Strictly Business Boxing
Strictly Business Boxing

The Female Body and Boxing!

By: WBA Press        

(August 13th) Female boxing has grown in recent years, hand in hand with the WBA. New discoveries have allowed women’s training to be more specialized. This evolution has been achieved thanks to various characteristics that trainers must consider:


√ Since body fat percentage in women is high, they are better adapted to resist prolonged psychophysical efforts, in aerobic work conditions


√ Since women sweat less, they can resist and mitigate more the negative effects of dehydration


√ Given the peculiarities of the functional structure of women’s neuromuscular apparatus, they have a great physical predisposition towards flexibility; hence their greater range of movements


√ In order to compensate for its smaller size (approximately 220-230 grams), the woman’s heart has a high resting heart rate: 78-80 beats per minute


Elite trainers plan their training considering these facts, which has allowed the improvement of female boxing worldwide.

Vergil Ortiz Stops Orozco In the 6th to Capture WBA Gold!

By: Samuel Rosenberg     

(August 12th) Vergil Ortiz Jr. captured the World Boxing Association (WBA) Gold Welterweight Title with an emphatic sixth round stoppage of Antonio Orozco at the Verizon Theatre in Grand Prairie, Texas.


Ortiz appeared to be having some issues solving the puzzle of veteran Orozco early on in the fight, as he gave real estate to him and was mostly fighting off the back foot in the first few rounds.


The action seemed to change to in his favor around the fifth, when Orozco could not keep up with the young man who was ten years his junior, as he started taking more punches and getting pushed back himself.


In the sixth round Ortiz scored three knockdowns on the weary Orozco before referee Mark Calo-oy stepped in to call a halt to the bout at the 0:45 mark when Orozco appeared to have had enough.


After the fight Ortiz said that he was not happy with the early rounds, but that he is still learning, as he said to the viewing audience “I don’t like the way I did in the fight. First three or four rounds, I could have done better. I’ve definitely got a long way as a boxer to reach that world champion status.”


“I’ve been getting all these knockouts,” continued Ortiz, “I’ve said they haven’t gotten into my head, but you can see in the first round, I got a little excited. I had to force myself to slow down. I’m just going to learn from this fight.”


With the victory Ortiz moved his record to 14-0, all by way of knockout, while Orozco’s record fell to 28-2 with 17 knockouts.

“Pelenchin” Caballero Will Launch His Autobiography

"My Last Round" on August 17th!

By: Jesús Milano

(August 11th) The former world champion of the World Boxing Association (WBA), Panamanian Celestino “Pelenchin” Caballero, will present his autobiography on August 17th in Panama City.


The book is entitled “My Last Round” and will be officially launched during the International Book Fair 2019. The text tells all the experiences of Caballero in the ring and his rise in boxing, in addition to all extra sports situations via the ones that happened throughout his career.


The project has the support of Latin Beat Corp and the Panamanian Chamber of the Book, which have put all their effort into launching the work of one of the most important champions in the history of Panamanian boxing.


The event will be held at the Atapla Convention Center, Chaquira Hall, starting at 7:00 pm. All the local press is invited to cover the launch and to know all the details about the first-hand account written by the champion.

Remembering John Sholto Douglas!

By: Jesús Milano

(August 9th) Today we remember John Sholto Douglas, the 9th Marquess of Queensberry and the creator of the first rules in the history of Boxing. He was born in Florence, Italy, in 1844 and died in 1900 after suffering a stroke. He became Marques de Queenssberry in 1858, in succession of his father.


He was a controversial man throughout his life. He was educated in large British institutions such as Magdalen College and although he did not graduate he always stood out for his performance in obstacle courses, cricket, and hunting.


He always moved into the higher social organizations but he became unpopular in London society due to his scandals such as a divorce for adultery, atheism, and his fondness for boxing.


Another controversial point was his legal dispute with writer Oscar Wilde due to a relationship that the Irish native had with his son Lord Alfred Douglas. The marquess was arrested due to Wilde’s lawsuit for defamation, as John Douglas called him a sodomite and seducer of children. However, the lawsuit had to be withdrawn because Wilde learned of the Marquis’s strategy to take several prostitutes, who had had relations with him in Ireland.


Despite his controversial life, Douglas left a great legacy to boxing and implemented modern rules, such as the three-minute rounds, the 10-second counts for falls, the better quality gloves, and weight divisions.

Nunez vs. Davis

Another Chapter of Panama vs. United States Rivalry!

By: Marcelino Castillo, translated by Samuel Rosenberg        

(July 26th) The rivalry between Panama and the United States has many chapters but one of the most important and most historic was when Roberto “Hands of Stone” Duran surpassed the champion and Olympic medalist Sugar Ray Leonard in Canada on June 20th, 1980. This is mentioned because of the clash between Panama and the USA while at the same time keeping the respect for these two incomparable legends in the world of boxing.


This new chapter will have to be written by Ricardo “Scientist” Nunez when he faces the American Gervonta “Tank” Davis on Saturday in dispute of the super championship of the 130 pound class of the WBA.


Both Nunez and Davis have already issued many statements throughout their respective camps but they had not seen each other face to face until Thursday, when they met the last promotional conference before the fight.


The press conference was held under good parameters and was a little spicy. Davis was in his position as a local fighter while promising a great show and triumph to his people while Nunez committed 100 percent to take the victory to Panama.


The first to interact with the press was the Panamanian challenger, who said: “I respect the champion, but I have been prepared to take that victory, moreover, we have an almost similar career and power in my fists.”


On the motivation and confidence he has to beat Davis, the so-called “Scientist” said: “Not many days ago my second daughter was born, that will motivate me to win.”


