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Merhy and Zsello Will Fight

for the WBA Cruiserweight Interim Title This Saturday!

By: Press WBA        

(October 17th) Belgian Ryad Merhy and Hungarian Imre Szello will fight for the vacant World Boxing Association (WBA) Cruiserweight Interim Championship this Saturday at the Spiroudome Arena, in Charleroi, Belgium.


Merhy, 26, already has experience in world championship fights. He won the right to fight for the Interim Championship thanks to his position at the top of the 200-pound ranking. The Belgian of Ivorian origin will have a great chance in front of his audience in Belgium to stand out and ascend among the best of the division in the world.


Zsello, on the other hand, occupies the fourth place in the ranking and has an undefeated career in four years. This will be the 36-year-old fighter’s first chance for a world title and also his first time fighting outside of Hungary. He comes on a run of four consecutive knockouts and wants to surprise a younger rival on his visit to Belgium.


Charleroi is a city used to seeing and supporting its local idol and this fight will not be the exception. A great atmosphere is expected prior to the fight, which promises to be a very interesting battle between two boxers hungry to get the belt. The press conference, the weigh-in ceremony next Friday and, of course, the fight day are among the activities for the week.


Merhy has a record of 28 wins, 1 loss and 23 knockouts, while Zsello has a balance of 24 wins, no losses and 16 KOs.

Manuel Barrios – WBA Boxer of the Month of September!

By: Samuel Rosenberg     

(October 1st) The World Boxing Association (WBA) Classifications Committee announced its rankings for September, which includes the 15 best boxers in the 17 weight divisions. Only these boxers have the possibility of aspiring to a world title fight within their respective divisions.


The “Boxer of the Month” distinction was awarded to Mario Barrios, who overcame Batyr Akhmedov in a highly competitive fight at the Staples Center in Los Angeles, California. After twelve competitive rounds, the voting of the judges came back 114-112; 115-111; and 116-111 in favor of Barrios.


Mario “El Azteca” Barrios took over the Super Lightweight Title of the WBA after the intense combat that featured lots of back and forth action. Although Barrios had 17 more fights than Akhmedov, the Uzbekistan fighter held back nothing and went out to win the fight as if his life depended on it.


The first assaults of the fight were dominated by Barrios based on his combinations, stomach blows, and good mobility in addition to adding a knockdown in his favor (4th), which until then indicated that things would be easier.


In the second half of the fight things began to change radically as Akhmedov continued fighting like he could win, landing his left and right to Barrios’s jaw. Increasingly he looked worn out and cornered until he suddenly connected a hand to Batyr’s face to send him to the canvas in the last round, thus tilting the cards in his favor.


With the victory Barrios improved his record to 25 wins, 0 losses and 16 knockouts. The blue-chip prospect thus turned into a world title holder with the tough victory against a very game opponent.


The honorable mention for boxer of the month is Joseph Diaz Jr., who captured the World Boxing Association (WBA) Gold Super Featherweight title after defeating Venezuelan Jesus Cuadro by majority decision on a Golden Boy Promotions card in Mexicali, Mexico.

The WBA Will Hold Its 98th Convention In China!

By: Jesús Milano    

(September 25th) Fuzhou, city of China, will be the venue chosen for the 98th Biannual Convention of the World Boxing Association (WBA), which will take place from November 6th to 11th over six intense working days.


The good relations with Chinese boxing and the growth that it has had in recent years have made the Asian country the one chosen to make a very important convention in which relevant issues about today’s boxing will be discussed and different internal aspects of the organization reviewed in search of improvement for the immediate future.


The WBA will return to China for a convention for the first time in 10 years. The last time such an event was held on Chinese soil was in 2009, in Chengdu. In addition, it highlights the fact of returning to Asia since Indonesia in 2012.


The oldest organization in the world had three consecutive conventions on American soil with Lima (2013), Panama City (2015) and Medellin (2017). It is the first time that this event will be held in Asia since the Convention is formatted every two years.


