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Dillian Whyte vs Jermaine Franklin

Plus Undercard Weigh In!

(November 25th) The fighters hit the scales in London as we countdown to Fight Night. Dillian Whyte and Jermaine Franklin will come face to face for the last time before the opening bell. Watch as Craig Richards, Fabio Wardley, Sandy Ryan, Chev Clarke, Pat McCormack and more all step on the scales.




6 x 3 mins International Heavyweight contest


(Dublin, Ireland)              (Kharkiv, Ukraine)


4 x 3 mins International Middleweight contest

GEORGE LIDDARD 11st 8lbs vs NIKOLA MATIC 11st 7lbs

(Billericay, England)                   (Caplinja, Bosnia & Herzegovina)



6 x 3 mins Middleweight contest

MARK DICKINON 11st 10lbs vs GIDEON ONYENANI 11st 9lbs

(West Rainton, England)          (Chatham, England)


8 x 3 mins International Cruiserweight contest


(Gravesend, England)                  (Maria Juana, Argentina)


10 x 2 mins WBC International Super-Lightweight Title

SANDY RYAN 9st 13lbs vs ANAHI ESTER SANCHEZ 9st 12lbs

(Derby, England)               (Buenos Aires, Argentina)


6 x 3 mins International Welterweight contest


(Sunderland, England)                (Buenos Aires, Argentina) 


12 x 3 mins vacant British Heavyweight Title

FABIO WARDLEY 17st 2lbs vs NATHAN GORMAN 19st 5lbs

(Ipswich, England)                   (Nantwich, England)


12 x 3 mins International Heavyweight contest


(Brixton, England)                     (Saginaw, USA)

Whyte vs Franklin Final Presser!

(November 24th)

Eddie Hearn, Matchroom Sport Chairman:

"Welcome back from London everyone ahead of a huge night of boxing from the OVO Arena, Wembley live on DAZN around the world. A fight that is very important for the Heavyweight division. The main event – the return of ‘The Body Snatcher’ Dillian Whyte against America’s Jermaine Franklin. A tremendous card from top to bottom but this fight, very important for the world Heavyweight landscape and very important for the careers of both men – particularly from our side the British Heavyweight Dillian Whyte who returns to action after fighting for the WBC World Heavyweight Title against Tyson Fury. It’s a must-win fight on Saturday.”


Dillian Whyte:

“He’s had a lot of amateur fights. I had six amateur fights, people forget that. I had 6 amateur fights but one thing you’ve got to know is I can fight, and I can f**king fight. It’s as simple as that. Whichever way it is, I’ll get it done. Simple as that.


“This is boxing. Sometimes stuff happens. When you’re meant to have your best nights, you don’t and sometimes when you’re not meant to it happens. That’s just how boxing goes. You live and you learn from it. Hindsight is a bitch as they say.


“I try and listen to what my coaches say and what instructions they give. Sometimes you have a too-and-fro in your head. Buddy is calm. But don’t let Buddy’s calmness fool you. Look at the way Buddy used to fight, he used to set the pace and always fight aggressively so don’t let his calmness fool you. 


“We know what’s in front of us. He’s young and he’s dangerous. Obviously he’s undefeated and he’s full of beans as we say here in the UK. It’s up to me to beat them out of him one by one. That’s exactly what I’m going to do.


"I don't really take much notice of what's said on social media. If you can't say it to myself then screw you. They can say whatever they want. Listen, that's their job, they're meant to say that. That's what we pay them to come here to do. I don't care what people say about me or think about me.


"At the moment people are thinking I'm a wounded lion. All of these hyenas are looking to move in and have a little nibble here and a nibble there. What they've got to remember is I'm still a predator at the end of the day, and what predators do is they kill."


Buddy McGirt:

“I believe anybody is a test. When the bell rings, you know the other guys’ intentions on winning, but to me everybody is a test and you never overlook anybody. I don’t give a shit who it is. If they’ve got one eye and one leg – you never underestimate them. You’ve got to be prepared for any and everything, and we have done that. Now we’re just ready to put everything together on Saturday night.


