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Gabriels - Lara Will Fight for the WBA

Female Light Heavyweight Belt This Saturday!

(April 13th) Hanna Gabriels will return to the ring this week in her native Costa Rica to face Martha Lara for the World Boxing Association (WBA) Female Light Heavyweight championship. The Central American will fight the Mexican for the vacant belt at the Fiesta Casino in San Jose, in what is expected to be a great fight between two warriors of the ring.


The clash will be a great opportunity for both fighters, who are looking to move up in the boxing world and winning the black and gold belt is a huge step towards that goal.


Gabriels, who is the Super Welterweight champion of the pioneer organization, will seek this new challenge in her career. The Tica will step into the ring for the first time since 2019 due to the pause caused by the pandemic.


Lara is a tough fighter who is hungry to surprise everyone and has the Mexican heart needed for a commitment like this.


The local fighter has a record of 20 wins, 2 losses, 1 draw, and 11 KOs, while Lara has 11 wins, 9 losses, and 6 KOs.

Shannon Courtenay Is the New

WBA Female Bantamweight Champion!

By: WBA Press

(April 11th) Teeth clenched, hands sweating, standing ovations. A dramatic bout with filmic overtones that had the crowd’s heart rate soaring. On Saturday afternoon, under Matchroom promotion, Shannon Courtenay (7-1-0, 3 KOs) and Ebanie Bridges (5-1-0, 2 KOs) put on a great fight. At the end of the ten rounds, Courtenay won the unanimous decision and was crowned the new World Boxing Association Female Bantamweight Champion.


The British fighter nicknamed “The Baby face assassin” scored the opening jab that set the pace. With a consistent exchange approach by the Australian fighter, the fight unfolded with intensity from the first round. The lead was quickly taken by the visible strength of Bridges who gave her opponent no rest. So much so that by the second round, Courtenay’s left side of her head, above the ear, began to bleed as a result of an accidental headbutt in a cross. That bleeding painted the clothing of both gradually until the end.


From the fifth round on, the British made a tactical turn in the actions: she began to fight in retreat and excelled in the counter-punching offense where, despite not coming out unscathed, she managed to overcome Bridges with effective punches that left Bridges’ left eye with a pronounced swelling.


A fight where distraction was not an option, as either fighter could end the fight at any moment. However, strategy prevailed, and Shannon Courtenay was crowned at 118 pounds with the black and gold belt, her first title.

WBA Orders Akhmadaliev-Rios!

By: Jesús Milano

(April 8th) The WBA Championships Committee ordered the mandatory fight between the Super Bantamweight Super Champion Murodjon Akhmadaliev from Uzbekistan and the mandatory challenger Ronny Rios from the United States.


The Committee sent the communication to both teams, who are aware of the mandatory fight. The period for Akhmadaliev’s mandatory defense expired on January 29th, 2021, but the WBA allowed the champion to make the mandatory defense of the IBF, organization of which he is also champion, against Japanese Ryosuke Iwasa last April 3rd.


According to rule C.13, Bout Limitations, the champion cannot fight a boxer who is not the official challenger within 60 days after the expiration of the mandatory defense period.


Accordingly, the Committee grants 30 days for negotiations starting on April 6th, 2021. This period will end on May 6th, 2021 (- 5 GMT). In case both parties fail to reach an agreement or there is unwillingness of any of the fighters or their representatives, the Committee may call to purse bids to grant the promotional rights of the fight.

Akhmadaliev Retained His

WBA Super Championship Before His Home Crowd!

By: Jesús Milano

(April 3rd) The night could not have been better for Murodjon Akhmadaliev. The World Boxing Association (WBA) Super Bantamweight Super Champion demolished his challenger, Japanese Ryosuke Iwasa, this Saturday to win by TKO in the fifth round.

Several elements made this fight special for “MJ”. His presentation at the Humo Arena in Tashkent was his first professional fight in Uzbekistan and, also, it was the first defense of his WBA and IBF belts after a period of more than a year of inactivity due to the pandemic.


The southpaw showed his power against an opponent with a good record like the Japanese and the time without fighting was not a factor against him. In fact, he looked very active in the fight, quite sharp and very fast to give a great exhibition in front of the 10 thousand people at the venue.


Akhmadaliev carried the attack at all times and was superior. His way of cutting off the ring and following Iwasa were decisive to be comfortable throughout the fight and by the fifth round he was hurting him very easily, so the referee stopped the actions.