Among the outstanding activities, highlights the arrival of the Board of Directors on the 6th, which will precede the General Assembly on November 7th. On the 8th there will be a meeting with promoters and a Medical Seminar, the 9th will be the International Officers Seminar, on the 10th the Conclusions and Recommendations will be carried out together with the Boxing Night and on the 11th will be the official departure of the staff and guests to the Convention.


The different special guests to Fuzhou will be announced as the days go by and the month of November approaches.

Jorge Linares Shares Experiences

With Boxers from Medellin!

(photo credit Deiver Rios)

By: Jesús Milano    

(September 24th) Since Jorge Linares arrived in Medellin this weekend, he has had a busy agenda with the World Boxing Association (WBA). This Monday a speech was made by the three-time Venezuelan champion at the facilities of the MMA Colombia Gymnasium, in which different fighters from various disciplines had the opportunity to share and learn about the champion, in addition to the president of the WBA Gilberto Jesus Mendoza.


Linares talked about his experiences and watched some videos of his best fights along with those attending the activity. The Venezuelan was accompanied by Mendoza, who also fully engaged in the training that took place during the day. He was also with the football coach, Juan Carlos Osorio, who closely watched everything that happened from a different perspective.


“Today was a little more interesting because we already know each other more, there is trust with the group. Repeating things is what gives you discipline, this is a project that I like very much. We have a professional and an Olympic experience, we also have Professor Osorio, that his son likes boxing and that shows us that boxing reaches any stratum,” said Mendoza, who has already participated in other clinics in the same gym along with other fighters and coaches.


For his part Professor Osorio, who led Mexico during the 2018 World Cup in Russia and is currently leading the National Athletic, was very pleased with what he could see this Monday afternoon.


“First of all I have to admit that I don’t know anything about boxing but it has drawn my attention to training in real situations of the fight. The opponent decides to throw some kind of blow and trains how the boxer’s behavior is in this situation,” said the technical director. “In football I always talk about the need to train operational memory, which is the memory in which behaviors are trained where the blow comes from and how it protects itself. If the opponent is left-handed or right-handed, if he defends himself or attacks himself, he has made a very pleasant impression on me and this type of work has impacted me,” he said on what he saw in Linares’ work.


Linares was very satisfied with the work and highlighted, above all, the talent of the fighters with whom he had the opportunity to exchange ideas and offer his knowledge. The native of Barinas thanked Mendoza for the opportunity to visit the beautiful city of Medellin and tell so many anecdotes to the attendees, in addition to performing the rewarding training with them.


Linares’ visit to the renowned gymnasium is part of a schedule of different activities promoted by the WBA for Latin boxing. A similar activity had been carried out a few weeks ago with fighter Gabriel Maestre and coach Jorge Zerpa.

Punches In the Canvas!

(The boxer's impetus can become a negative fact)

By: WBA Press      

(September 18th)

Sometimes, when there is a legal knockdown, that impulse can lead him to hit his opponent on the canvas. It is an action that represents a great danger to the integrity of the fighters and is considered illegal, however the referee´s good job can minimize it:


The work begins with the referee’s instructions in the dressing room. The referee must be blunt when giving his instructions emphasizing the dangers and penalties for hitting a knocked down opponent.

When such action occurs, the first thing the referee should do is call in time and send the offending boxer to the neutral corner. The third man on the ring should analyze carefully and with great concentration whether the blow was intentional or accidental.


If the blow is considered to be intentional, the referee must look at the injured boxer and allow him considerable time to recover (not five minutes as in the case of low blows). If he cannot continue, the referee must disqualify the offender. If the injured boxer can continue, the referee will call the offender to the center of the ring and deduct 2 points.


If the blow is not intentional and the injured fighter cannot continue, the fight will be declared No Decision, provided that no more than four (4) rounds have gone by. In case four rounds have passed, it will go to the scorecards.

The referee may use instant replay to clarify the incident. It is important to know that the referee may only change his initial decision if the video clearly and without reasonable doubt demonstrates that his first call was mistaken. Otherwise, he will have to maintain his decision.

Niyomtrong-Argumedo Ask for Extension to Negotiate!