As for what Baltimore fans can expect from his presentation, he added: “I come to give a great show, in the ring anything can happen, so you have to be prepared for anything. What I can say is that the fight will not reach the decision.”


Gervonta Davis’s turn was quieter than normal, despite being on home turf, and he emphasized the great show that his fans will see.


“I thank Nunez for taking the fight, I’m prepared for anything and just like he has family and children I am not going to give anything away,” said the champion with his turn at the the microphone.


“He is talking about coming for the win, I just tell him to be prepared for what is coming, because I am prepared for everything,” Davis added.


“This fight is historic for what it represents for me and my community,” concluded the hometown fighter.


In addition to the importance of combat, it should be noted that it will be the first time in 33 years of boxing that the Showtime network makes a transmission from Baltimore.


Before consummating the statements provided and complying with regulations, they must climb onto the scales this Friday at 3:00 p.m. local time.


This event that is presented by the promoters TGB and Mayweather Promotions will host the Royal Farms Arena with a maximum capacity of 14 thousand fans, which will also receive the fight between Panamanian Jezreel “Invisible” Corrales and Ladarius “Memphis” Miller, in brawl agreed at 135 pounds and 10 rounds.

WBA Will Promote 2020

Olympic Boxing Project for Venezuela!

Translated by Samuel Rosenberg

(July 11th) The World Boxing Association and its president, Gilberto Jesus Mendoza, will promote the Olympic boxing project in Venezuela, providing amateurs from that country with the necessary tools for their preparation and participation in the events of the Olympic cycle until the 2020 Tokyo Games.


Under the “One boxing” proposal, promoted by the WBA in favor of the union of professional and amateur boxing, the first sanctioning body of boxing expressed on Tuesday to the Venezuelan Olympic Committee, through its president, Professor Eduardo Alvarez Camacho, the commitment to promote and direct the preparation of the boxers that are part of the Olympic program.


“We are very satisfied with the receptiveness we received from the Venezuelan Olympic Committee,” said Gilberto Jesus Mendoza, president of the WBA.


“We talked to Professor Alvarez by phone about our purpose of contributing to the amateur and professional boxing ranks, and the disposition we have to promote the preparation of the Venezuelan boxers that are part of the Olympic program in the remaining events until Tokyo 2020.


We are already working on this and it shows with the presence of Yoel Finol and Gabriel Maestre in Barranquilla. We also proposed the inclusion of Ogleidis Suarez to that program, and we will explore ways to strengthen the Venezuelan Olympic team.”


The WBA initiative with the Venezuelan boxing program has the endorsement of the boxing leadership of that country and awaits the signing of the corresponding formal agreements.


In the framework of this proposal, the boxers Gabriel Maestre, captain of the Venezuelan national team, and Yoel Finol, silver medalist of the Olympic games in Rio of 2016, have been training for months in the camp of the WBA in Barranquilla – the city that last Saturday hosted their respective premieres in professional boxing in which they scored victories by knockout.


“Professor Alvarez informed us of his decision to support the WBA in this initiative, and what we want is to work hand in hand with the Venezuelan Olympic Committee and also with the Ministry of Sports of Venezuela, to advance our proposal of “One Boxing”, demonstrating our conviction that only together we can give a quality boost to boxing.


In the past we offered our disposition to Minister Pedro Infante, who agreed with our collaboration; and all the Venezuelan boxing leaders have told him that our doors are open to build a scenario in which the athletes are the overall winners of the program. You have to understand that boxing comes first and with the support of the WBA, boxers will help us show the world that we can work together and achieve results.


Just seeing the way Finol and Maestre worked in the professional ranks fills us with hope thinking about the next Olympic Games and my dream is to see them become Olympic and World champions,” added Mendoza.


“We believe that we can contribute, that is our social mission; and what we are doing is moving from preaching to action. What we want, at the end of the road, is to be able to contribute to the Olympic movement, that is why we have placed ourselves under the command of the International Olympic Committee, placing at our disposal all our expertise, our technical staff, the academy, our projects around the world and almost 100 years of experience in favor of Olympic and amateur boxing,” Mendoza added.

Winners of Soro / Kurvanov and Lara / Alvarez

Will Fight for the WBA Title!

By: Samuel Rosenberg     

(July 10th) The World Boxing Association (WBA) Championships Committee came up with a solution for the super welterweight title in consensus with all the parties involved and with respect to the body’s statutes.


Michel Soro, who is number 1 in the rankings, will face Magomed Kurvanov on July 20th for the regular title, while number 2, Erislandy Lara, will be measured on August 31st against Ramon Alvarez for the interim belt. Subsequently, the winners of both fights will face each other for the super title.


In principle, the entity ordered that Soro and Lara must fight for the vacant title in a resolution published on June 24th. However, one day later, on June 25th, the company Univent Promotions, on behalf of the French, requested a special permit for their fight against Kurvanov to be carried out for the regular title. The WBA sent the request to the Lara team to receive comments and the Cuban representatives made several requests, among which was the request for the interim title in its fight against Alvarez.


Rule C.14 of the WBA says that all boxers and promoters “are required to know and be familiar with all the rules of the Association,” including those for special permits. For its part, rule C.47 explains that the president of the WBA can grant special permits and make requests to the promoters or fighters.


After applying these rules, Soro’s request was approved but with several conditions. The winner of Soro-Kurvanov must fight against the winner of Lara-Alvarez within a period not exceeding 120 days after the August 31st match.


In the event that the fight goes to an auction, the purse will be divided into 55% for the regular champion and 45% for the interim.


The request of the Lara team for the interim was also approved by the agency.

