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Daniel Miracle Man” Jacobs New York Media Workout!

(photo credit Ed Mulholland/Matchroom Boxing USA)

(April 15th): IBF Middleweight World Champion Daniel Jacobs (35-2, 29KOs) of Brooklyn, N.Y. hosted a media workout today at CEA Fitness in Long Island, N.Y. ahead of his 12-round unification fight against Canelo Alvarez (50-1-2, 34 KOs) of Guadalajara, Mexico. Andre Rozier, his trainer, also attended the workout. The event will take place Saturday, May 4 at T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas and will be streamed live exclusively on DAZN.


Here is what today's participants had to say at the workout:


"I don't necessarily think Canelo can bully me. I think that it's going to be really hard for him being the smaller guy to dictate that. I'm a rough guy when it comes to being in the ring. From the outside looking in, it might look different. But in the ring, I'm a physically big guy with speed and power, so it's more about the tactics that I choose to use to be victorious."


"All I see is my hand being raised. I've envisioned KOs, decisions, all the positive things. As far as controversy or negativity, him being able to take my punches or push me back, that's not entered my mind. We only think positively before going into the ring, we're ready for every possibility, but ultimately, we are on a positive path to victory."


"Victory would truly show the fans that whether you think I beat Golovkin or not.  I am the best Middleweight in the world. I've always said that I am the best, and I've also always been vocal that the win over Golovkin was taken from me. So, a win over Canelo puts a new idea in the fans' minds that this guy is the best as he's proven it against a guy that bean Golovkin - and then I can give Golovkin the rematch and prove that I am better than him."


"I've switched up the sparring partners a lot and we've worked a lot on footwork. I've been the come-forward aggressor in my previous fights, the power-puncher; Canelo takes a good shot and he's very elusive with his upper body, so we wanted to make sure we're faster on our feet, with our hands and with our combinations than in previous fights."


"I give Canelo all the respect in the world. He's definitely top-ten, pound for pound. There are some controversial fights that he's had that where I thought he lost, including both Golovkin fights. But I respect any man that has the courage to fight as this is a kill or be killed sport, but that's where the respect ends. As far as getting in the ring with him goes, I want to be the victor. I want to take his head off and prove that I am the best gladiator in the world. That's my true intentions so there's no respect when it comes to that. But we're both gentlemen and in my opinion, we're great ambassadors for the sport. But take that away, and it's going to be a blood sport in the ring."


"It's a little annoying to have to keep talking about the judges and Canelo getting favoritism, but it's also a fact in most people's mind so that's why it comes up so much. I don't mind answering the questions, but it can be annoying as I don't want the mindset to be going in there to fight Canelo and the judges. I don't need any more stress in this fight as Canelo is a force in himself and it's going to take a lot to figure him out."


"I study all the fights, and the ones I believed he lost as those are the fighters that showed his bad habits and the opponents were able to exploit them. Canelo has great upper body and head movement, but his legs and his knees don't hold up well. He doesn't cut the ring off well like Sergey Derevyanchenko or Golovkin. We look at things like that. I'm one of the longest fighters that he's faced too, and I'm so fast, so I think I can use all that to my advantage."


"Sometimes in boxing you have to prove yourself. If you don't have the name, the power and the brand to really be marketed to the world, you have to work harder to get recognition. I think that with the win over Canelo, I would be given everything I rightfully deserve. The pound-for-pound list doesn't worry me as that's for the fans. They can pick and choose who they see fit and who they like. That's a favoritism thing anyway, so if I'm not the fans favorite after this fight, I've got a lot more work to do. I need to not worry about that but concentrate on winning the fight in the ring and the rest will come."


"Controversy sells but that's not who I am. That's not where I came from. I'm not sure if that's why I am not a household name, but I can't concentrate on that. I stay true to who I am and how I was raised. I'll always keep that integrity and try to be a stand-up guy. Also, by having a son, I know he watches everything that I do, and I can't be acting up and being goofy to get more ratings. Boxing is my job, I have to stay professional and disciplined to get the job done."


"I never look past any fighter, but it's absurd that Golovkin and his team would always say that people are fearful of facing them and that they were in it for the love of the sport and to fight the best. Me getting the win over Canelo, you would think that they would want the rematch, but we heard it out of their own mouths that they still wouldn't want the rematch if I win. They would rather fight Canelo. So, we see from that that boxing is a business. It's a compliment for sure that he thinks that way. Golovkin knows he lost the fight against me. I saw it in his eyes when they gave me the decision, and he's never been vocal about giving me the rematch. It's either been small talk or just swept under the rug. So, for me, I just want to make sure that I not only fight Golovkin again and prove the naysayers wrong, but show him that he knows that I am better than he is."