By: Jesús Milano

(September 16th) The bid for the fight between Thammanoon Niyomtrong and Jose Argumedo, initially scheduled for Monday, September 16th, was suspended once the parties requested an extension of the period for negotiations.


The World Boxing Association (WBA) called for the fight weeks ago for Thai native Niyomtrong, champion of the minimumweight class, to make his mandatory defense against the Mexican challenger. However, both parties requested the agency give a little more time to reach an agreement, which was approved by the WBA.


Niyomtrong is one of the strongest champions in the ranks of the oldest organization in the world. He has been a champion since 2014 and has defended his title 12 times since he first got the black and gold belt.


Argumedo beat the Venezuelan Alexis Diaz by knockout in his last fight in March and earned the right to face the champion from Thailand’s for the world 105-pound belt.


Both parties will continue to work on an agreement to carry out the fight under the terms of the WBA regulations.

How to Evaluate An Assault - Score a Round!

By: Press WBA        

(September 4th) This article called “How to Evaluate an Assault” is addressed to the beginner, the lover, the connoisseur and the professional boxing judge in which we will outline Five (5) Major Factors to Evaluate an Assault. Whether it is a fight for a world championship or not, the factors are the same that should be taken into account for your evaluation.


In professional or amateur boxing the goal is to try to connect effective punches (knuckles) to your opponent and not be hit, but these punches must be placed only on the vulnerable part of your body to be taken into account in the score of that assault, and this vulnerable part goes vertically in the middle of the body forward and down from the head, down the ears until it reaches the waist. One can picture that it goes in an imaginary line from the navel to the part of the hips (iliac crest).


That said, the Five (5) Major Factors to Evaluate an Assault, in order of priority also: Effectiveness, Attack, Defense, Technique and Sportsmanship.

EFFECTIVENESS: It is the goal of boxing; connect on your opponent with the most effective blows in the most vulnerable area and with some force to be valued.


ATTACK: It is the effective aggressiveness of a boxer, sustained during the fight or most of it.

DEFENSE: The Boxer must be able to neutralize the attack of his opponent.

TECHNIQUE: It is the ability, skill and courage shown by a boxer to solve any difficult situation that may arise during the match, as well as his ability to force his opponent to box in a way that suits him best. This is where it can be crudely stated that a boxer is a stylist or aggressive fighter.


SPORTSMANSHIP: In this factor two elements are grouped: positive and negative that must be taken into account for a final evaluation. Positives are among other examples when one boxer does not hit another in a state of helplessness. The negatives can be but are not limited to: one of the boxers constantly refuses to fight, delays the combat situation by frequently holding his opponent, that he makes an unclean fight, committing offenses that warrant that the referee draw his attention, that deliberately and in bad faith, blows to his opponent after the bell has announced the end of the round, to obtain an illicit advantage, resting one of your hands on the ropes for use to propel yourself, and fails to comply with the referee’s orders.

These are the five (5) Factors that every judge must consider to Evaluate an Assault, but these must be accompanied by Capacity and Concentration so that at the end of each assault you write down what happened in the three (3) minutes of the round.

Alicia Napoleon Is the WBA Female Fighter of the Month!

By: Jesús Milano

(September 2nd) The World Boxing Association (WBA) awarded the American Alicia Napoleon as Boxer of the Month in August after her defense against Schemelle Baldwin, while the Mexican Anabel the “Wasp” Ortiz was the Honorable Mention.


The oldest sanctioning body in the world also published its monthly ranking with the corresponding movements in each of the lists by weight category.


Napoleon defended her crown for the second time last Thursday in a fight in Connecticut. The New York native got a technical knockout in four rounds against the American Baldwin also to maintain her belt of the super welterweight category, which she has owned since March of 2018.


For her part, veteran Anabel Ortiz won the 12th defense of the minimumweight version of the WBA belt by unanimously defeating Venezuelan Maria Milano last Saturday. The Mexican native won at the La Paz Arena, in Baja California, and has been a champion since November of 2013.


Napoleon now has a record of 12 wins, 1 loss, and 7 knockouts. Meanwhile, Ortiz has 30 wins, 3 losses and 4 knockouts.

Lomenchenko WBA August Boxer of the Month!

