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Inoue Q&A:

Walking Down the WBSS

Memory Lane With “The Monster”!

(July 29th) Naoya Inoue breaks down his incredible WBSS journey which saw him winning til Muhammad Ali Trophy, The Ring belt, and unifying the IBF & WBA titles after wins over Juan Carlos Payano, Emmanuel Rodriguez & Nonito Donaire.

The Quarter- and Semi-Final were over in a total of just 5 minutes and 29 seconds after two mind-boggling performances against Payano and Rodriguez. But in the final, the Japanese ‘Monster’ had to conquer legendary Donaire over the full distance in a battle aptly dubbed ‘The Drama in Saitama’ and celebrated as Fight of the Year 2019.


What were your thoughts when you became part of the WBSS?

“I was struggling to find opponents when I was at Super Flyweight, so it was such a delight for me to be a part of the WBSS.”


What went through your head after beating Payano in just 70 seconds?

“I never imagined myself beating Payano in 70 seconds before the fight. I felt our moves like slow motion around the end of the fight, so I can say that I was in the zone.”


The Rodriguez fight …what are your memories from that fight?

“I was so excited because it was my first fight in Glasgow as well as my first title unification bout. I won in the best possible way. It became such a great memory for me.”


What was it like to fight Donaire? What did you learn from the fight and how deep did you have to dig in order to win?

“Donaire is one of the boxing legends to me. This thought made it impossible to make a prediction of how our fight would go. Even though I suffered an orbital fracture in the second round, I tried to stay smart. I won via decision. It was such a big test for me.”


Looking back at the tournament, what is your favorite moment, and what are your hopes for the future?

“The most impressive experience at the WBSS is all the stage production such as lighting and so on. And I still remember the weight of the (Ali) trophy I was given after the Final.


“I guess I got a number of choices right now … The unification bout with WBO and going up a weight division etc. I will discuss it with my team and make my decision.”

The Challenges of Organizing

A WBSS Final In Unprecedented Times!

(July 17th) Dear fans of the WBSS!

We have all been living in a different time, in a different world, for a few months now, where new rules apply.


Since the cancellation and postponement of the Season II WBSS Cruiserweight Final in May, we have been working continuously on a new date. We are doing our best to navigate in this new world to deliver what we have always promised: The best vs the best. In this particular case, Mairis Briedis and Yuniel Dorticos, the two best cruiserweights on the planet.


Organising a final in these unprecedented times is a challenge. There’s no map to the new world, there are unforeseen obstacles and the path to the destination is not easy to predict.


Let me give you a few examples of our challenges from the WBSS engine room.


Location: What looks safe today, can be a hot spot tomorrow. That means the best choice of location with all the changing local government restrictions is a moving target and we have to be flexible.


Travel: As you know our final is a match-up between a Latvian, an EU citizen, and a Cuban based in Florida. It’s a transatlantic battle, and varying rules of traveling put various variables into the equation.


We at the WBSS welcome tough tasks, and we will organise a great Cruiserweight Final worthy of the Muhammad Ali Trophy to conclude our sensational Season II. Be rest assured we are in the process of making it happen and working hard to secure fair and safe solutions for all parties. In the meantime, we are also working on our much-anticipated third season of the WBSS which of course also has its own separate challenges on timeline and locations but we are making steady progress.


Take care, stay safe, and see you soon!


Yours sincerely,

Andreas Benz, CEO of Comosa, Organiser of the WBSS

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