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Cameron / Taylor Rematch Launch Presser!

(September 26th) View the launch presser for the Chantelle Cameron vs Katie Taylor rematch November 25th in Dublin! Watch as the pair come head-to-head at the opening press conference hosted by Eddie Hearn.


Eddie Hearn, Matchroom Sport Chairman: "November 25 at The 3Arena, live and exclusive on DAZN, the undisputed World Super-Lightweight Championship with the champion Chantelle Cameron against Katie Taylor.


"Last time around, in my opinion, we had one of the greatest atmosphere’s we’ve witnessed in many year of promoting  shows around the world, it was incredible. Katie suffered her first professional defeat at the hands of an outstanding Chantelle. This time, whether people like to talk about it or not, legacy is on the line, belts are on the line, careers may be on the line. It’s a must-win fight for both as we look forward to an outstanding schedule live on DAZN."


Chantelle Cameron, defending her undisputed Super-Lightweight World Titles:

"I can’t be complacent, I’m never complacent. Katie is a great fighter and I know that all she wants is revenge, I gave her a first defeat, so for me I have to be better. Jamie and I have been watching it over and over, and I am sick of watching it because I did make so many mistakes, some bits of it I cringe at so I know that I have more gears to go through. I have to come back to Dublin, do the business again and then carry on with my career.


"It was the first fight where I’ve thought ‘wow, I’ve just beaten Katie Taylor’, whereas I’ve had other wins that haven’t really fazed me. I’ve always wanted the fight with Katie, and thought you beat Katie and you have kind of completed boxing because she’s such a good fighter. That’s been and done now, I just have to do it again, it’s just about improving and being better, so that’s changed my mindset.


"I expect a better Katie Taylor, she needs to win against me so she can put it to bed. So I am making sure that I am lot better, I had more gears and the first fight was good but the second fight has got to be even better; I’ve got to be spiteful, go back to the old ways where I am a bit more aggressive. I’ve never boxed on as big a stage before, it was a great night with a great atmosphere, but I’ve experienced that now so I can focus on the main thing and that’s fight.


"I never go looking for the stoppage but I know what I have to do and I need to be more aggressive. I showed too much respect in the first fight, it was a weird night because I didn’t feel I had that spite in me, I think I am better when I have a bit of beef between my teeth and that spite, and I have that now because I know I have a massive job on my hands, so I will definitely come out more aggressive and try and win in a better fashion.


"Jamie and Nigel always go mad if I say I can’t be hurt because I lose my defence, I have to make sure that I don’t take silly shots, but I can’t be hurt and I can walk Katie down, I have got that confidence,  I’ve got to make sure that I move my head more but at the same time, I’m not worried that I am going to get stopped."


Jamie Moore, trainer of Chantelle Cameron: "It was an unbelievable night for us as a team, and the atmosphere was phenomenal. There was one scorecard that was a draw which I thought was too close but other than that, I couldn’t complain, and we’re coming back to do it all again.


"I think from the experience of being here last time and going into the first fight, even though we were confident, you are going in against Katie Taylor in Dublin, so you don’t know what to expect. But we do now, and watching the fight back, we have sat together and analysed it, and we know she can perform better than she did. I am sure Katie will be better too, it’s probably at the stage now when her career is on the line which is going to give her that extra motivation in training and bring out the best in her. I think this will be a better fight than the first fight and we will have to up our game to make sure we are better, which we will be.


"With the experience from the first fight and the confidence you get from putting in a performance like that and knowing that Chantelle has got more gears in her, I do expect a better performance this time and she expects it of herself, so I think it could do Chantelle a favour coming back. We would have liked a homecoming in Northampton or even a neutral territory, but it’s stoked the flame by coming back to Dublin and given her that extra determination that she needs."