By: Samuel Rosenberg    

(September 2nd) The World Boxing Association (WBA) Classifications Committee announced its rankings for August, which includes the 15 best boxers in the 17 weight divisions. Only these boxers have the possibility of aspiring to a world title fight within their respective divisions.


The “Boxer of the Month” distinction was awarded to Vasyl Lomachenko, who overcame Luke Campbell via unanimous decision at the O2 Arena in London. The Super Lightweight Champion of the World Boxing Association (WBA) won with scores of 118-109, 119-108 and 119-108 to continue on his way as one of the best in the world today.


“Loma” had to adapt during the fight against a highly skilled rival with great technique in Campbell. In the early rounds he was very cautious but little by little he was finding spaces to hurt the midsection of Campbell and also connect strong blows to the face that often displaced the challenger.


Despite the great difference with which he won on the cards, Lomachenko had to be put through discomfort from a highly skilled fighter in Campbell. In several exchanges during the confrontation, Lomachenko received some blows that stung him but he was never in serious danger due to his explosion and speed.


In round 11, the Super Champion managed to knock down Campbell after a sequence in which he hurt him with several combinations. The challenger put a knee on the canvas and recuperated, only to survive the assault and finish the fight. With the victory, Lomachenko made it clear once again that he is one of the best pound for pound fighters in the world.


The honorable mention for boxer of the month is Vergil Ortiz Jr., who captured the World Boxing Association (WBA) Gold Welterweight Title with an emphatic sixth round stoppage of Antonio Orozco at the Verizon Theatre in Grand Prairie, Texas. With the victory Ortiz Jr. moved his record to 14-0, with all of his victories coming by way of knockout.

Figueroa Knocks Out Chacon to Retain His Belt!

By: Jesús Milano (WBA)

(August 25th) Brandon Figueroa wanted to leave no doubts at the Bert Ogden Arena in Texas, and worked hard to knock out the Argentine native Javier Chacon in the fourth round and retain for the first time his interim super bantamweight title of the World Boxing Association (WBA).


The 22-year-old champion presented himself for the first time as the owner of the 122-pound black and gold belt, and there was no better scenario for such combat as his own house. From the first moment, Figueroa’s strength was revealed and his combinations were felt by the Argentinian, whose heart and desire to beat the odds were not enough before the overwhelming pressure of the boxer of Mexican-American descent.


Figueroa worked hard with the left hand and with hooks. He always looked to land blows with a lot of power that could define the contest. In the fourth round, a barrage of blows put Chacon against the ropes and later knocked him down for the referees count.


Although the South American tried to get up, he faltered in his intention and fell back to the canvas, so the third man in the ring was forced to stop the fight and give the victory to the champion.


Figueroa stands as one of the strongest and most blue chip young fighters in the division, while looking for better opportunities against the most prominent in that category.


The left-handed boxer won the 20th fight of his career, in which he is undefeated and has won 15 fights via knockout. Chacon, meanwhile, saw his record fall to 29 wins, 5 setbacks, 1 draw and 9 knockouts.

WBA Congratulates “Maestrito” Cordoba

for His Dgree In Political Science!

By: Jesús Milano    

(August 17th) The World Boxing Association (WBA) congratulates Ricardo “Maestrito” Cordoba for having obtained the title of Bachelor of Rights and Political Science.


The former fighter and now Panamanian coach was WBA champion in the bantamweight and super bantamweight classes. He had an important professional career, in which he debuted in 2000 and retired in 2012.


Subsequently, the Central American was dedicated to training fighters, among which were several prominent fighters such as Dayana Cordero. At the same time, he was dedicated to academic activity and got this important professional title.


Cordoba represents the values ​​of the WBA and the project of integral boxers that has been promoted in the body for several years. The oldest sanctioning body in the world sends congratulations to the champion and motivates him to continue achieving his dreams. Great job in earning the title of Maestrito even more.

The Female Body and Boxing!