In just 9 professional fights, Akhamaladiev has already proven to be one of the best in the division and has won 7 times by KO. On the other hand, the veteran Iwasa now has a record of 27 wins, 4 losses, and 17 KOs.

Claressa Shields WBA Most Prominent Female Boxer

In March, Seniesa Get’s the “Honorable Mention”

By: Jesús Milano

(April 2nd) The World Boxing Association (WBA) released its women’s ranking for the month of March and gave out its monthly awards, which went to Claressa Shields as Boxer of the Month and Seniesa Estrada as Honorable Mention.


March brought several important women’s fights, including Shields’ victory over Marie Eve Dicaire on March 5th at the Dort Federal Event Center in Flint, Michigan.


The Olympic medalist proved to be one of the best fighters of the moment by winning the four belts of the most important bodies in the world at Super Welterweight. The 25-year-old fighter got three 100-90 scorecards to seal a great performance in a fight broadcast on PPV, making her worthy of the distinction.


Meanwhile, Seniesa Estrada defeated Anabel Ortiz on March 20th at the Dickies Arena in Fort Worth, Texas, to become the new WBA Minimumweight champion. The American knocked down the former champion once and won with scores of 100-89, 100-89, and 99-91.


“Super Bad” cut Ortiz’ streak of 11 defenses and beat one of the most dominant champions in recent years to show the talent and grit she has.


The WBA congratulates both of them on their awards and the great wins they earned. The ranking lists and the changes made in the third month of the year can be viewed on the website of the pioneer body.

Juan “El Gallo” Estrada Is the WBA Boxer of the Month!

By: Jesús Milano

(April 2nd) Juan Francisco Estrada was named Boxer of the Month by the World Boxing Association (WBA) thanks to his victory last March 13th against Roman Gonzalez to win the Super Flyweight Super Championship of the pioneer organization.


The WBA released its ranking for the month of March and in addition to the award to Estrada, it also gave an Honorable Mention to Japanese Hiroto Kyoguchi.


The Mexican had a war with the Nicaraguan at the American Airlines Center in Dallas, Texas, and won a split decision in which he also retained his WBC belt.


The fight is already a candidate for fight of the year. The punch exchanges were the order of the day and Estrada was able to withstand the onslaught of Gonzalez to get the win.


“Gallo” settled a score with “Chocolatito” after losing to him 9 years ago. He was able to get his rematch and now the trilogy is expected to be completed this year for the delight of boxing fans.


For his part, Kyoguchi defeated Mexican Axel Aragon Vega at the same event in Dallas and retained his WBA Light Flyweight Super Championship for the third time. The Japanese made his debut in the United States and managed to get the victory after his challenger suffered a hand injury and withdrew from the fight in the fifth round.


Kyoguchi remained undefeated in 15 fights, with 10 KOs, and is one of the strongest names at 108 pounds.

“We Can Do It!

We Are Going To Do It! Let’s Do It Together!”

By: Jesús Cova

(April 1st) Gilberto Mendoza, President Emeritus of the World Boxing Association, would have turned 78 years old today.


Perseverance and discipline. The first, according to the dictionary definition, is the “firmness and tenacity of spirit in resolutions and purposes”. The second, “doctrine, instruction of a person, especially in moral matters”.


These two simple words were the guide and the invariable code of conduct for the President Emeritus of the World Boxing Association, Francisco Gilberto Mendoza (Barquisimeto, March 30, 1943-Caracas, March 11, 2016), who was known as Gilberto Mendoza in the world of boxing and the sport in general, and whose birth was 78 years ago.


Gilberto, as everyone called him without protocols, which he did not like, led the destinies of the dean organization of universal boxing for a little more than 33 years, from October 1982 until his heartfelt physical demise. During that long journey, he left a legacy that will remain as long as the sport of boxing is practiced by thousands of young people around the world.


In addition to cultivating the two aforementioned virtues of perseverance and discipline, Mendoza always excelled for his generosity towards other people, for his strong loyalty in friendship, for his permanent support to youth, for his unique and uncommon modesty in which arrogance had no place and, finally, for his solid and unbending will to work and his iron character.


It would be a difficult task to list Gilberto’s contributions to the sport he was passionate about as well as to all the other activities related to any human being. It would be enough to say that just mentioning him makes you think of boxing (just as thinking of boxing means Muhammad Ali, Joe Louis, “Sugar” Ray Leonard, Roberto “Hands of Stone” Durán…).