Maestre Captures the WBA

Fedebol Title with Emphatic Knockout!

By: Jesús Milano

(July 8th) Five minutes and 16 seconds was enough time to clear all doubts. Gabriel Maestre is not only ready for professional boxing, but has the strength to stand out in the professional field. He demonstrated it with a knockout in the second round against Jeovanis Barraza at the Coliseo Baby Sugar Rojas in Barranquilla.


The situation for the newcomer Maestre was very hard. He became the WBA-Fedebol Champion of the Super Welter division against a hitherto undefeated fighter in 20 fights (14 by knockout) in front the ESPN KnockOut cameras throughout Latin America.


His experience in the amateur field was revealed. The “Captain” came out cautiously in regards to the strategy of waiting to see how “Meke” came out, but it did not take too long to realize his superiority and launch an assault on the Colombian.


Barraza stood with a closed guard in front of Maestre trusting his strength. However, the power of Maestre had the Barranquillero native vanished before Maestre, who was faster, more forceful and in short, better on this night.


Two straight runs in the second round sent a Barraza to the canvas, as he lowered his head to try to defend himself. Being a very brave man, he got up, but Maestre was not willing to allow him to recover and sent him to the ropes where he punished him further. Although it he rose again, a combination of three punches left no alternative to referee Guillermo Perez Pineda, who interceded to stop the action at 2:16 minutes of the round.


“All the grace I give to God. Thanks to the people of Barranquilla. I thought it was not going to be easy and I did not think the knockout was going to come so fast. This victory goes to God and to Venezuela,” said Maestre.


“Thanks to Gilberto Jesus Mendoza for the opportunity. Since 2012 I have been saying that I had the potential, that I would make the jump, but it was now that the decision was made and I am happy with the support that he has given me. As they say, God’s time is perfect,” he continued.


Professional and amateur integration will now allow Maestre to attend Peru for the Pan American Games this month and continue with his actions in both branches.

Yafai Retains Title with UD Over Jimenez!

 (photo: Sumio Yamada)

By: Samuel Rosenberg     

(June 30th) World Boxing Association (WBA) World Super Flyweight Champion Khalid Yafai beat via unanimous decision WBA #1 challenger Norbelto Jimenez via scorecards of 117-109, 119-107, and 118-108.


The fight took place at the Dunkin Donuts Center in Providence, Rhode Island, and was broadcast live on DAZN. It was Yafai’s fifth successful defense of the WBA world title that he won back in December of 2016 vs Luis Concepcion at Manchester Arena.


The fight itself was hard fought, with Yafai coming out strong and pushing Jimenez around the ring, looking the stronger puncher and stronger man despite Jimenez having the height and reach advantages. Jimenez was landing punches but he was having to work really hard to keep Yafai off of him.


Jimenez was deducted a point for holding in the fourth round, and as the fifth round came around it got a little ugly with clashes of heads causing blood and some punches straying low.


In the sixth round Yafai was blasting away to the body of Jimenez, appearing to slow his man just a bit, but then the champion turned to more boxing at range instead of crazy pressure in the second half of the fight.


Yafai then mostly coasted to the unanimous decision victory, as he tried for the stoppage but Jimenez was very game and took a round or two in the second half of the fight from landing some solid right hands.


With the victory Yafai moved his record to 26-0 with 15 knockouts while Jimenez fell to 29-9-4 with 16 knockouts.

Marrero Wins the Gold Title Against Ramirez!

 (photo Esther Lin/SHOWTIME)

By: Jesús Milano

(June 30th) Claudio Marrero took a big step towards an opportunity to fight for the world title with his victory over Eduardo Ramirez this Saturday night at the NRG Arena in Houston, Texas.


The Dominican won the World Boxing Association (WBA) Gold Title in the featherweight class with scores of 116-112, 116-113, and 118-110, and therefore, has earned the right to fight for the world title of the WBA.


The beautiful boxing and the speed of Marrero were revealed during most of the fight and did not allow too many freedoms to “Zurdito” Ramirez, who was a victim of good combinations and missed a great opportunity before him.


Although the Mexican native was getting better little by little in the fight and dominated several of the assaults in the second half of the fight, it was not enough to convince the judges who ended up giving a unanimous decision to Marrero.


Marrero won his 24th fight and has 3 losses and 17 knockouts. Ramirez now has a record of 23 wins, 2 losses, 3 draws, and 9 knockouts.

WBA 154lb Title Is Now Vacant

As Castano and Soro Could Not Reach An Agreement!

By: Samuel Rosenberg     

(June 26th) The World Boxing Association (WBA) World Super Welterweight Title that was previously held by Brian Carlos Castano of Argentina is now vacant, as champion Castano and challenger Michel Soro could not come to an agreement of terms to fight.


On May 28th, 2019, a purse bid was held for Castano’s mandatory defense against the leading available contender in the division, Michel Soro in Panama City, Panama. Univent Production won the purse bid with $810,000.00. As part of its bid, Univent Production proposed a bout of July 20, 2019 in Marseille, France.


On June 5th, 2019, Univent Production sent proposed bout contracts to Castano and Soro for the fight on July 20, 2019 in Marseille, France. On June 19th, 2019, Soro returned the signed bout contract. On June 22nd, 2019, the WBA sent a second reminder (the first being on June 18th), granting Castano an additional 24 hours to forward the bout contract. Castano did not reply or return the bout contract.


As per WBA rules, most notably D.11 and D.12 pertaining to purse offer contracts and timing of bouts, the decision has been made by the sanctioning body to withdraw Castano’s recognition as World Champion and thus declares the Super Welterweight title Vacant.