By: WBA Press        

(August 13th) Female boxing has grown in recent years, hand in hand with the WBA. New discoveries have allowed women’s training to be more specialized. This evolution has been achieved thanks to various characteristics that trainers must consider:


√ Since body fat percentage in women is high, they are better adapted to resist prolonged psychophysical efforts, in aerobic work conditions


√ Since women sweat less, they can resist and mitigate more the negative effects of dehydration


√ Given the peculiarities of the functional structure of women’s neuromuscular apparatus, they have a great physical predisposition towards flexibility; hence their greater range of movements


√ In order to compensate for its smaller size (approximately 220-230 grams), the woman’s heart has a high resting heart rate: 78-80 beats per minute


Elite trainers plan their training considering these facts, which has allowed the improvement of female boxing worldwide.

Vergil Ortiz Stops Orozco In the 6th to Capture WBA Gold!

By: Samuel Rosenberg     

(August 12th) Vergil Ortiz Jr. captured the World Boxing Association (WBA) Gold Welterweight Title with an emphatic sixth round stoppage of Antonio Orozco at the Verizon Theatre in Grand Prairie, Texas.


Ortiz appeared to be having some issues solving the puzzle of veteran Orozco early on in the fight, as he gave real estate to him and was mostly fighting off the back foot in the first few rounds.


The action seemed to change to in his favor around the fifth, when Orozco could not keep up with the young man who was ten years his junior, as he started taking more punches and getting pushed back himself.


In the sixth round Ortiz scored three knockdowns on the weary Orozco before referee Mark Calo-oy stepped in to call a halt to the bout at the 0:45 mark when Orozco appeared to have had enough.


After the fight Ortiz said that he was not happy with the early rounds, but that he is still learning, as he said to the viewing audience “I don’t like the way I did in the fight. First three or four rounds, I could have done better. I’ve definitely got a long way as a boxer to reach that world champion status.”


“I’ve been getting all these knockouts,” continued Ortiz, “I’ve said they haven’t gotten into my head, but you can see in the first round, I got a little excited. I had to force myself to slow down. I’m just going to learn from this fight.”


With the victory Ortiz moved his record to 14-0, all by way of knockout, while Orozco’s record fell to 28-2 with 17 knockouts.

“Pelenchin” Caballero Will Launch His Autobiography

"My Last Round" on August 17th!

By: Jesús Milano

(August 11th) The former world champion of the World Boxing Association (WBA), Panamanian Celestino “Pelenchin” Caballero, will present his autobiography on August 17th in Panama City.


The book is entitled “My Last Round” and will be officially launched during the International Book Fair 2019. The text tells all the experiences of Caballero in the ring and his rise in boxing, in addition to all extra sports situations via the ones that happened throughout his career.


The project has the support of Latin Beat Corp and the Panamanian Chamber of the Book, which have put all their effort into launching the work of one of the most important champions in the history of Panamanian boxing.


The event will be held at the Atapla Convention Center, Chaquira Hall, starting at 7:00 pm. All the local press is invited to cover the launch and to know all the details about the first-hand account written by the champion.

Remembering John Sholto Douglas!

By: Jesús Milano

(August 9th) Today we remember John Sholto Douglas, the 9th Marquess of Queensberry and the creator of the first rules in the history of Boxing. He was born in Florence, Italy, in 1844 and died in 1900 after suffering a stroke. He became Marques de Queenssberry in 1858, in succession of his father.


He was a controversial man throughout his life. He was educated in large British institutions such as Magdalen College and although he did not graduate he always stood out for his performance in obstacle courses, cricket, and hunting.


He always moved into the higher social organizations but he became unpopular in London society due to his scandals such as a divorce for adultery, atheism, and his fondness for boxing.


Another controversial point was his legal dispute with writer Oscar Wilde due to a relationship that the Irish native had with his son Lord Alfred Douglas. The marquess was arrested due to Wilde’s lawsuit for defamation, as John Douglas called him a sodomite and seducer of children. However, the lawsuit had to be withdrawn because Wilde learned of the Marquis’s strategy to take several prostitutes, who had had relations with him in Ireland.


Despite his controversial life, Douglas left a great legacy to boxing and implemented modern rules, such as the three-minute rounds, the 10-second counts for falls, the better quality gloves, and weight divisions.