"Dillian has more than just punch power. After being with him for a couple of weeks you see this guy has a very good boxing IQ. He does a lot of different moves, it’s awkward and it’s crazy but it works for him. If I ever ask him something like why did you do that, he explains to me why. I’m like alright cool let’s make it a little better so we don’t get countered, or make it a little more effective. It was a great training camp so I have no complaints at all.


“I’m going to be 150% honest with you, I don’t study anybody. I prepare for any and everything. I’m not going to sit and work on the guy I’m training, who he’s fighting. I’m not worried about what they do because I’m preparing my guy for any and everything. I believe if you prepare for one thing, you see something and you look for it and it doesn’t happen in the fight, it’s too damn late. But if you prepare for any and everything no matter what the other guy does, you’ve got an answer for it, and that’s the key."


Jermaine Franklin:

“First I want to say thank you for the opportunity. I’m a real chill guy I don’t really talk a lot. I just like to take care of business when it’s time to. I’ve got the upmost confidence in myself and I’m ready to go to work. I’ve just got the upmost confidence in myself and my abilities. You keep bringing up him being stopped in his last fight but I don’t care about that. I’ve come in here and prepared like he’s a World Champion. That’s all we’re looking at. I’m just focused on this fight, I don’t like to dwell too much on the future, you can lose focus on what’s at hand. After this fight that’s where my focus will be. Until then I’m just strictly focused on business.”


Jesse Addison:

“First of all it’s an honour to be here in London. The people here have been very kind and very hospitable to us. It’s an honour. We’re going to take full advantage of this opportunity we’ve got. I can recall Jermaine when he was a younger fighter, maybe about 12/13, at the time he wasn’t fighting for me but I told him – I said you’re going to be World Champion one day – not knowing that one day he would be fighting for me.


"His dad brought him to me about ten years ago and he said I’ve got to take him to another level and you’re the man for that. I said if Jermaine is determined and he wants to do this we can take him to the top because he does have potential. So we started off and we had a successful amateur career – two Golden Gloves National Championships, he was runner up one year and then he lost in the finals, came all the way back around and he made up for that and he won it.


"This guy, he knows how to win. We have great chemistry together, I go out there and give him an assignment and he takes care of the assignment. Nothing is new. His professional career has been built on the road, we went into his opponent’s backyards, in front of their fans, their family and we destroyed them. Just like we’ve come here to do with Dillian Whyte – in front of his fans, in front of his family – we’re going to destroy him. It’s nothing new. It’s nothing new to us – we grew to this.


“It’s a big step up and we’re prepared for this. This is a step where I’ve been mentally preparing him for, physically preparing him for ever since the first day that he walked in the gym. Getting this opportunity against Dillian Whyte, they talked about it maybe a year ago or something and we got all excited about it and it didn’t happen. I told Jermaine that’s okay it’s meant to happen and it will happen. Here we are, it’s going to happen. We’re not fearful of the big stage that we’re on – we are the big stage! We came here. The stage has got to get ready for us.”


Dmitry Salita:

“Thank you Eddie it’s always a pleasure to be here in the UK – amazing boxing culture, amazing fans, amazing media and the UK is the home of the Heavyweight landscape these days. I believe Jermaine is the top young American Heavyweight. I’ve been telling you about Jermaine for many years. This is his opportunity. A classic fight with a young guy fighting an older big name. I want to give a shout out and respect to Jesse Addison who has been here with him for a long time – from his first fight really. Jermaine is a National Champion, beat several undefeated fighters on his way up the ranks. We love it here but you guys are in for a big surprise on Saturday night.


“As you know we almost made the fight last year but it did not happen. I believe the timing is better for Jermaine now because Dillian did get knocked out twice out of his last three fights, although they were very high-level fights. However, I do believe that Dillian is underestimating Jermaine and Jermaine is very eager to win, very eager to be the best and I’ve seen it throughout his career. I’ve followed his since his young professional career and started working with him as a promoter three years ago. What I’ve seen is very promising. He’s ready for this big stage. He’s focused physically and mentally – he’s been here for about five weeks sparring with Tyson Fury and Daniel Dubois. He’s ready to rumble.”


