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Three-Time World Champion Wilfred Benitez!

(May 16th) FUNDRAISER for three-time World Champion WILFRED "EL RADAR' BENITEZ (Youngest World Champion Ever at age 17).


Organized and promoted by Efrain Diaz, Franklin "Beatle" Flores, former NYC amateur boxer Eddie Montalvo, Yvonne Benitez (Wilfred's sister) and "Iceman" John Scully


Saturday, June 3, 2017 @ Monique's Lounge, 181 East 108th St. Spanish Harlem, NY 10029 - 1 pm - 7 pm



$20 admission. All proceeds go to Wilfred Benitez.

(Wilfred Benitez tee-shirt comes with the admission price)


Invited and expected guests include the likes of Mark Breland, Iran "The Blade" Barkley, "Poison" Junior Jones, Seamus McDonough, Dennis "The Magician" Milton, Marlon "Magic Man" Starling, Angel Manfredy, Israel "Pito" Cardona, Harold "The Shadow" Knight, Pedro Vilella, Hector Camacho Jr., Richie "The Mountain" Lamontagne, Alfred "Ice" Cole, Tyrone "The Harlem Butcher" and HBO Judge Harold Lederman.


Benitez' sister Evelyn will also be in attendance.


Actor and former professional boxer Mickey Rourke has already donated an undisclosed sum to the Fundraiser.

ICE Quote: "The wait in the dressing room before a professional boxing match -that last hour- could be enough to strip a man who never boxed before of whatever pride, desire and heart he THOUGHT he had" - Iceman John Scully, April 2002.


"Boxing is a tight-knit fraternity. Everybody knows everybody. But a line in the resin will forever be drawn separating those who step into the square ring and those who DON'T. Many, many people make money on a fight, but when the bell sounds, only two people answer it." - Randy Smith, February 2003, Journal Inquirer (Manchester, Conn.) Newspaper

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