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WBA Joins The Court Of Arbitration For Sport!

By: Jesús Milano

(September 12th) The World Boxing Association (WBA) officially joined the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) in a further step by the pioneering body to ensure transparency and justice in the sport world.


The Court of Arbitration for Sport is a respected institution was created in 1984 to settle disputes at that year’s Olympic Games. However, time has led to its to growth and to encompass different branches in the global arena.


The CAS has its headquarters in Lausanne, Switzerland, but also has courts in New York, United States; in Sydney, Australia; in Panama City, among other places.


“The WBA has long been pursuing access to CAS as a way to give new resources of justice and transparency to boxers and everyone involved in the sport. We are very happy to have entered this system and deliver a new resource to all. CAS is a very respectable institution that has been involved in anti-doping cases, cases related to FIFA World Cups or decisions in Olympic Games. Undoubtedly, it will bring many benefits”, highlighted the president of the organization, Gilberto Jesús Mendoza.


The entry of the WBA into this system is a way to resolve conflicts once internal resources have been exhausted. The entity makes its entry effective and formally establishes that its decisions can be appealed through CAS, so that the ruling of this body will be a final, definitive and final.


Athletes or any interested party may appeal by their own means in any of the three available languages (English, French and Spanish) and appoint their own lawyer to proceed.

Villa Dominates Figueroa In Atlantic City!

By: Jesús Milano

(September 10th) Welterweight Roiman Villa made his U.S. debut with a victory over American Janelson Figueroa this Friday night.


The Venezuelan got a unanimous decision during the event broadcasted by Showtime and that took place at Bally’s Event Center, in Atlantic City. The scorecards were 78-73, 79-72 and 79-72, which gave Villa a good win in eight rounds.


The puncher showed his power early in the fight when he was able to knock Figueroa down with a combination in the second round. His opponent got up visibly hurt but was able to survive the round.


Villa carried the offense against a taller opponent who tried to counterattack and at times managed to connect with the South American. However, the sheer volume of Villa’s punches helped him stay on top and end up winning by decision.


It was the 25th win for the 29-year-old fighter, who has one loss and 24 knockouts. Figueroa, 23, lost his undefeated record and now has 17 wins, 1 loss, 1 draw and 11 knockouts.

Register for the WBA Centennial Convention!

By: Jesús Milano

(September 9th) Registration for the World Boxing Association (WBA) Centennial Convention, to be held December 11-14 at the Caribe Royale Hotel in Orlando, Florida, is still underway and the event will be one of the best ever held in world boxing.


Through the link we will leave you at the bottom of this text you can enter and see the details of registration for the convention, which will cover current issues, review the history of the sport and allow you to share with great boxing legends invited, in addition to live firsthand a unique experience.


It is worth mentioning that there is a 10% discount on the registration fee for those who complete their registration before November 15.


Your registration will give you access to various activities such as seminars, gala dinners, recreational activities, among other surprises such as souvenirs and more things that the pioneer organization has prepared for attendees.


To Register With a 10% Discount: (click here).

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