Katie Taylor, challenging for the undisputed Super-Lightweight World Titles:

"Every single fight is a must-win and I think the attitude of every fighter is that the next fight is the most important one, regardless of what is on the line, but I am very aware that this fight is a must-win fight. I’m very grateful to have the chance for a rematch, not every fighter gets this opportunity, so I am grateful I get the chance to rectify things and I have been here before not as a pro, but as an amateur when I have suffered defeat, and I know how to make the necessary adjustments, to come back strong. As a Christian, resurrection is built into my mindset and it’s in my DNA, so I am just excited to have this rematch and I can’t wait to step back in there.


"It doesn’t matter to me whether I am seen as the underdog or the favorite, whether my name is on the left or right hand side. My mindset is always the same, we always train to win and I will have to push myself to the brink to do that. I have no problem being in the trenches, the last fight was a fantastic fight, it was very, very close, we have the chance to do it again and I am very, very confident that if I perform at my best I will win this fight. Regardless of who is on the other side of the ring, I think I win when I am at my very best.


"I am expecting the best of Chantelle, an improved Chantelle, and I am obviously expecting to improve my performance as well. I am going to adjust and make improvements but I believe I am going to win this fight and I don’t think that Chantelle can hurt me either. We shared ten rounds together, it was a great fight, and we’re both super-confident that we’ll win this time.


"Everyone could see that I wasn’t at my very best, but who cares? She won the fight, there’s no point in talking about the fight, I am just excited to be back in camp, I’ve got my head down and I am excited to be able to rectify things, a second chance and to be able fight at home again in Ireland is amazing. Even though it didn’t go my way last time, it was an amazing night packed with entertaining fights, and I think every time we bring big time boxing back to this nation, it just embeds boxing back into our culture again where it belongs. Boxing belongs at the forefront of Irish sport, it’s our most successful sport, so to have another chance for a massive fight here is so special and to have another history-making fight where I can become a two-time two-weight undisputed champion means it’s the biggest fight of my career so far."


Ross Enamait, trainer of Katie Taylor: "It’s definitely must-win and it’s obviously the biggest fight of her career at this stage, it doesn’t get any bigger than this, and Katie knows that and I am more confident this time around and looking forward to it.


"I know Katie can perform a lot better, she wasn’t at her best but when she’s 100 per cent healthy and strong which she is going to be, I’m very confident that she can beat anybody in the world.


"I think that you definitely get a better fight from the both this time around."

Venue: 3Arena, Dublin, Ireland

Promoter: Eddie Hearn - Matchroom Boxing

Matchmaker: Tom Dallas

Media: DAZN


Tickets are on sale priced €80, €100, €140, €250, €500, €750 & €1000 VIP via Ticketmaster & StageFront.

Cameron: I’m Going In There To Cause Damage 

'Il Capo' Says She Didn't

Receive Recognition For Beating Taylor!

(September 18th) Chantelle Cameron has told Matchroom’s Flash Knockdown podcast that she will beat Katie Taylor even more convincingly when they rematch for the undisputed Super-Lightweight marbles at the 3Arena in Dublin on Saturday November 25, live worldwide on DAZN.


Flash Knockdown - Season 3 Episode 5 is out now via all streaming platforms including Apple and Spotify by searching ’The Matchroom Boxing Podcast’ or by listening on the following link: (click here).


Northampton’s Cameron (18-0, 8 KOs) handed undisputed Lightweight World Champion Taylor the first defeat of her career to remain undisputed ruler at 140lbs when they met on an historic night at the sold-out 3Arena back in May.


Despite coming into the fight defending her belts, Cameron was seen as a major underdog for Taylor’s first fight in Ireland in her seven-year professional career – but the 32-year-old Brit stunned the home crowd by scoring a majority decision win over their hero.


'Il Capo's' monumental win was one of the best ever 'away' performances from a British fighter, but the undefeated star feels she didn't receive enough recognition or credit for beating arguably the greatest female fighter of all time.


The former Team GB standout has the bit between her teeth for November's huge rematch and will be aiming to close the show in spectacular fashion, hinting that she will adopt a more aggressive approach for her second meeting with the Irish legend.