"I love energy. Regardless of the fans rooting for Canelo or booing me, I take it and use it as fuel. I want people to chant, roar, raise the roof, it doesn't matter if it's for me or against me, I just want that energy in the arena to feed off, and that's what I am expecting on May 4."


"I haven't done anything majorly different than in any other training camp. We've had a lot of guys who spar similar to Canelo's style, and I've kept my camp here in New York. We have everything we need here at Competitive Edge Athletics. I've been here for six years and this is the biggest fight I've ever had. I wanted to be at home and feel that energy from where it all started. I wanted feel the vibes and then go to Las Vegas for the victory."


"We leave tomorrow, so I'm going to go to Brownsville before I go to get some love to take with me that I was raised from and go out and conquer the world. It's Brooklyn versus everyone where I'm from. This is the opportunity and my one shot to achieve my dreams. It's hard to explain the feeling you get of being from Brooklyn, so to go back and feel the love before I go to Vegas is important."



"This is what we've groomed Danny for since he was 13 years old. Now is his time. It's the biggest fight of his life and one of the biggest and best fights in boxing, and Danny will be the victor on May 4. This is not something that's just fallen into Danny's lap as a gift. This is many years of hard work and dedication and now his moment is here."


"You train fighters to be ready for everything and anything you might get. You never know what Canelo might bring into the ring. He could show something new. So, we're not training for Canelo the counter-puncher or Canelo the boxer-mover; we're ready for everything, and there's no particular way to prepare for that. We just have to stay sharp and smart, and we should be ready for anything."


"He's my baby, my boy. Danny showed early that he was elite and special. When he was afflicted with cancer, we thought we were going to lose him. God put his hand on him, kept him with us, and he started coming to the gym. Then, he had this huge brace on and he'd walk down the steps one and a time and the kids would help him. He'd do a little bit of shadow boxing and then a bit on the bag, and every day he would improve until he became a world champion. That's why I believe that he's still improving and will unify the titles."


"Canelo and Golden Boy have been completely professional and great to work with from day one - but now it's fight time. I know that they are getting ready and we're getting ready. Danny has never let me down and in Las Vegas he becomes unified middleweight champion of the world. We did the ten pounds to win the IBF title against Sergey, so it won't be a problem, he'll make it easily."


Canelo vs. Jacobs is a 12-round fight for the WBC, WBA, Lineal, Ring Magazine and IBF Middleweight World Titles presented by Golden Boy Promotions in association with Matchroom Boxing. The event is sponsored by Tecate, "THE OFFICIAL BEER OF BOXING" and Hennessy "Never Stop. Never Settle." The event will take place Saturday, May 4, 2019 at T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas and will be streamed live exclusively on DAZN.


Tickets for the highly anticipated 12-round unification fight between Canelo Alvarez (50-1-2, 34 KOs), WBC, WBA, Lineal and Ring Magazine Middleweight World Champion, and Daniel "Miracle Man" Jacobs (35-2, 29 KOs), IBF Middleweight World Champion, are on sale. The champion-vs.-champion event will take place Saturday, May 4 at T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas and will be streamed live exclusively on DAZN.


Tickets for Canelo vs. Jacobs are priced at $2,505, $1,505, $1,205, $805, $605, $405, $305, $205 and $105, not including applicable service charges and taxes. There will be a limit of 10 per person at the $2,505, $1,505, $1,205, $805, $605, $405, and $305 price levels with a limit of two (2) per person at the $205 and $105 price levels. To charge by phone with a major credit card, call 888-9-AXS-TIX (888-929-7849). Tickets also will be available for purchase (click here)

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DAZN is a must-have for fight fans. DAZN brings you unlimited access to a stacked line up of live events from Matchroom Boxing, Bellator, and World Boxing Super Series without the runaround. No blacked-out matchups, no pay-per-views. Just the thrill of being right in the action, anytime and anywhere you want. Featuring over 70 fight nights a year, fans have the ability to play, pause, and rewind with no commercial interruptions and no long-term commitments. DAZN is currently available in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Canada, Japan, Italy, and the USA, and runs on most connected devices, including Smart TVs, smartphones, tablets, and game consoles.