WBA Gold Champion and certified mandatory contender Michel Soro and WBA next available contender, No 2 Erislandy Lara shall fight for the now vacant title of the division.

Cancio Again Defeats Machado in California!

(photo Bayron Saavedra)

By: Samuel Rosenberg

(June 22nd) Andrew Cancio did not give Alberto Machado a chance to recover the super featherweight belt of the World Boxing Association, as he knocked him out in three rounds with a hook to the liver in the Golden Boy Promotions stellar battle from Fantasy Springs Casino of Indio, California.


With all the public supporting him, Cancio executed the plan of the previous fight early. He fought in close quarters, absorbing and sending punishment to Machado, under the logic that the body was the weakest point of the Puerto Rican and as he had thought; it worked.


After the blow, Machado put a knee on the canvas and did not get up at the count of ten of the referee, which caused the audience to explode in jubilation, thus specifying a bad night for Puerto Rican boxing, since in the semi-final fight Angel “Tito “Acosta had been stopped in round 12 by Mexican Elwin Soto.


Cancio came up with a couple of cuts (left and front brows), but without a doubt, he showed that the first result against Machado was no coincidence and he promised to continue working hard to retain the belt in coming matches.


He said: “my next fight can be with Rene Alvarado who is number one or with Jojo Diaz”.


This combat was transmitted in the United States by the DAZN online platform and for Latin America by Space Combate.

Promotion of Maestre vs Barraza Arrives in Bogota!

By: Jesús Milano.   

(June 3rd) Bogota will receive Gabriel Maestre an Jeovanis Barraza of the “Explosive Test” fight card for a press conference that will take place this Wednesday starting at 10:00am at the Radisson Hotel. The promotion of the fight between the Colombian Jeovanis “Meke” Barraza and the Venezuelan Gabriel Maestre, entered its strong point and the Colombian capital will witness what will come next July 6th at the Coliseo Sugar Baby Rojas, from Barranquilla.


Barraza and Maestre will fight for the Fedebol title of the World Boxing Association (WBA) of the super welterweight division. The man from Barranquilla is undefeated in 20 matches and has won 14 by knockout. He will face Gabriel Maestre of Venezuela, who will make his professional debut but is backed by a great career in the amateur field, which includes two Olympic Games and five World Boxing Championships, as well as medals in the Pan American Games.


The event will have the presence of the president of the WBA, Gilberto Jesus Mendoza, and several of the fighters who will see action at the evening, which promises to be one of the most remembered throughout Colombia in the coming years.


In addition, the press conference will be broadcast via streaming through the WBA YouTube channel, which will allow it to have a wider reach and fans around the world can see the face to face between the “Meke” and the “Captain”.

Charr and Bryan

Come to An Agreement for Their WBA Fight!

By: Jesús Milano

(May 28th) The auction for the fight between heavyweight champion Manuel Charr and interim champ of the WBA, Trevor Bryan, was suspended after the two sides reached an agreement to fight for the belt of the World Boxing Association (WBA).


The dispute was scheduled for May 28th in Panama City, but the teams of the boxers informed that there was already a pact and that the fight will be held without the need to carry out the auction.


In an estimated period of 20 days the place, date, and conditions of the fight will be communicated between the native of Syria and the American who for months has been waiting for the opportunity to challenge the champion.


Charr will make the first defense of the belt he won against Alexander Ustinov in November 2017. The undefeated Bryan earned the right to face Charr after winning the interim belt in August of last year against BJ Flores and now wants to fight for the regular belt.


The Syrian native champion Charr has a record of 31 wins, 4 losses, and 17 knockouts while his undefeated challenger, Bryan, has a record of 20 wins, no losses, and 14 knockouts.

Cañizalez Dominated Kimura

and Consolidated at 108 Pounds!

 (photo Lizette De Los Santos)

By: Marcelino Castillo        

(May 26th) The Venezuelan Carlos “CCC” Cañizales dominated this Sunday in Fuzhou, China, the Japanese Sho Kimura and retained his Minimosca belt of the World Boxing Association (WBA) for the second time.


Cañizales showed all his carats, in a complicated fight at the beginning, product of the devilish patron who was exercising Kimura, who climbed into the ring with the intention of dethroning the Venezuelan, who never lost the north of his strategy and remained firm.


In general terms, the combat was very entertaining from beginning to end. When the half of the commitment arrived, the champion began to stand out, leaning on his school of boxing and movements. In the closing there were no surprises and Cañizalez continued to hurt Kimura with his left hand, which was already exhausted and without a fixed direction.


The Venezuelan pride will return home with an undefeated record of 22 wins, 1 draw and 17 knockouts.

Inoue Continues Knockout Streak with KO of Rodriguez!

By: Samuel Rosenberg     

(May 19th) Naoya Inoue scored his 18th professional victory and 16th via knockout at the 1:19 mark in the second round as he defended his World Boxing Association (WBA) World Bantamweight Title for the second time with a win over Emmanuel Rodriguez.


The fight took place at the SSE Hydro in Glasgow, Scotland, and was a semifinal bout in the World Boxing Super Series (WBSS) for bantamweights, with Inoue coming in as the second seed in the tournament.


The fight was Inoues first in the tournament to go past the first round, as Rodriguez came out pressing the fight heavily, but Inoue would punish Rodriguez heavily in the second round as he knocked him down three times before the referee called an end to the bout.


Inoue continues to impress all boxing fans, as he came into the fight with similar destructions of longtime reigning WBA champion Jamie McDonnell in May of last year followed by Juan Carlos Payano in October of last year.