"I don’t think it was that much of a close fight where it needed a rematch to be honest," said Cameron. "There were a few close rounds but I comfortably won. I’ve done it once, I’ve got to do it again and prove it wasn’t just an off night for Katie… But I wasn’t at my best either, that’s what motivates me.


"Me and Jamie have said multiple times three minute rounds would suit me. That would be insane if me and Katie did that in Dublin. If Serrano’s pushing it, why can’t we?


"I don’t think I got the recognition for beating Katie. This is still Katie’s show, it’s her homecoming again but it was important for me to have the ringwalk second. The first one was a long time, I was waiting in the ring for ages.


"This fight is going to be completely different. As much as I respect Katie out of the ring, inside those ropes there’s zero respect. I have a bit of spite for this and I’m going in there to cause damage. I know how to beat Katie, I know she can’t hurt me. I’m bigger, stronger and I’m going to be a lot more aggressive."

Chantelle Cameron Rematches Katie Taylor November 25th, Live Worldwide On DAZN From 3Arena In Dublin!

(August 2nd) Undisputed Super-Lightweight ruler puts belts on the line against Irish legend again Chantelle Cameron returns to the Lion’s Den to put her undisputed Super-Lightweight World Titles on the line for a second time against Irish legend Katie Taylor at the 3Arena in Dublin on Saturday November 25, live worldwide on DAZN.


Northampton’s Cameron (18-0, 8 KOs) handed undisputed Lightweight World Champion Taylor the first defeat of her career to remain undisputed ruler at 140lbs when they met on an historic night at the sold-out 3Arena in Dublin back in May.


Despite coming into the fight defending her belts, Cameron was seen as a major underdog for Taylor’s first fight in Ireland in her seven-year professional career – but the 32-year-old Brit stunned the home crowd by scoring a majority decision win over their hero.


The bout lived up to the huge expectation as both fighters left everything in the ring in front of a deafening partisan crowd, but after ten close rounds, Cameron was a worthy winner and cemented her place as one of the best female fighters on the planet.


“Last time out I pulled off one of the best ever away wins against the best female fighter on the planet,” said Cameron. “To go over to Ireland for her homecoming with my belts on the line and beat her was a brilliant experience, but beating her on November 25 will surpass that as I know what to expect now.


“I’ve boxed at that high level with a huge amount of pressure on me and the crowd against me. Going into November 25 I’m more than prepared this time. I know what it feels like now and I’m going to go in there with more aggression and energy and I’m confident of getting the job done in better fashion.


“I’m going to be a lot better in the rematch. In the gym we’re correcting mistakes that I’ve made. There were little things that I was doing during the first fight that led to me being headbutted a lot – that’s why my face was very bruised up at the end of the fight.


“Going back to Ireland to beat Katie Taylor twice in a row will show that it wasn’t just a lucky night for me and an off night for Katie. I said it last time – I think I’m all wrong for Katie. I’m too big, I’m too strong and my will to win is too strong. I’m going to be there all night long. Katie picked the wrong fighter to fight.”


“I'm delighted the rematch has been made and really can't wait for another huge night in November,” said Taylor. “I relish challenges like this and these are the occasions I live for.”


“Strap yourselves in for another electric night at the 3Arena in Dublin as Chantelle Cameron and Katie Taylor run it back for Super-Lightweight supremacy on Saturday November 25,” said Matchroom Sport Chairman Eddie Hearn. “The atmosphere inside that arena was one of the loudest and most special that I’ve ever experienced in all my years in this sport and I expect November 25 to be even better.


"Last time out Chantelle Cameron proved that she in one of the very best female fighters on the planet by handing Katie Taylor her first loss in the professional ranks. Katie will be desperate to avenge that loss but Chantelle is determined to prove that it wasn’t a one off. Don’t miss this one, live and exclusive around the world on DAZN.”