WBA Will Promote 2020

Olympic Boxing Project for Venezuela!

Translated by Samuel Rosenberg

(July 11th) The World Boxing Association and its president, Gilberto Jesus Mendoza, will promote the Olympic boxing project in Venezuela, providing amateurs from that country with the necessary tools for their preparation and participation in the events of the Olympic cycle until the 2020 Tokyo Games.


Under the “One boxing” proposal, promoted by the WBA in favor of the union of professional and amateur boxing, the first sanctioning body of boxing expressed on Tuesday to the Venezuelan Olympic Committee, through its president, Professor Eduardo Alvarez Camacho, the commitment to promote and direct the preparation of the boxers that are part of the Olympic program.


“We are very satisfied with the receptiveness we received from the Venezuelan Olympic Committee,” said Gilberto Jesus Mendoza, president of the WBA.


“We talked to Professor Alvarez by phone about our purpose of contributing to the amateur and professional boxing ranks, and the disposition we have to promote the preparation of the Venezuelan boxers that are part of the Olympic program in the remaining events until Tokyo 2020.


We are already working on this and it shows with the presence of Yoel Finol and Gabriel Maestre in Barranquilla. We also proposed the inclusion of Ogleidis Suarez to that program, and we will explore ways to strengthen the Venezuelan Olympic team.”


The WBA initiative with the Venezuelan boxing program has the endorsement of the boxing leadership of that country and awaits the signing of the corresponding formal agreements.


In the framework of this proposal, the boxers Gabriel Maestre, captain of the Venezuelan national team, and Yoel Finol, silver medalist of the Olympic games in Rio of 2016, have been training for months in the camp of the WBA in Barranquilla – the city that last Saturday hosted their respective premieres in professional boxing in which they scored victories by knockout.


“Professor Alvarez informed us of his decision to support the WBA in this initiative, and what we want is to work hand in hand with the Venezuelan Olympic Committee and also with the Ministry of Sports of Venezuela, to advance our proposal of “One Boxing”, demonstrating our conviction that only together we can give a quality boost to boxing.


In the past we offered our disposition to Minister Pedro Infante, who agreed with our collaboration; and all the Venezuelan boxing leaders have told him that our doors are open to build a scenario in which the athletes are the overall winners of the program. You have to understand that boxing comes first and with the support of the WBA, boxers will help us show the world that we can work together and achieve results.


Just seeing the way Finol and Maestre worked in the professional ranks fills us with hope thinking about the next Olympic Games and my dream is to see them become Olympic and World champions,” added Mendoza.


“We believe that we can contribute, that is our social mission; and what we are doing is moving from preaching to action. What we want, at the end of the road, is to be able to contribute to the Olympic movement, that is why we have placed ourselves under the command of the International Olympic Committee, placing at our disposal all our expertise, our technical staff, the academy, our projects around the world and almost 100 years of experience in favor of Olympic and amateur boxing,” Mendoza added.

Winners of Soro / Kurvanov and Lara / Alvarez

Will Fight for the WBA Title!

By: Samuel Rosenberg     

(July 10th) The World Boxing Association (WBA) Championships Committee came up with a solution for the super welterweight title in consensus with all the parties involved and with respect to the body’s statutes.


Michel Soro, who is number 1 in the rankings, will face Magomed Kurvanov on July 20th for the regular title, while number 2, Erislandy Lara, will be measured on August 31st against Ramon Alvarez for the interim belt. Subsequently, the winners of both fights will face each other for the super title.


In principle, the entity ordered that Soro and Lara must fight for the vacant title in a resolution published on June 24th. However, one day later, on June 25th, the company Univent Promotions, on behalf of the French, requested a special permit for their fight against Kurvanov to be carried out for the regular title. The WBA sent the request to the Lara team to receive comments and the Cuban representatives made several requests, among which was the request for the interim title in its fight against Alvarez.


Rule C.14 of the WBA says that all boxers and promoters “are required to know and be familiar with all the rules of the Association,” including those for special permits. For its part, rule C.47 explains that the president of the WBA can grant special permits and make requests to the promoters or fighters.