Inoue now looks to face Nonito Donaire in the final round of the World Boxing Super Series, who was onsite in Glasgow and came into the ring to praise Inoue after his impressive performance, with both fighters showing respect for one another and excited to square off in the final round to take home the WBA Title Belt as well as the Muhammad Ali Trophy.

Charr vs Bryan Purse Bid Rescheduled for May 28th!

By: Jesús Milano

(May 17th) The World Boxing Association (WBA) Championships Committee announced a new date for the purse bid to carry out the bout between Manuel Charr and Trevor Bryan for the World Heavyweight Title. The bid, originally scheduled for May 17, will now take place on the 28th at the offices of the WBA in Panama City.


The conditions of the auction will not change. The minimum amount for the organization of the bout is stipulated in US $1,000,000, while the minimum amount of participation will be US $15,000. The distribution wil be 75% for the champion, Charr, a native of Syria and of German nationality, and the remaining 25% will be for American Bryan, who owns the Interim Title of the division.


The Panamanian Aurelio Fiengo, deputy director of the Classifications Committee, will be directing the auction. Charr is champion since 2016 and will make the second defense of his belt after some time of suspension. For his part, Bryan earned the right to face him by getting the Interim Championship last year and becoming the mandatory challenger for the champion. All parties involved were duly notified about the changes in the auction and their presence is expected for the important event.

Championships Committee Orders Roman / Akhmadaliev!

By: Samuel Rosenberg     

(May 8th) World Boxing Association (WBA) Super Champion Daniel Roman will defend his title against Murodjon Akhmadaliev in his next fight. The Championships Committee ordered the fight against the mandatory challenger and communicated it to the champions team in a letter signed by the president of the committee, Carlos Chavez.


Within the WBA organization, the champion has the duty of defending his crown against the mandatory contender every 9 months. The last time Roman made a mandatory defense was on June 16th of 2018, when he beat Mexican native Moises Flores. The deadline for a new defense expired on March 15th, days before the American made his unification fight with T. J. Doheny.


Rule C.13 of the WBA states that the champion cannot fight with a rival other than the mandatory within 60 days after the lapse for the mandatory fight expires. Due to that, the entity has given a lapse of one month from this May 7th and until the end of June 6th for both parties to reach an agreement for the fight.


In the event that there is no agreement or any of those involved does not show interest in closing a deal, the WBA will have to call an auction to define the terms of the fight.

Davis-Nunez Ordered by the Championships Committee!

By: Samuel Rosenberg     

(May 8th) The World Boxing Association (WBA) Championships Committee ordered the mandatory fight between the Super Featherweight Super Champion, American Gervonta Davis, and the main challenger, Panamanian Ricardo Nunez. The champion has been duly notified and will be given a period of 30 days for both parties to reach an agreement.


The statutes of the organization give right to the president, Gilberto Jesus Mendoza, as well as to the Committee of Championships, to give a period of mandatory defense at discretion. In the case of Davis, the deadline was 12 months, which has already been fulfilled and now he has the duty of facing the Central American challenger.


The date for the start of negotiations is May 7th and the period ends on June 6th. Failure to reach an agreement means that the fight will be sent to auction, for which both parties would be duly notified in relation to the points of date, place, and conditions.


Davis is Super Champion since April 21st of 2018. Since then, he has made only one exhibition of his belt against Mexican native Hugo Ruiz, whom he knocked out on February 19th.

Jarrett Hurd and Julian Williams Collide for the WBA Title!

By: Samuel Rosenberg     

(May 7th) Jarrett Hurd (23-0, 16KO’s) is set to defend his World Boxing Association (WBA) Super World Super Welterweight Title this Saturday, April 11th, against Julian Williams (26-1-1, 16KO’s). The fight will take place at the EagleBank Arena in Fairfax, Virginia and will be aired live on Fox and Fox Deportes. 


Hurd is coming off of a dominating performance over Jason Welborn via a fourth round knockout in December. This was his first fight after coming back from an injury, and now he is ready to step up in class against the dangerous Julian Williams.


Hurd won the title with an emphatic victory over Erislandy Lara in April of 2018, where he knocked down the Cuban native late in the fight to seal the victory in a highly contested matchup that produced excellent fireworks.


This will be Hurd’s second defense of the title as the WBA Super Champion and figures to be an excellent matchup between the champion as “the puncher” and the challenger as “the boxer” as Williams has shown a very slick style at times in the past.


Williams will be coming into the fight on a four fight winning streak after taking his first and only professional loss against Jermall Charlo in 2016. This is most certainly his biggest fight to date and most important fight of his career.

Regis Prograis Is the WBA Boxer of the Month!

By: Samuel Rosenberg     

(May 1st) The World Boxing Association (WBA) published its monthly ranking and the distinctions for the month of April. The American Regis Prograis was awarded with the distinction of Boxer of the Month, while Daniel Roman obtained the honorable mention after his excellent performances during the same time period.


Regis Prograis earned the honor of boxer of the month as his power was too much for Kiryl Relikh at the Cajun Dome in Lafayette, Louisiana, to handle. Prograis knocked out the former champion to win the Super Lightweight belt of the World Boxing Association (WBA). He scored the technical knockout against the Belarussian during the semifinal of the World Boxing Super Series.


Prograis showed his superiority in the very first round, when a blow to the liver damaged the European and sent him to the canvas. From that moment on, Prograis had the upper hand and although Relikh stood up with courage and worked toe to toe at times, he was overwhelmed in all aspects by the left-handed fighter.


The boxer from Louisiana had the patience to demolish his opponent little by little. Also, he had to work with caution as he had a dangerous man in front of him in Relikh, who did not stop being dangerous at any time of the fight. The counterattacks to the area of the liver were vital and at the height of the sixth round. After another forceful blow to that area, the referee decided that it was not worth continuing for the Belarusian.


