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Joey Giardello Was Born

Joey Giardello   

Born: July 16th, 1930

Birth Name: Carmine Tilelli

Birth Place: Brooklyn, New York

Residence: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Pro-Debut: October 10th, 1948

Division: Middleweight

Stance: Orthodox

Height: 5′ 10″  

Record: 98-26-8, 31Ko’s

Bouts: 133

Rounds: 1052

Ko’s: 23%

Died: Age 78, September 4th, 2008



WBA Middleweight Champion

WBC Middleweight Champion

1963 Dec 7 – 1965 Oct 21

International Boxing Hall of Fame – Class of 1993


Became an insurance salesman after his boxing career ended. He later joined the Misco International Chemical Company as their New York-Philadelphia-New Jersey distributor. He also worked with the handicapped, particularly the St. John of God School for Special Children.


It has been said that Giardello changed his name from Tilelli in an attempt to join the US Army under the legal age, towards the end of World War II.


Giardello appeared in the 1975 film Moonrunners, on which the original Dukes of Hazzard television series was based.


Filed a federal lawsuit against Universal Pictures, Beacon Communications and Aloof Films, for unspecified damages, for its "thoroughly false depiction" of his bout with Rubin Carter in Norman Jewison's 1999 film The Hurricane. "In a key scene, the film shows a punch-drunk, blood-spattered Giardello being clearly beaten by Carter but winning a racially-tinged decision.... [Giardello had] suffered only a small cut in the middle rounds and won what a majority at ringside thought was a clear decision over a listless Carter...." Giardello settled out-of-court for an undisclosed sum and Jewison's agreement to make a statement on the DVD version of the film that Giardello "no doubt" was a great fighter.


July 16th

1924: Abe Goldstein W15 Charles Ledoux

1925: Harry Greb NWS10 Maxsie Rosenbloom

1926: Jack Delaney W15 Paul Berlenbach

1928: Tommy Loughran W10 Pete Latzo

1930: Joey Giardello born

1931: Frankie Genaro KO4 Routier Parra

1947: Rocky Graziano KO6 Tony Zale

1948: Cedric Kushner born.

1976: David Kotey KO3 Shig Fukuyama

1983: Mustafa Hamsho W 2 Wilfred Benitez

1988: Simon Brown KO3 Jorge Vaca

1993: Al Cole W12 Glenn McCrory

Yuri Arbachakov W12 Ysias Zamudio

1994: Daorung Chuvatana KO1 John Michael Johnson

1995: Former WBA flyweight champion Elvis Alvarez, 30, is shot to death in Medellin, Columbia, by several gunmen who approached him while he was on a motorcycle.

1996: Bernard Hopkins KO11 Bo James

1999: David Reid W12 Kevin Kelly

2005: Jermain Taylor W12 Bernard Hopkins

Oscar Larios KO10 Wayne McCullough

2012:  Bae Ki-suk underwent five hours of brain surgery following the fight. After the operation, his body temperature, blood pressure and pulse returned to almost normal, but he remained unconscious and died four days after the bout.

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