Fabio Wardley:

“I always have self-belief in myself regardless of him I’m underdog or the favourite. That doesn’t matter to me. I know what I need to train for. I know what type of opposition I have in front of me, how prepared I need to be, how switched on I need to be from the first minute and first bell. All of those things are things that I’ve gone over 2, 3, 400 times in my head. I’ve just sat there and visualised what I need to do. Whether I’m favourite or not doesn’t matter. It doesn’t put any extra pressure on me. Even just me being here in these situations and on these big cards is a bonus. Like Nathan said, I come from white collar boxing. I first put on a pair of gloves maybe seven years ago now. For me to be in these situations there’s no pressure on me. I know I’ve trained hard, I know I’m fit, I know I’m ready and I know I’ve got the power to end the fight if I need to. I just need to go in there and do my job.”


Nathan Gorman:

“A lot of my friends have a bet and everyone has been sending me messages asking if I’ve seen the latest betting odds. They’re saying they’ll jump on it and it’ll sort their Christmas out. There’s no pressure on me now is there ha. But I’m more than ready. I’ve had a great camp. Everything has been perfect. I do believe that I’m the favourite. I’ve got the experience and no disrespect; I’ve fought the better people. I should be the favourite but at the end of the day the odds are the odds. When we get in the ring on Saturday night it doesn’t matter who the favourite is. It’s only me and him that are going to fight. It doesn’t really matter come Saturday does it.


“I said this about Fabio yesterday in an interview. From where he’s come from to where he is today – white collar background, no amateur experience, he’s fighting for the Heavyweight British Title. That’s an achievement in itself. But I’ve been doing this since I can remember. I know Fabio transitioned into boxing quite late – I think he was 18 or 19 or something like that. I’ve been doing this since I was 6 or 7 years of age. I turned over at 18 years of age. This is my second time fighting for the British Title and it’s fight 21 for me. I’ve shared the ring with some good opposition.


“Most definitely it’s a must-win fight for me. The British Title is the most prestigious belt out there. I win this Saturday night the domestically I think, not just worldwide – domestically the Heavyweight scene is the best it has ever been so there’s some fantastic fights that can be made there. My full concentration is on Fabio though.”


Nisse Sauerland:

“First off thanks Eddie, thanks Matchroom and thanks DAZN. It’s a great fight to be part of. It is a 50-50 fight, I would say Nathan is the favourite but I think it’s three to one odds online today for Nathan to win which in my head is completely crazy. If anyone wants to make a bit of money on payday lump on that. As far as Nathan goes it’s hard to believe that he’s only 26-years-old. He seems to have been around for forever. I think this has come at the right time for him. He’s had a great camp – he’ll tell you about that in a minute. If you listen to Nathan’s story around the Daniel Dubois fight and what happened there and how it all fell apart – I know in boxing you hear every single excuse but if you hear this man’s excuse for that fight then you’ll understand. This fight everything has gone perfectly. He’s back in a great frame of mind. I haven’t seen him like this in a while. He’s very relaxed and he’s ready to go. I think it’s a 50-50 fight – obviously I favour Nathan. I just thought the odds were a bit mad.”


Ricards Bolotniks:

“Hello everyone. I hope everything is alright with Craig Richards because he wasn’t there yesterday and he isn’t here today. I hope we will have a fight on Saturday, I am ready. Everything is alright. England – hi. Eddie Hearn thank you very much for giving me a chance to come here and fight on the same card with the big guys."


Pat McCormack:

“Finally I’m on the big stage. This is where I feel like I belong. I’ve dreamed of fighting for Matchroom and I just can’t wait to get in there on Saturday night. I’ve boxed all over the world. Everyone in boxing knows how good I am and what I’ve achieved – now it’s time to show all of the public and all of the fans at home how good I am. That’s what it’s all about. It’s all about getting that experience in. I haven’t gone back to the corner yet as a pro so I could do with a few rounds on Saturday to show everyone what me and my coach Ben Davison have been working on in the gym day in and day out. I’m ready to shine on Saturday. As an amateur it’s a lot different. There’s only three rounds. As a pro it’s 12 rounds – you need to live the life and do everything right otherwise you’re just going to get found out. I’m ready to put it all in and win some titles hopefully next year – a British Title or something and push on from there, keep climbing the ladder until I reach the top.”