Prograis is now in the WBSS finals and is the new WBA Champion, while his balance remains immaculate in 24 fights, of which he has won 20 via knockout.


In the case of Roman for honorable mention, he beat T. J. Doheny at the Forum in Inglewood, California. The local fighter proved superior in the unification bout and retained his WBA super bantamweight title for the fourth time. Roman managed to knock down his opponent on a couple of occasions and made it clear that he is one of the most important fighters of the division in the entire world.


The WBA congratulates the winners and invites fans to review the ranking lists on the agency’s web portal.

Gilberto Jesus Mendoza Awards the WBA Title to Can Xu!

By: Samuel Rosenberg     

(March 29th) President of the World Boxing Association (WBA) Gilberto Jesus Mendoza has awarded the Featherweight world title to Can Xu today Thursday March 28th in China. The event also consisted of the presence of the former boxing superstar and current promoter Oscar de la Hoya.


The Chinese warrior secured his championship this past 26th of January 2019, when he defeated Puerto Rican Jesus Rojas by a wide unanimous decision with scores of : 117-111, 116-112, and 118-110. This ratifies the continuous development of boxing in the massive hub that is the Asian market directly promoted by the organization of the WBA.


“This reflects that champions are constructed with hard work. We opened for business in china in 2016 and since then we have a great Chinese champion in Can Xu, Although already being a great young gladiator we are sure he will continue to improve”, affirmed the man on top of the hierarchy of the WBA.


Can Xu is 25 years of age and so far has had a great career above the ring with 18 fights and 16 of those fights won and 2 coming by the way of knockout. He has also tasted defeat having lost 2 of those 18 fights as well. Those 2 losses came within his first year as a professional having fought 5 times in total. Since then he has climbed his way up with 13 consecutive wins and capturing not only the WBA championship but the WBA Oceania and the WBA international championships as well.


Without a doubt this ratifies the politics of the WBA with Gilberto Jesus Mendoza at the forefront of the organization to develop in other regions and augment the level of boxing to have various other countries count on great champions.

Gilberto Mendoza Festival

Starts This Saturday in Venezuela!

By: Samuel Rosenberg     

(March 21st) The third annual Gilberto Mendoza Festival will begin this Saturday March 23rd in Maracay, Venezuela. The event that takes place every year since the death of the President Emeritus of the World Boxing Association (WBA) had to be postponed initially due to the blackouts that occurred a week ago in the South American country but the festival now has a new start date.


The Yesterday Recreational Center in Turmero will have a day of amateur boxing in the afternoon, while in the evening there will be a professional boxing card. Those will be the first events to kick off the festival this Saturday and they will be accompanied by other amateur boxing programs in the state.


The event will run until March 30th and will have at minimum a boxing schedule in each state of the country. On Monday the action will be in Anzoategui, Amazonas, Nueva Esparta and Portuguesa, while the rest of the week will also be important fights that will take place in Caracas, Carabobo, and Miranda. For its part, the closure could not be in Barquisimeto, birthplace of Mendoza.


The Gilberto Mendoza Festival has grown considerably year after year. It is celebrated every March in commemoration of his death and his birthday. The WBA has supported the initiative and has worked together with different associations and promoters for the development of the event over the years.

Auction for Usyk-Lebedev Will Be on March 28th!

By: Samuel Rosenberg     

(March 20th) The World Boxing Association (WBA) Championships Committee has scheduled the auction for the fight between the Super Cruiserweight Champion Oleksandr Usyk and challenger Denis Lebedev next Thursday, March 28th, at the offices of the Ocean Business Plaza, the Aquilino de la Guardia Avenue, in Panama City.


All the parties involved were duly notified and their presence is expected to dispute the rights of the fight between the Ukrainian champion and the Russian champion in recess. The bid, which will take place at 11:00 AM local time, will have a participation amount of $ 10,000, while the minimum amount to be offered will be $400,000.


The purse split will be distributed in 75% for Usyk, while the remaining 25% will be for Lebedev. The continental director of the WBA, Panamanian native Aurelio Fiengo, will be in charge of directing the auction which was initially scheduled for March 12th but had to be postponed for logistical reasons.


Usyk is one of the best pound-for-pound of today and is preparing for the second defense of his belt. Lebedev is the champion in recess since 2017, with the Russian having the right to face the champion of the World Boxing Super Series, which Usyk won over Murat Gassiev last year.

WBA Will Start Boxing Broadcasts

Via Streaming in Latin America!

By: Samuel Rosenberg     

(March 13th) The commitment of the World Boxing Association (WBA) to the development of young talent and the expansion of pugilism around the world is one of the most important goals of the organization. To continue work in this regard, the agency will start broadcasts of boxing billboards in Colombia and other places in Latin America, which will begin this Friday with an evening of “Fire in the ring”, which will be held in Barranquilla.


The initiative is, among other goals, to support the Latin American fighters, who will have a large audience through the streaming broadcasts that the WBA will make through its official website,


The billboard with which this project will start will take place at the Coliseo Baby Sugar Rojas. The program will start at 6:00 p.m. and will have several young talents from the area, among the fighters who will go up to the ring to entertain the audience.


The agency hopes to increase the number of broadcasts in the following months and expand the activity throughout the continent, but with the intention that it can reach the entire world thanks to the use of its website. The WBA trusts that the showcase will help the fighters get better opportunities and have more exposure in order to enter markets where nowadays it is otherwise difficult for them to reach despite their talents.

Gilberto Mendoza and His Legacy in Boxing!