After applying these rules, Soro’s request was approved but with several conditions. The winner of Soro-Kurvanov must fight against the winner of Lara-Alvarez within a period not exceeding 120 days after the August 31st match.


In the event that the fight goes to an auction, the purse will be divided into 55% for the regular champion and 45% for the interim.


The request of the Lara team for the interim was also approved by the agency.

Maestre Captures the WBA

Fedebol Title with Emphatic Knockout!

By: Jesús Milano

(July 8th) Five minutes and 16 seconds was enough time to clear all doubts. Gabriel Maestre is not only ready for professional boxing, but has the strength to stand out in the professional field. He demonstrated it with a knockout in the second round against Jeovanis Barraza at the Coliseo Baby Sugar Rojas in Barranquilla.


The situation for the newcomer Maestre was very hard. He became the WBA-Fedebol Champion of the Super Welter division against a hitherto undefeated fighter in 20 fights (14 by knockout) in front the ESPN KnockOut cameras throughout Latin America.


His experience in the amateur field was revealed. The “Captain” came out cautiously in regards to the strategy of waiting to see how “Meke” came out, but it did not take too long to realize his superiority and launch an assault on the Colombian.


Barraza stood with a closed guard in front of Maestre trusting his strength. However, the power of Maestre had the Barranquillero native vanished before Maestre, who was faster, more forceful and in short, better on this night.


Two straight runs in the second round sent a Barraza to the canvas, as he lowered his head to try to defend himself. Being a very brave man, he got up, but Maestre was not willing to allow him to recover and sent him to the ropes where he punished him further. Although it he rose again, a combination of three punches left no alternative to referee Guillermo Perez Pineda, who interceded to stop the action at 2:16 minutes of the round.


“All the grace I give to God. Thanks to the people of Barranquilla. I thought it was not going to be easy and I did not think the knockout was going to come so fast. This victory goes to God and to Venezuela,” said Maestre.


“Thanks to Gilberto Jesus Mendoza for the opportunity. Since 2012 I have been saying that I had the potential, that I would make the jump, but it was now that the decision was made and I am happy with the support that he has given me. As they say, God’s time is perfect,” he continued.


Professional and amateur integration will now allow Maestre to attend Peru for the Pan American Games this month and continue with his actions in both branches.

Yafai Retains Title with UD Over Jimenez!

 (photo: Sumio Yamada)

By: Samuel Rosenberg     

(June 30th) World Boxing Association (WBA) World Super Flyweight Champion Khalid Yafai beat via unanimous decision WBA #1 challenger Norbelto Jimenez via scorecards of 117-109, 119-107, and 118-108.


The fight took place at the Dunkin Donuts Center in Providence, Rhode Island, and was broadcast live on DAZN. It was Yafai’s fifth successful defense of the WBA world title that he won back in December of 2016 vs Luis Concepcion at Manchester Arena.


The fight itself was hard fought, with Yafai coming out strong and pushing Jimenez around the ring, looking the stronger puncher and stronger man despite Jimenez having the height and reach advantages. Jimenez was landing punches but he was having to work really hard to keep Yafai off of him.


Jimenez was deducted a point for holding in the fourth round, and as the fifth round came around it got a little ugly with clashes of heads causing blood and some punches straying low.


In the sixth round Yafai was blasting away to the body of Jimenez, appearing to slow his man just a bit, but then the champion turned to more boxing at range instead of crazy pressure in the second half of the fight.


Yafai then mostly coasted to the unanimous decision victory, as he tried for the stoppage but Jimenez was very game and took a round or two in the second half of the fight from landing some solid right hands.


With the victory Yafai moved his record to 26-0 with 15 knockouts while Jimenez fell to 29-9-4 with 16 knockouts.

Marrero Wins the Gold Title Against Ramirez!

 (photo Esther Lin/SHOWTIME)

By: Jesús Milano

(June 30th) Claudio Marrero took a big step towards an opportunity to fight for the world title with his victory over Eduardo Ramirez this Saturday night at the NRG Arena in Houston, Texas.


