World Welterweight title against Cody Crowley at Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia on Saturday, July 13, live worldwide on DAZN.


In his first fight as a World Champion, Ennis (31-0 28 KOs) will return to fight in his hometown for the first time since November 2018. The 26-year-old, born and raised in Germantown, returns to action just over a year since his stylish 10th round KO win over Roiman Villa in Atlantic City. During that fight, Ennis successfully defended his interim title before being elevated to full champion.


The man looking to spoil the party is mandatory challenger Crowley (22-0 9 KOs). The Las Vegas-based Canadian sits at #3 in the IBF rankings, with the #1 and #2 spots currently vacant. The unbeaten 31-year-old will get his first World title shot on enemy territory, returning to action following victory in Las Vegas in March 2023 over Abel Ramos.


“I’m excited for my homecoming especially being the first to fight at the Wells Fargo Center, the biggest arena in Philly,” said Jaron ‘Boots’ Ennis. “I can’t wait to show out and put on a beautiful, dominating, crushing performance in front of my family, friends and supporters while defending and retaining my IBF World title in spectacular fashion. I’m ready to step on any and everybody that’s in my way!”


“Ten years ago, I arrived in Las Vegas with a dream of becoming World champion, unbroken by the sport,” said Cody Crowley. “The only thing left to do is prove to the world in the City of Brotherly Love, that I am an undefeated champion, my spirit is unbeatable and I will fight for those who are too scared to fight.


“I will become the greatest in the world for my dad, who I love and miss dearly, my home country of Canada, and for world peace, so that others do not have to endure the same suffering. There is nothing anyone can do to break me. There is nothing I am not ready for. This next chapter is already written.”


“I am thrilled to be able to deliver a homecoming defense for Boots,” said Hearn. “Jaron is the next American star in boxing, and sports stars with all the tools he has should be headlining in their own city.


“This is just the beginning for Jaron in Philadelphia, a town that absolutely loves their sport, and in Jaron they can boast that their hometown hero is the best in the business. July 13 is going to be a massive night – we can’t wait to come back to Philadelphia for the first of many epic nights with Boots.”


“As Philadelphia’s home for sports and entertainment, Wells Fargo Center is thrilled to welcome Boots Ennis and Cody Crowley for what is sure to be an epic battle,” said Michael Sulkes, SVP and General Manager of Wells Fargo Center. “Fans attending on July 13 should come ready for an electric atmosphere unlike any other they’ve experienced.”


“Jaron Ennis is one of the biggest names in boxing and we are incredibly excited to be working with him,” said Alfie Sharman, VP DAZN. “Cody Crowley is a good fighter but with bigger tests to come, this is a chance for Boots to put the division on notice. Tune in live July 13, only on DAZN.”


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About Wells Fargo Center

Wells Fargo Center is Philadelphia’s home for sports and entertainment. In addition to hosting the top touring musical acts, family shows and other entertainment, the arena’s main tenants include the NHL’s Philadelphia Flyers, NBA’s Philadelphia 76ers, NLL’s Philadelphia Wings, and Villanova Men’s Basketball. After the completion of its multi-year $400 million+ transformation, every inch of the venue has been completely reimagined. The project produced full upgrades and overhauls to the fan experience, performer amenities, technology, food and beverage, seating options, sightlines, and sustainability.


About DAZN Group
DAZN Group is one of the fastest growing sports media companies in the world. Headquartered in the UK and with employees in over 25 countries, our businesses touch every aspect of the way fans engage with sports; from production, through to content distribution and commercialization. DAZN Group is home to DAZN, the leading global sport destination, as well as the popular sport portal, DAZN News. DAZN is leading the charge to give sports fans around the world access to sport anytime, anywhere. DAZN guarantees affordable access on most connected devices including smart TVs, set-top boxes, streaming sticks, smartphones, tablets, PCs and game consoles. DAZN is now live in more than 200 countries and territories after first launching in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Japan in 2016.


DAZN is a leading digital sports platform in Italy, Spain, Germany, Belgium, Portugal, Japan, Canada, US and the UK.  Its wide range of exclusive content includes top-flight football from the world’s most popular competitions – Bundesliga, English Premier League, J.League, LaLiga, Serie A, and the UEFA Champions League, in addition to the biggest sports from around the world - Formula 1, NFL, NBA, MotoGP and the UFC.  


DAZN is the NFL’s global partner and, from the 2023 season, will be the only place for fans around the world to watch every NFL match. DAZN is a global home for boxing and combat sports through its partnerships with Matchroom Boxing the Professional Fighters League. With the most authentic voice in the sport, DAZN is the only brand that can reach across all markets and audiences cohesively in boxing, unlike any other broadcaster. DAZN is also a global home for Women’s Football with UEFA Women’s Champions League and Finetwork Liga F.  DAZN is adding more and more sport to its platform to create a destination for sports fans.  


DAZN is reimagining the way people enjoy sport. With a single, frictionless platform, sports fans can watch, bet, play, share, socialise, and buy tickets, NFTs and merchandise. Live and on-demand sports content, anywhere, in any language, on any device – only on DAZN.  


DAZN is a global, privately-owned company with employees in over 25 countries.


DAZN is available on most connected devices including smart TVs, set-top boxes, streaming sticks, smartphones, tablets, PCs and game consoles, ensuring that fans have access to ground-breaking rights catalogue and slate of incredible content. In the UK and globally, DAZN can be accessed on Samsung, LG, Sony and Panasonic Smart TVs and on Games Consoles including Playstation and Xbox. Subscribers also have access to DAZN on their Amazon Fire TV, Amazon Fire TV Stick, Google Chromecast and Apple TV and find the app on their iPhone, iPad, android and mobile.  


About Matchroom Boxing

After the success of snooker in the 1980s, Matchroom Sport moved into boxing with two small hall shows followed by Frank Bruno v Joe Bugner at Tottenham Hotspur’s ground – the biggest boxing event of 1987. That launched the company into the boxing big-time, a position it has maintained ever since.


Through the 1990s Matchroom Sport’s boxing roster featured many of the biggest names in the sport including Lennox Lewis, Nigel Benn, Chris Eubank, Steve Collins and Naseem Hamed, all in world title fights and it continues to work with some of the biggest names in UK boxing including Audley Harrison, the 2000 Olympic Super-Heavyweight gold medalist.


Over the years, Matchroom Sport has built up long-standing relationships with broadcasters around the world and with the advent of the Prizefighter phenomenon, the company’s boxing division has never been in a stronger position.


From fantastic six round scraps between the sport’s journeymen, up to multi-million-dollar World Championship contests featuring the above fighters, the Pro Box series has it all. Each show is packed with the very best in boxing action in a series that encompasses almost 25 years of Matchroom Sport’s commitment to bringing the highest quality to the global television market.

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