Christian Nicols Andino:

“So first and foremost I want to say thank you very much. It’s great to be on such an important card as this against such a great prospect. I know he’s got some great amateur experience and now he’s moving into the professional field but I’m also someone who has a lot of experience. I want to come here and be a problem for him. I’ve studied my opponent and I very much want to be a problem for him. I want to be the ‘Grinch’ at Christmas for him.”


Sandy Ryan:

“She’s a two-time World Champion and she’s been in the ring with the likes of Chantelle Cameron, Katie Taylor, Jessica McCaskill and gone the distance. She’s no pushover and no walkover and I understand that, but you know that I’ll take any fight. As soon as you put this girl forward, I said yes, we’ll take it. The way I carry myself now is completely different. I don’t see her beating me. I’m here for the long run. Any woman can get it. All of my focus is on Saturday. I can’t take any fight lightly after what happened early on in my career. All focus on Saturday but next year is going to be a very big year and there’s some very big fights to be made.”


Anahi Ester Sanchez:

“Thank you very much for the opportunity. I’ve been in some big fights as you said. This is a new opportunity against Sandy Ryan. I’ve prepared for the fight as I always do – really well. As you say I’ve got some great experience behind me – the fights I’ve had against McCaskill, Taylor and other top fighters. On those occasions it didn’t go my way on the night but I’m prepared for this to be my night against Sandy Ryan on Saturday.”


Cheavon Clarke:

“It’s been good so far. I wasn’t one of the guys that medalled at the Olympics so people didn’t get to see my skills etc but with the Matchroom and DAZN platform people are starting to see it now. You said my opponent has faced all of those guys – yeah that’s all good but he hasn’t faced me yet. We’re going to have fun on Saturday night. I think I’ve done alright so far. As you said I’ve had my chin checked. I’ve got skills, I can box, I can fight and I think people will see that as we go along. As my coach picks them and you pick them I’ll fight them. I don’t look too far ahead. I just handle what I’ve got in front of me and people will see as we go.”


Mark Dickinson:

“I think it’s a very good opportunity for me to make a statement at the weekend. As you just heard, he gave a good account of himself against an Olympic Gold Medallist. I haven’t been chasing those amateur medals. The last two years I’ve been a professional and I think you’re going to see how much of an exciting prospect I am on Saturday night when I make a statement. I don’t feel like I should be held back. I think I’ll be better when the longer rounds come in. I’m training in the gym to be a 12-round fighter. I don’t train for six rounders. I can’t wait to show it.”


Gideon Onyenani:

“Yeah exactly. It’s a good opportunity to fight the top fighters. I like to test myself. I’m excited about the opportunity and the best thing is to fight the best fighters. I think that’s how I’ll progress in my career. Me not having amateur experience, when my coach told me that the fight was available, I think we had two weeks’ notice but straight away we were on it. We went for it for the experience. We weren’t bothered about taking a loss. We wanted to get a win but we didn’t get that but it was a good experience. I felt alright in there. I didn’t feel too outclassed or anything. I felt like I could hold my own. I’m excited for another tough fight with Mark Dickinson. With Mark’s style and my style I think it will go well for a good fight. He doesn’t want an easy fight on his Matchroom debut and I don’t want easy fights. I think it will be a really entertaining fight.”


George Liddard:

“Thank you for the opportunity. I’m really excited and I just can’t wait to get in there now. Obviously I was meant to fight last month but I had to wait. Now it’s my time. It’s amazing having that experience around me in the gym, feeding off all of the experience they have. It’s invaluable. The sparring is amazing – I just feel myself getting better and better week after week. It’s going to put me in good stead for the future.”