"Another massive fight to add to our ever growing autumn schedule”, said Alfie Sharman, VP, DAZN. “There is nothing more dangerous than a motivated Katie Taylor and after being defeated for the very first time in her pro career to a modern day great in Chantelle Cameron I am expecting fireworks. Tune in November 25 to watch live and exclusive only on DAZN.”


About DAZN Group
DAZN Group is one of the fastest growing sports media companies in the world. Headquartered in the UK and with employees in over 25 countries, our businesses touch every aspect of the way fans engage with sports; from production, through to content distribution and commercialization. DAZN Group is home to DAZN, the leading global sport destination, as well as the popular sport portal, DAZN News. DAZN is leading the charge to give sports fans around the world access to sport anytime, anywhere. DAZN guarantees affordable access on most connected devices including smart TVs, set-top boxes, streaming sticks, smartphones, tablets, PCs and game consoles. DAZN is now live in more than 200 countries and territories after first launching in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Japan in 2016.


DAZN is a leading digital sports platform in Italy, Spain, Germany, Belgium, Portugal, Japan, Canada, US and the UK.  Its wide range of exclusive content includes top-flight football from the world’s most popular competitions – Bundesliga, English Premier League, J.League, LaLiga, Serie A, and the UEFA Champions League, in addition to the biggest sports from around the world - Formula 1, NFL, NBA, MotoGP and the UFC.  


DAZN is the NFL’s global partner and, from the 2023 season, will be the only place for fans around the world to watch every NFL match. DAZN is a global home for boxing and combat sports through its partnerships with Matchroom Boxing the Professional Fighters League. With the most authentic voice in the sport, DAZN is the only brand that can reach across all markets and audiences cohesively in boxing, unlike any other broadcaster. DAZN is also a global home for Women’s Football with UEFA Women’s Champions League and Finetwork Liga F.  DAZN is adding more and more sport to its platform to create a destination for sports fans.  


DAZN is reimagining the way people enjoy sport. With a single, frictionless platform, sports fans can watch, bet, play, share, socialise, and buy tickets, NFTs and merchandise. Live and on-demand sports content, anywhere, in any language, on any device – only on DAZN.  


DAZN is a global, privately-owned company with employees in over 25 countries.


DAZN is available on most connected devices including smart TVs, set-top boxes, streaming sticks, smartphones, tablets, PCs and game consoles, ensuring that fans have access to ground-breaking rights catalogue and slate of incredible content. In the UK and globally, DAZN can be accessed on Samsung, LG, Sony and Panasonic Smart TVs and on Games Consoles including Playstation and Xbox. Subscribers also have access to DAZN on their Amazon Fire TV, Amazon Fire TV Stick, Google Chromecast and Apple TV and find the app on their iPhone, iPad, android and mobile.  


About Matchroom Boxing

After the success of snooker in the 1980s, Matchroom Sport moved into boxing with two small hall shows followed by Frank Bruno v Joe Bugner at Tottenham Hotspur’s ground – the biggest boxing event of 1987. That launched the company into the boxing big-time, a position it has maintained ever since.


Through the 1990s Matchroom Sport’s boxing roster featured many of the biggest names in the sport including Lennox Lewis, Nigel Benn, Chris Eubank, Steve Collins and Naseem Hamed, all in world title fights and it continues to work with some of the biggest names in UK boxing including Audley Harrison, the 2000 Olympic Super-Heavyweight gold medalist.


Over the years, Matchroom Sport has built up long-standing relationships with broadcasters around the world and with the advent of the Prizefighter phenomenon, the company’s boxing division has never been in a stronger position.


From fantastic six round scraps between the sport’s journeymen, up to multi-million-dollar World Championship contests featuring the above fighters, the Pro Box series has it all. Each show is packed with the very best in boxing action in a series that encompasses almost 25 years of Matchroom Sport’s commitment to bringing the highest quality to the global television market.

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