By: Samuel Rosenberg     

(March 11th) Gilberto Mendoza was one of the greatest representatives of the World Boxing Association (WBA). The oldest sanctioning body in the world remembers its president Emeritus in this month of March, when three years will have passed since he left. However, Mr. Mendoza transcended beyond the body he directed from 1982 to 2015 and was a great reference for boxing and sports in general.


He always focused on sports and tried to provide a great show for boxing from the position in which he had to cooperate for world boxing. But Mendoza was a visionary and a man concerned about all aspects, beyond the sport itself.


Originally from Barquisimeto, Venezuela, he always saw very closely what happened to youth in his country and around the world. The problem of drugs worried Mendoza a lot during his life and for that reason he decided to find a way to face the situation through boxing.


The creation of the “KO a las Drogas” program was one of the standards of Mendoza, who began to take boxing cards to the most remote places in the world and to attract young talent, which he took off the streets to put in the world of sport. The project was successful and today it continues to be carried out with the same energy and great results that Mr. Mendoza predicted, which is a commitment for the WBA.


Mendoza is also responsible for reducing the number of rounds from 15 to 12, a decisive decision to reduce the risk suffered by fighters and a measure that was later adopted by all the organizations in the world.


Another important project of Mr. Mendoza was to eliminate the racial discrimination of boxing in South Africa, in which he put great effort and work into with among other great names working hand in hand with Nelson Mandela.


Mendoza changed boxing forever and implements the modern classification lists, which are used by all the world entities. The world remembers the legacy of President Emeritus and appreciates his infinite contribution to sports.

WBA Regrets the Death of Former Champion

Eusebio “El Alacran” Pedroza!

By: Samuel Rosenberg     

(March 1st) The World Boxing Association, its president Gilberto Jesus Mendoza, and all of its Executive Committee lament the death of former Panamanian world champion Eusebio “El Alacran” Pedroza.


Pedroza died at 62 years of age. Initially he was confined in the hospital struggling with pancreatic cancer, but later he was sent home where he continued to fight until the final bell rang early this morning on the first of March.


The WBA sends its most sincere words and condolences to the family and friends of the Panamanian legend, who was a worthy World Champion and above all a great human being.


Pedroza was champion of the WBA between the years 1978 and 1985 at featherweight – a very long and illustrious reign. In that period, Pedroza carried out the historical sum of 19 defenses, showing a great domain over the ring thanks to his good boxing, punching, and technique.


May the Hall of Famer and legend Rest In Peace.

Eusebio Pedroza: The Beast with 19 Defenses!

By: Jesús Milano

(March 1st) If Panama can boast about something in boxing is that they have more than only one leading figure in their history. The pugilism of that Central American country is full of legends. When we review the names of those who have made the country proud, Eusebio Pedroza is one of the most distinguished and beloved ones. The “Alacrán” (scorpion) is an idol in Panama, and people mourn him due to his personality, but also for everything he gave to the sport.


Being 5’9” (1.73m) in height, he was a very tall man for the featherweight division, and he combined his body with a frightening technical ability. His career lasted 19 years from 1973 to 1992, ending with 48 professional bouts, some of them in the bantamweight division, but the most important and glorious bouts were in the 126-pound category of the featherweight division.


The most important and prominent number in the career of the native of Panama City is 19, which was the number of times in which he defended the World Boxing Association (WBA) Title.


When he won the Title in 1978, he was 22 years old and he needed 13 rounds to knock out the Spanish boxer Cecilio Lastra. That was his second fight in a World Championship, since he had missed an opportunity in the 118 pounds category before gaining the weight in which he would later achieve his greatest feats. The streak of 19 successful defenses surprisingly lasted 7 years, during this period he had 22 bouts, the Title was not being competed in two of them and one bout ended as “no contest.”


When he lost the title in 1985, he arrived in London for a fight everybody would remember. Barry McGuigan was the boxer who could beat the beast and did so supported by 27,000 fans that assisted, mostly Irish compatriots, having the extra responsibility to serve as a unifying factor in a political and social struggle that his nation was suffering at that time. The fight was tough and finished after 15 rounds. Still as of today, McGuigan is aware that he won with his heart and even Pedroza remembered it as one of the most important of his record, regardless it was a defeat for him.


The fight marked the retirement of the big billboards for Pedroza, although he had five additional fights, he never opted for the title again. On that road towards the end of his career, he won three times and lost twice. Pedroza was knocked out only three times in his career, but he struck down 25 opponents demonstrating his power and endurance. Currently, the World Boxing has to say goodbye to a legend and member of the Hall of Fame.


Thanks for everything, Champ!

WBA Calls Auction for Yafai vs Jimenez!

By: Samuel Rosenberg     

(February 27th) The World Boxing Association (WBA) Championships Committee called an auction by the teams of Englishman Khalid Yafai, the current Super Flyweight Champion of the organization, and Dominican Norbelto Jimenez, number one ranked at 115-pounds.


The bid is scheduled for March 12th at the offices of the WBA in Panama City. It will have a minimum price of $ 80,000 to be distributed as follows: 75% for the champion and 25% for the challenger, with the manager to direct the auction being Panamanian native Aurelio Fiengo.


Yafai is Super Flyweight Champion of the WBA since 2016, when he defeated Luis “El Nica” Concepcion. He has since defended his title four times. His record is 25 wins, no losses, and 15 knockouts. On the other hand, Norbelto Jimenez is ranked number one in the WBA rankings and has not been defeated since 2011. His resume consists of 29 wins, 8 losses, 4 draws, and 16 knockouts.


Both parties were duly notified of the auction and have an obligation to be familiar with the regulations of the WBA.

