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Wardley and Vallily Rivals ePress Conference!

(May 17th) English Heavyweight Title rivals Fabio Wardley and Simon Vallily will come together for a special ePress conference on Matchroom Boxing’s YouTube channel.


In partnership with StubHub, Eddie Hearn hosts the fourth edition of our ‘Rivals’ series following the first three instalments with Lee Selby and George Kambosos Jr Anthony Fowler and Ohara Davies and Terri Harper and Natasha Jonas.


Dillian Whyte’s fast-rising Heavyweight protégé Wardley (8-0, 7 KOs) is slated to contest his first professional title as he steps up to face Middlesbrough hardman Vallily (17-2-1, 7 KOs) for the vacant English Heavyweight Title once boxing resumes.


“I’m liking that Simon is saying he’s back in a good place because that means when I get the win nobody can take anything away from me," said Wardley. "Simon is a really good contender, he’s a good fighter and he’s got a good pedigree. That’s everything that I need, I want to prove myself against someone that has got a good background.


“Simon is here to put on a good show and come and test me but ultimately I’m here for the win, I’m here to take someone out. I’m proven to knock people out, whether I break them down or whether it be a single punch. Unfortunately for Simon it’s his last chance but he’s going to be on the other end of that and I’m getting my hand raised and I’m moving on to bigger things.”


“I think that experience will play a big part,” said Vallily. “You keep on going on about the guys Fabio has sparred with, but I’ve been around the block and I’ve sparred with some of the best lads in the world – I’m not going to bang on about it.


“10oz gloves and no headguards, believe me it’s a whole different ball game. It’s going to be a big eye-opener for him. I’ve had a look at him, and you can see he’s got a bit of talent. He’s tricky, he’s fresh, he’s going to come and he’s going to be fit.


“It’s going to be a really good fight but totally disregard my professional career to this point because to be honest with you it’s been a total shambles. This is where it starts now and unfortunately for Fabio, this is my coming out party and not his. He’s not going to see the final bell. Sorry Fabio, but you’re going to sleep mate!”

Rivals ePress Conference

Terri Harper vs Tasha Jonas

(May 7th) World Title rivals Terri Harper and Natasha Jonas will come together for a special ePress conference at pm 2 (EST) 7pm (BST).


In partnership with StubHub, Eddie Hearn hosts the third edition of our ‘Rivals’ series following the first two instalments with Lee Selby and George Kambosos Jr and Anthony Fowler and Ohara Davies.


Harper (10-5, 5 KOs) was due to defend her WBC and IBO Super-Featherweight crowns against Liverpool's Jonas (9-1, 7 KOs) in an all-British showdown at the Doncaster Dome on April 24 before the Coronavirus pandemic brought the sporting world to a halt.


“I want to understand why Tasha thinks she’s better than me," said Harper. "Obviously she had the bad fight against Obenauf, I believe Viviane came in at short notice. For me, Viviane had a full training camp, she prepared well for me, and when I look back now it was a comfortable win for me.


"Tasha gets caught quite a lot and I’m a big strong Super-Featherweight. When I get in the ring I’m easily a good 10 or 12lbs heavier than what I was at the weigh-in the day before. I’ve got a bit of meat behind my punches and I strongly believe I could get a stoppage over Tasha.


"Every fight I’m having I’m always thinking about that next step and reaching the next level. I enjoy the risks but I feel I have great momentum and I can’t see anything stopping me at the minute."


“I respect the way she’s come through," said Jonas. "She hasn’t come from the big amateur background and had a big TV deal from the start. She’s got herself to that point. She’s hungry but I’m hungrier. I respect her, she’s young, she’s quick and she’s got a good engine but no disrespect, I just think I’m better.”


“I can’t keep living off my amateur career. The WBC belt is one of the most prestigious belts and I don’t think from memory Joe Gallagher has had a WBC Champion yet. We want the belt, the t-shirts and everything!"


"Natasha Jonas was due to challenge for Terri's unified World Championships in April. There's been some fascinating conversations moving forward about when this fight might happen. This is a fight that is done, is agreed and will be happening," added Eddie Hearn.

Rivals ePress Conference 

Anthony Fowler vs Ohara Davies w/Eddie Hearn

Rivals ePress Conference 

Lee Selby vs George Kambosos Jr w/Eddie Hearn!

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