Thomas Carty:

“Thanks for the opportunity. I’m delighted to be here and I’m delighted to be taking part in such a big card. Like you said it’s looking like Katie is going to be headlining at Croke Park. I look out of my front window of my house and I can see the side of Croke Park. It’ll be an historic night and I’m delighted to be kept busy up until then. Roll on Saturday night and roll on 2023.”

Dillian Whyte vs. Jermaine Franklin Open Workout!

(November 23rd) Dillian Whyte vs. Jermaine Franklin open workouts livestream.


Dillian Whyte

On teaming up with new trainer Buddy McGirt:

"Me and Buddy are cool. Buddy is a cool guy. We have a laugh and we have a joke. Buddy is an interesting guy. He tries to teach you and he doesn't change your style. He learns your style and puts little things in your style to help make you better as a person. He asks what style you like, what punches you like and what fighters you like watching and then he has a look at you.


"He's doesn't say a lot. He just gets on to you about the same things over and over again. It's a bit of a ball-ache sometimes but it's good - you know what I mean? I've never really had a teacher. I've had good coaches - very good coaches - but there's a difference between a coach and a teacher. Buddy is a coach and a trainer but he's a teacher too. He teaches you little things.


"What he does is good and it's really interesting. Because I'm a fighter where I'm strong and fit, physical and I look to be rough - I can punch. A lot of coaches just work on that. But Buddy does thing differently. He says you don't need to chop the house down with one punch all of the time."


On his approach to the Jermaine Franklin fight:

"I'll approach this fight the same god damn way I approach every fight. You know me, I approach all of my fights with only one thing in mind, and that's to try and end it."


On a potential Anthony Joshua rematch:

"I don't care about the Anthony Joshua fight now. I'm focused on Franklin. There's been pressure in all of my fights. I weren't even an ABA Champion. People forget I had seven amateur fights. I was out there selling tickets hours before I was due to fight. I'm not an Olympian and I was never on Team GB. Every fight for me has always been must-win my whole career. It's just another I've got to deal with. I've become quite used to that. There's pressure but okay great. I've gone and beat guys that I shouldn't have beat."


On becoming Heavyweight World Champion:

"I definitely want to become Heavyweight Champion of the World and I'd love to get the opportunity to avenge my two losses. I've already avenged one, I'd love to get the opportunity to avenge the other two."


Jermaine Franklin

On his preparation in the UK:

"We flew over about three and a half weeks ago. I'm just getting some good work in, learning some stuff from World Champions. I pay attention to a lot of the little things. Little insights that will help improve my game."


Do you punch hard enough to put a dent in Dillian Whyte?

"I most definitely punch hard enough. I just feel like everybody is sleeping on me. They don't know what's in store."


On being the underdog with the bookies:

"This is boxing. I haven't had that many top level fights in my career. I had a couple of layoffs. I'm about to prove what I can do."


On targeting Dillian Whyte with an uppercut:

"I mean if it positions itself then I'm going to take it. That's not the number one punch I'm looking for. I'm pretty sure that's what he's expecting. He's expecting me to just come out there and throw and hail mary of upper cuts. I've got pretty good outside game too. Once I get my timing I've got pretty good outside game. Once I time the jab I'll be alright, inside or outside."


On the winner potentially fighting Anthony Joshua next:

"It's a huge pot of gold but I'm laser focused on Dillian Whyte. I try not to think too far ahead into the future. I just like to handle the task that's in front of me."

Dillian Whyte Returns Against Jermaine Franklin

At The OVO Arena, Wembley, November 26th

‘The Body Snatcher’ Takes On Undefeated

Michigan Contender Live Worldwide On DAZN

Wardley vs Gorman and Richards vs Bolotniks

Land On Stacked Undercard!

(October 21st) Dillian Whyte will face undefeated American contender Jermaine Franklin on his highly anticipated return to the ring on Saturday November 26 at the OVO Arena, Wembley, live worldwide on DAZN.


‘The Body Snatcher’ (28-3, 19 KOs) fell short in his challenge for Tyson Fury’s WBC Heavyweight World Title at Wembley Stadium in April, succumbing to a sixth-round stoppage defeat in front of over 90,000 fans.