The Dominican won the World Boxing Association (WBA) Gold Title in the featherweight class with scores of 116-112, 116-113, and 118-110, and therefore, has earned the right to fight for the world title of the WBA.


The beautiful boxing and the speed of Marrero were revealed during most of the fight and did not allow too many freedoms to “Zurdito” Ramirez, who was a victim of good combinations and missed a great opportunity before him.


Although the Mexican native was getting better little by little in the fight and dominated several of the assaults in the second half of the fight, it was not enough to convince the judges who ended up giving a unanimous decision to Marrero.


Marrero won his 24th fight and has 3 losses and 17 knockouts. Ramirez now has a record of 23 wins, 2 losses, 3 draws, and 9 knockouts.

Cancio Again Defeats Machado in California!

(photo Bayron Saavedra)

By: Samuel Rosenberg

(June 22nd) Andrew Cancio did not give Alberto Machado a chance to recover the super featherweight belt of the World Boxing Association, as he knocked him out in three rounds with a hook to the liver in the Golden Boy Promotions stellar battle from Fantasy Springs Casino of Indio, California.


With all the public supporting him, Cancio executed the plan of the previous fight early. He fought in close quarters, absorbing and sending punishment to Machado, under the logic that the body was the weakest point of the Puerto Rican and as he had thought; it worked.


After the blow, Machado put a knee on the canvas and did not get up at the count of ten of the referee, which caused the audience to explode in jubilation, thus specifying a bad night for Puerto Rican boxing, since in the semi-final fight Angel “Tito “Acosta had been stopped in round 12 by Mexican Elwin Soto.


Cancio came up with a couple of cuts (left and front brows), but without a doubt, he showed that the first result against Machado was no coincidence and he promised to continue working hard to retain the belt in coming matches.


He said: “my next fight can be with Rene Alvarado who is number one or with Jojo Diaz”.


This combat was transmitted in the United States by the DAZN online platform and for Latin America by Space Combate.

Cañizalez Dominated Kimura

and Consolidated at 108 Pounds!

 (photo Lizette De Los Santos)

By: Marcelino Castillo        

(May 26th) The Venezuelan Carlos “CCC” Cañizales dominated this Sunday in Fuzhou, China, the Japanese Sho Kimura and retained his Minimosca belt of the World Boxing Association (WBA) for the second time.


Cañizales showed all his carats, in a complicated fight at the beginning, product of the devilish patron who was exercising Kimura, who climbed into the ring with the intention of dethroning the Venezuelan, who never lost the north of his strategy and remained firm.


In general terms, the combat was very entertaining from beginning to end. When the half of the commitment arrived, the champion began to stand out, leaning on his school of boxing and movements. In the closing there were no surprises and Cañizalez continued to hurt Kimura with his left hand, which was already exhausted and without a fixed direction.


The Venezuelan pride will return home with an undefeated record of 22 wins, 1 draw and 17 knockouts.

Inoue Continues Knockout Streak with KO of Rodriguez!

By: Samuel Rosenberg     

(May 19th) Naoya Inoue scored his 18th professional victory and 16th via knockout at the 1:19 mark in the second round as he defended his World Boxing Association (WBA) World Bantamweight Title for the second time with a win over Emmanuel Rodriguez.


The fight took place at the SSE Hydro in Glasgow, Scotland, and was a semifinal bout in the World Boxing Super Series (WBSS) for bantamweights, with Inoue coming in as the second seed in the tournament.


The fight was Inoues first in the tournament to go past the first round, as Rodriguez came out pressing the fight heavily, but Inoue would punish Rodriguez heavily in the second round as he knocked him down three times before the referee called an end to the bout.


Inoue continues to impress all boxing fans, as he came into the fight with similar destructions of longtime reigning WBA champion Jamie McDonnell in May of last year followed by Juan Carlos Payano in October of last year.


Inoue now looks to face Nonito Donaire in the final round of the World Boxing Super Series, who was onsite in Glasgow and came into the ring to praise Inoue after his impressive performance, with both fighters showing respect for one another and excited to square off in the final round to take home the WBA Title Belt as well as the Muhammad Ali Trophy.

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