United States, United Kingdom,

And Japan Lead the WBA Rankings!

By: Samuel Rosenberg     

(February 5th) The Classification Association of the World Boxing Association (WBA) offered important details about the rankings and their statistical summary for the month of January. The section on the presence of boxers by country is one of the most relevant. In this area, United States is highlighted as the territory with the most fighters in the ranked lists.


The Americans have a total of 39 boxers in the rankings for January. Of those 39 classified, 5 are world champions of the pioneer organization.


The United States is followed by the United Kingdom, with 19 fighters. The British have 3 world champions. For its part, Japan also has 19 gladiators in the rankings, of which 2 are owners of titles.


As far as Latin America is concerned, Venezuela stands out, with 18 fighters represented in the lists, while Mexico and the Dominican Republic follow suit with 11 fighters classified for each. Other countries also stand out in the global sphere, such as Russia, which has 16 presences in the ranking, in addition to Australia (11) and the Philippines (10).


January had a total of four championship fights, all developed in US territory and with the presence of fighters of five nationalities, among which are the United States, Puerto Rico, China, Sweden and the Philippines. This was highlighted by the title defense of Manny Pacquiao, who defeated Adrien Broner in Las Vegas on November 19th, winning the Boxer of the Month award.


All the title matches were decided by the scorecards, in a demonstration of well matched the fights were. There were three unanimous decisions and a majority decision, while in two of the fights the titles were retained by the champions while in one fight there was a vacant title won. In the remaining fight there was an upset win with the title changing hands to Can Xu, who beat Jesus Rojas.

Pacquiao Is the WBA Boxer of the Month!

By: Samuel Rosenberg     

(February 1st) The World Boxing Association (WBA) Classifications Committee announced its rankings for January, which includes the 15 best boxers in the 17 weight divisions. Only these boxers have the possibility of aspiring to a world title fight within their respective divisions.


The “Boxer of the Month” distinction for the month of January was awarded to Manny Pacquiao, who beat Adrien Broner to retain his WBA World Welterweight Champion status.


Manny Pacquiao retained his World Boxing Association (WBA) Welterweight Title over Adrien Broner via unanimous decision, with the scorecards reading 117-111, 116-112, and 116-112.


Manny showed flashes of his old self in the fight as he still has very quick hands at the age of 40 years old, as he was able to put combinations together and outwork and out-hustled his much younger opponent.


Manny looks forward to big fights in the future now that he is signed with Premier Boxing Champions, which has a wealth talent in and around his weight class.


The WBA congratulates the Filipino senator and still-active boxing champion on a great showing and still prosperous career at the ripe age of 40 years old.


The honorable mention for the boxer of the month is the Chinese native Can Xu. Xu came in as an underdog against the then champion Jesus Rojas on January 26th and managed to dethrone him at the Toyota Center, Houston, Texas. It was just the second time the Asian native had fought in the United States and already he has made it clear that he is a brave fighter who will do everything he can to win with the belt on the line.


The WBA congratulates both fighters for their awards of the month and invites them to visit their official website to review the division by division rankings.

The WBA Will Hold Four Purse Bids on February 6th!

By: Samuel Rosenberg     

(January 29th) The World Boxing Association (WBA) Championships Committee reported that there has been changes in the purse bids announced for Monday, February 4th, as one more fight has been added and it will take place on Wednesday, February 6th, at the WBA offices located in Panama City at 11:00 am.


The bids that will place that day will be: Vasyl Lomachenko vs. Anthony Crolla for the title lightweight title currently held by Lomachenko, Beibut Shumenov vs. Arsen Goulamirian for the cruiserweight title currently held by Shumenov, Daniel Roman vs. Murodjon Akhmadaliev for the super bantamweight title currently held by Roman and Trevor Bryan vs Jarrel Miller for the interim Heavyweight title currently held by Trevor Bryan.


The percentages of the auction will be distributed as follows: 75% for the champion and 25% for the challenger in the case of 135 and 122 pounds. While at 200 pounds the champion will have 55% and the challenger 45%, the heavyweight bid will be announced soon.


The minimum purse bid per weight class is the following: $200,000 for cruiserweight, $150,000 for lightweight, $120,000 for super bantamweight and $600,000 for interim Heavyweight.

Figueroa Knocks Out Flores in Los Angeles!

(photo credit Lester Silva)

(January 14th) Texas native Brandon “The Heartbreaker” Figueroa dominated by technical knockout in three rounds Moises “Chucky” Flores in the World Boxing Association (WBA) super bantamweight title eliminator bout held at the Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles, California.


At the sound of the bell Figueroa went out to fight and immediately hurt Flores with blows to the face and stomach. In the third round the fight was suddenly over, as the American sent his opponent to the canvas on two occasions forcing the referee to step in and stop the fight.


With this victory Figueroa is placed as a challenger to the regular crown of the WBA that the Mexican-American champion Daniel Roman has held for two years.

Alberto Reyes of Cleto Reyes, Passes!

By: Samuel Rosenberg

(January 3rd) The World Boxing Association (WBA) regrets the death of Alberto Reyes, owner of the historic Mexican company Cleto Reyes gloves, which were used in a number of fights of the black and gold title organization through many decades.


Mr. Reyes branded the company with his father in 1975 and officially founded it in 1979, the their globes now being dispersed across the world on nearly every continent.


Reyes globes were used by many great fighters, too many to list, but notably Muhammad Ali, Julio Cesar Chavez, Roberto Duran, Mike Tyson, and many many more.


The WBA deeply regrets the departure of a great man of boxing and a great contributor to the development of the pugilistic discipline. May he Rest In Peace.

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