Brixton’s big-hitting former Interim WBC Heavyweight World Champion, 35, is set to fight at the OVO Arena, Wembley for the first time in his career as he looks to kickstart his journey towards a second shot at world honours.


Michigan’s Franklin (21-0, 14 KOs) is unbeaten in 21 fights since joining the professional ranks in April 2015 and the 28-year-old will be fighting outside of the USA for the first time in his professional career when he meets Whyte over 12 rounds in London.


Once described as America’s next Heavyweight hope, Franklin ended a two-and-a-half-year layoff by stopping Houston’s Rodney Moore in five rounds at McBride Hall in Gary, Indiana in May to extend his perfect record.


An action-packed undercard sees fast-rising Ipswich Heavyweight Fabio Wardley (14-0, 13 KOs) clash with Nantwhich’s Nathan Gorman (19-1, 13 KOs) for the vacant British Title, former WBA Light-Heavyweight World Title challenger Craig Richards (17-3-1, 10 KOs) take on Latvian warrior Ricards Bolotniks (19-6-1, 8 KOs) in an exciting match-up at 175lbs and Derby’s Sandy Ryan (4-1, 2 KOs) challenge Mexico’s Magali Rodriguez (20-6-2, 9 KOs) for her WBC Silver Super-Lightweight Title.


Wardley, 27, stopped Simon Vallily in three rounds of their hotly anticipated grudge match to pick up the vacant English Title at Fight Camp in August 2020 before blitzing Nick Webb inside one round to retain the belt a year later at Matchroom’s HQ in Essex.


Gorman, whose only loss came at the hands of Daniel Dubois back in July 2019, dusted off 15 months of ringrust in his last fight in June, bulldozing through Tomas Salek in just 81 seconds to win the IBF Intercontinental Title at the M&S Bank Arena in Liverpool.


Crystal Palace’s Richards put in a spirited display as he pushed WBA Champion Dmitry Bivol all the way in his first World Title attempt in May 2021. ‘Spider’ returned to winning ways by impressively stopping Marek Matyja in six rounds before being outpointed by South London rival Joshua Buatsi at The O2 earlier this year.


Bolotniks, who holds wins over Steven Ward and Hosea Burton, will be familiar to UK fight fans following his brave battle with Olympic Bronze Medallist Buatsi at Matchroom’s second instalment of Fight Camp last summer – where he was eventually stopped in the eleventh round of their WBA International Title clash.


Former Team GB star Ryan goes for her second title in the pro ranks after exacting revenge over Erica Anabella Farias – the only woman to beat her – at the Sheffield Arena in August to pick up the vacant WBC International Super-Lightweight Title.


"It's great to be back, doing what I love doing," said Whyte. "I can't wait to get into the ring and show the world that when push comes to shove I can get right back up in Wembley and remind everyone why I was WBC number one for over four years.


"As an undefeated Heavyweight, Franklin is a dangerous guy but I'm going to teach him quite a few lessons at the OVO on November 26. Most importantly, I'm going to teach him how to lose."


“I’m super hyped to fight in the UK,” said Franklin. “They love boxing and I plan on making a statement when I beat Dillian. I want them to be loud and love my boxing style and have them embrace me as the people’s champ. The world will see the real Jermaine Franklin Jr.


“Dillian is a warrior. He has heart and he’s been with the best. It’s time for him to step aside and let the ‘989 Assassin’ make him body number 22 on my body count. The kind of fight I expect is a brawl. Dillian wants to prove he’s got something left in the tank. I want to show him I’m the future of boxing and for USA Heavyweights.


“When I beat Dillian I want this victory to be followed with a title shot or a major fight to take me to the title. I’m like Holyfield. I’m a warrior. I’m from the hood. You have to take my heart and that will never happen in the ring. I have speed and power. I have no problem taking a punch to land my own. I am America’s next Heavyweight Champion.”