The first y most relevant work he did for the organization was the Ratings Manual, which is still in force today, prepared while he was on the Executive Committee as one of the immediate collaborators of Rodrigo Sánchez (RIP), his mentor and who saw in him the best candidate to succeed him, in anticipation of his imminent death. He also created Guidelines for supervisors, members of the Executive Committee, and the International officials guidelines, predecessor of the current one.


It is worth adding his initiatives in the launching of the successful KO Drugs campaign, a campaign of universal extension; the organization of seminars for officials (judges and referees) in every convention aimed at improving their performance in world championship fights; the holding of conventions every two years instead of one, as it was done at the beginning; the creation of regional affiliated organizations such as the Latin American Boxing Federation (FEDELATIN), North American Boxing Association (NABA), WBA Europe, Pan African Association (PAFBA), Pan Asian Boxing Association (PABA) -later known as WBA Asian Boxing Association (WBA Asia), WBA Oceania, Federación Caribeña de Boxeo (FEDECARIBE), Federación Centroamericana de Boxeo (FEDECENTRO) and Federación Bolivariana de Boxeo (FEDEBOL). Created the Super Belts for those champions with 5 and 10 successful title defenses. The reduction of rounds from 15 to 12. And many other ideas that benefited the progress of boxing worldwide.


As a businessman, since his graduation from the university until the end of his life, he worked as a senior manager and then as Administrative Advisor of the Central Azucarero El Palmar, in San Mateo, Aragua. Always concerned about the communities of his immediate surroundings, he was the founder of the Yaritagua Fire Department; president of the Scout Association of Venezuela (1979), to which he never stopped supporting; deputy of the Legislative Assembly of Aragua State (1995-98); director of the National Economy Council (1998-99); director of Fedecámaras (1995-2001) and honorary president of the Boxing Information Center, among many other activities.


Perseverance and discipline. These two words are enough to remember Gilberto Mendoza, an honorable man of boxing. A name that means boxing, whom we remember today with honor and respect and will never forget. And whose favorite slogan, of his authorship and which is still in force and inspires his friends and successors in the WBA, was:


“We can do it! We are going to do it! Let’s do it together!”

Hanna Gabriels & Martha Lara Gaytán 

Will Fight for the Vacant WBA Light Heavyweight Belt!

By: Jesús Milano

(March 31st) Hanna Gabriels will face Martha Lara Gaytán for the vacant World Boxing Association (WBA) Light Heavyweight world title. The bout will take place on April 17th at the Fiesta Casino in San Jose, Costa Rica.


Gabriels is one of the great champions of the pioneer organization and holds the super welterweight belt, in addition to having been welterweight champion in the past and having fought for the middleweight title against Claressa Shields.


For the Costa Rican it will be her first fight since 2019. Her inactivity was caused due to an arm injury and later to the pandemic, but she is now ready to return and prove that she is still one of the best fighters in the world today.


She will face Lara Gaytan, an experienced Mexican who has already fought for regional titles and is hungry for this golden opportunity for her. The Aguascalientes native is nicknamed “La Aguerrida Demoledora”, is 33 years old and has 20 professional fights under her belt.


Gabriels has a record of 20 wins, 2 losses, 1 draw, and 11 KOs, while Lara Gaytan has 11 wins, 9 losses, and 6 KOs in her career.

Super Bad Won & Is the New WBA 105 lbs. Champion!

By: WBA Press

(March 22nd) In a vibrant performance, the young American star born in East Los Angeles, Seniesa “Super Bad” Estrada became the new World Boxing Association 105 lbs. champion after dethroning the Mexican Anabel “Avispa” Ortiz by unanimous decision in ten rounds. The fight was the co-feature of a great event at the Dickies Arena, Fort Worth, Texas, United States.


Avispa planned to take the fight to the terrain in which she knew how to conquer her fights; with two punches and outs, keeping the distance and getting little in the short distance. However, such approach was not effective against the speed of a complicated boxer like Estrada. The first round began with Super Bad’s decision to keep the title as she had already said in a press conference: “now it’s my time”.


Both fighters put all their arsenal into action. In the second round, the Mexican fighter went to the canvas when Seniesa landed an accurate right cross to the chin. Ortiz was able to recover to reach the end of the fight, being able to show off her experience in bursts that were not enough to overcome the young Mexican descendant who has a strong desire to reign in several categories.