“I’m buzzing to be fighting for the British Title, I’ve had my eyes set on this belt for so long and I can’t wait to get my hands on it,” said Wardley. “Nathan Gorman’s a good fighter, but nothing is going to stop me from checking off this next milestone of my career. I thrive under the pressure of big fights like this, I live for it, there’ll be no better feeling than standing over him with my hand raised. I take my opportunities when they come, I’m not going to need any second chances like he did.


“I’ve never trained harder, I’ve never been fitter, it’s like the stars have aligned for this camp and everything is coming together perfectly. I’ve come on leaps and bounds with the new addition to my coaching team and I’m technically improving every day. That mixed with my natural athleticism and serious KO power, there’s nothing Nathan can bring to stop me.”


“It’s my second opportunity fighting for the British Title, so I’ve got to take it with both hands and this time it isn’t going anywhere other than back home with me,” said Gorman. “It’s against Fabio Wardley, and I know I’ll be facing the best Wardley that has ever entered that ring. Unfortunately for him, that will be met with the best Nathan Gorman, who is improving every second he spends in that gym.


“The thing I have that he doesn’t possess is the experience. I’ve already been in there with tougher questions that I have come through and answered, whereas I’m his acid test. It’ll be interesting if he lasts longer than rounds 5 or 6, he has a cut eye, and things aren’t going his way. He isn’t going to be able to match what I bring.”


“I’m delighted to welcome one of the biggest stars in Heavyweight boxing Dillian Whyte to the DAZN platform,” said Matchroom Sport Chairman Eddie Hearn. “The Body Snatcher is hungrier than ever after falling short in his first ever World Title challenge earlier this year and he’s jumping straight back in at the deep end against a young and dangerous fighter in Jermaine Franklin. Expect Maximum Violence in an England vs. USA main event.


“We’ve got an incredible undercard in store for you at the OVO Arena, Wembley on November 26 including the vacant British Heavyweight Title clash between Fabio Wardley and Nathan Gorman, a brilliant match-up at 175lbs between former World Title challenger Craig Richards and Ricards Bolotniks and Sandy Ryan going for another title against tough Mexican Magali Rodriguez. Catch it all live worldwide on DAZN.”


 “Nathan has made a fantastic comeback this year having had 18-months out, with the quick capture of an IBF Title being proof of that,” said Wasserman’s Head of Global Boxing, Kalle Sauerland.


“Of course, the British Heavyweight Championship is one of the most respected titles in boxing and will propel him on to the world stage even further. We’re very confident Nathan will get the job done on November 26 and set up a HUGE 2023.”


“We are incredibly excited to welcome Dillian Whyte, one of the biggest names in Heavyweight boxing, to the platform on November 26,” said Joseph Markowski, CEO DAZN North America. “Jermaine Franklin will be a tough test for Dillian with the fight topping a stacked card full of action-packed matchups including Wardley vs. Gorman, Richards vs. Bolotniks and of course a future star in Sandy Ryan. Do not miss this fight! Live and exclusive and part of your DAZN subscription worldwide.”


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After the success of snooker in the 1980s, Matchroom Sport moved into boxing with two small hall shows followed by Frank Bruno v Joe Bugner at Tottenham Hotspur’s ground – the biggest boxing event of 1987. That launched the company into the boxing big-time, a position it has maintained ever since.


Through the 1990s Matchroom Sport’s boxing roster featured many of the biggest names in the sport including Lennox Lewis, Nigel Benn, Chris Eubank, Steve Collins and Naseem Hamed, all in world title fights and it continues to work with some of the biggest names in UK boxing including Audley Harrison, the 2000 Olympic Super-Heavyweight gold medalist.


Over the years, Matchroom Sport has built up long-standing relationships with broadcasters around the world and with the advent of the Prizefighter phenomenon, the company’s boxing division has never been in a stronger position.


From fantastic six round scraps between the sport’s journeymen, up to multi-million-dollar World Championship contests featuring the above fighters, the Pro Box series has it all. Each show is packed with the very best in boxing action in a series that encompasses almost 25 years of Matchroom Sport’s commitment to bringing the highest quality to the global television market.

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