With a footwork, constantly changing her guard, with the emulation of her idol Roy Jones Jr. with a defense in place by moving her trunk, head and throwing punches simultaneously, Estrada showed her best performance in a lesser category for her and proved to be in good physical condition for the division.


Thus, Super Bad remains undefeated with 19 fights, and 8 KOs. Owner of the WBA Interim Flyweight and absolute Minimumweight belts, after a great performance, she declared that now she wants to return to the Light Flyweight category to face Yesenia Gomez or Argentina’s Yesica Bopp.

Self-Knowledge In the Mental Preparation of the Boxer!

By: Mauriely Colmenares

(March 16th) Self-discovery is the process of identifying and understanding the strengths, areas of improvement, attitudes, habits, values, beliefs, thought patterns, personality traits and affective states that are characteristic to each individual.


This process of self-discovery involves not only the individual knowing of oneself, but also knowing how others perceive us to be able to differentiate ourselves from others.


In other words, this process is the first step for the individual to develop a positive self-esteem, assume responsibility for his own actions and decisions, achieve their goals, and overcome difficulties and defeats.


Evidently, in all sports disciplines it is important for the athlete to work on his self-knowledge in order to have mastery of his abilities and skills at the time of a competition.


In combat sports such as boxing, self-knowledge has a more significant importance, because at the moment of the slightest doubt the boxer will not only consider the opponent invincible, but the opponent may also perceive the insecurity and take advantage in the fight.


Self-knowledge allows the boxer to direct his quality physical and mental preparation in terms of identification, understanding, development, and improvement of: 1) self-resources; 2) self-image; 3) areas of increase; 4) physical and mental conditions; and 5) tactical reasoning.


All this, to be able to study his opponent from a real point of view, with confidence and not from insecurity, to face him and beat him, maintaining dynamism, speed, precision, self-control of his impulses, control of his emotions, and making the right decision when the fight comes, to take advantage of the opportunities in the search for better conditions and success.


In short, boxing is a discipline that can promote the functional development of the athlete as a biopsychosocial being, in terms of health, regulation of behavior and emotions, and moral and relational formation.

WBA Temporarily Suspends Carlos Sucre While

Evaluating His Performance In the Estrada-Gonzalez Fight!

By: Jesús Milano

(March 15th) The World Boxing Association (WBA), through its Officials Committee, will evaluate the performance of judge Carlos Sucre during last Saturday’s bout between Juan Francisco “Gallo” Estrada and Roman “Chocolatito” Gonzalez.


The president of the pioneer organization, Gilberto Jesus Mendoza, made the request to the Committee while Sucre will remain temporarily suspended.


The WBA officials’ evaluation will be done thoroughly and Sucre will be given the opportunity to explain the situation in order to make a definitive decision on this case.


“I asked the Officials Committee to evaluate the fight although I think it is not necessary. It was a great fight, very close. We have to respect “Gallo” Estrada, who made a great effort. In this case the judges favored him, however I sent a temporary suspension while Sucre is heard, because big shows and fights like this one do not deserve the kind of score he gave. His decision was misguided yesterday,” said Mendoza.


The WBA will inform in due time about the process that has just started and what the decision will be.

Five Years After Gilberto Mendoza’s Passing!

By: Jesús Milano

(March 11th) Boxing has evolved over the last 40 years and has undergone necessary changes for the safety of the fighters and a better performance of the activity. Those changes would not have been possible without great minds to lead the discipline and Gilberto Mendoza, President Emeritus of the World Boxing Association (WBA), led the path in many ways to achieve them.


Mendoza led the WBA from 1982 to 2015 and his administration paid special attention to the athletes. Besides the creation of social programs to get the underprivileged off the streets and into the sport, he also focused on adapting the rules to the new times and on being consistent with the protection of the fighters.


Several factors marked the need for a change, such as the death of Duk Koo Kim in 1982 and the arrival of more TV stations and the business world, which made it necessary to change forever in order to survive and to remain at the forefront of the sport.


Before becoming President of the WBA, Mendoza created the ranking system used today. Bob Arum himself praised the system at the time, as many had tried to figure out a solution but had never found a way to please everyone until Mendoza’s initiative came along.


Other initiatives such as the “KO Drugs” program, the reduction of the number of rounds, and the implementation of supervisors for world championship fights were thought and promoted by Mendoza.


Mendoza was a visionary like few others in the history of boxing. He dared, implemented changes for the sport he loved and made it better for its protagonists, the boxers. Thank you very much, Don Gilberto.

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