About Matchroom Boxing

After the success of snooker in the 1980s, Matchroom Sport moved into boxing with two small hall shows followed by Frank Bruno v Joe Bugner at Tottenham Hotspur’s ground – the biggest boxing event of 1987. That launched the company into the boxing big-time, a position it has maintained ever since.


Through the 1990s Matchroom Sport’s boxing roster featured many of the biggest names in the sport including Lennox Lewis, Nigel Benn, Chris Eubank, Steve Collins and Naseem Hamed, all in world title fights and it continues to work with some of the biggest names in UK boxing including Audley Harrison, the 2000 Olympic Super-Heavyweight gold medalist.


Over the years, Matchroom Sport has built up long-standing relationships with broadcasters around the world and with the advent of the Prizefighter phenomenon, the company’s boxing division has never been in a stronger position.


From fantastic six round scraps between the sport’s journeymen, up to multi-million-dollar World Championship contests featuring the above fighters, the Pro Box series has it all. Each show is packed with the very best in boxing action in a series that encompasses almost 25 years of Matchroom Sport’s commitment to bringing the highest quality to the global television market.

John Ryder Faces David Lemieux

for WBA Interim Super Middleweight World Title

May 4th, In Canelo vs. Jacobs Co-Main Event

LIVE on DAZN from T-Mobile Arena, Las Vegas!

(April 10th) David Lemieux (40-4, 34 KOs) will make his 168-pound debut when he takes on John “The Gorilla” Ryder (27-4, 15 KOs) for the WBA Interim Super-Middleweight World title in the scheduled 12-round co-main event of Canelo vs. Jacobs on Saturday, May 4 at T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, shown LIVE in the US on DAZN and Sky Sports in the UK.


“There comes a time when every fighter must move up in weight, and now is that time for David Lemieux,” said Oscar De La Hoya, Chairman and CEO of Golden Boy. “Lemieux was the hardest-hitting puncher in the 160-pound division, and I’m absolutely certain he will be the biggest puncher at 168 pounds. John Ryder will be in for a tough fight on May 4. Also, this undercard will also feature some of our brightest stars, including Vergil Ortiz Jr., who with only 12 fights will face a tough veteran in Mauricio Herrera. Golden Boy and DAZN have crafted an excellent night of action, so don’t miss out on this one!”


Lemieux, 30, was last seen on the televised pay-per-view undercard of Canelo vs. GGG2 when he scored a first-round knockout victory against Gary “Spike” O’Sullivan. The native of Montreal, Canada promises to be stronger than even in his super middleweight debut.


“I’ve seen [John] Ryder fight,” said David Lemieux. “He’s a credible rival, but I’m going to make a statement out of what I’m going to do with him. At 168, I’m going to be the strongest that I’ve ever been.”


Ryder is a 30-year-old native of London who is the No. 1 contender for the WBA Super-Middleweight Title. Ryder has faced tough opposition, including a close fight against Rocky Fielding and a tough battle against Billy Joe Saunders. The “Gorilla” is coming off a seventh-round technical knockout win against previously undefeated Andrey Sirotkin, and he’ll look to retain his shot at the title with a win against Lemieux.


“I’m fully focused on the fight with David Lemieux but obviously there’s a massive pot of gold for the winner,” said John Ryder. “There’s the potential for a fight with Canelo or a fight with Callum Smith, which are both huge. Lemieux is a big puncher if you stand in front of him. I’m a boxer-fighter. I’ll box him at times and fight him at other times when it suits me. Our fighting styles are sure to gel for a great fight. I’m expecting to win and to win well. I’m there to keep my mandatory position.”


“We can’t wait for David to show that he can be a powerhouse in the super middleweight division. What better way to demonstrate this than by fighting the No. 1 contender in John Ryder!” said Camille Estephan, President of Eye of the Tiger Management.


“This is a great fight on an great night of boxing,” said Eddie Hearn, Managing Director of Matchroom Sport. “John Ryder has been on a tremendous run and now takes to the big stage in Las Vegas with the dangerous David Lemieux. It’s a huge fight for both with the winner being mandatory challenger for Callum Smith and I fully expect that to be John Ryder.”

Canelo vs Daniel Jacobs: "I Am Boxing 2"!

Canelo vs Jacobs LA Presser!

Canelo vs Jacobs New York City Presser!

Canelo vs Jacobs Mexico City Presser!

(March 1st) Canelo Alvarez (50-1-2, 34 KOs), WBC, WBA, Lineal and Ring Magazine Middleweight World Champion, and Daniel "Miracle Man" Jacobs (35-2, 29 KOs), IBF Middleweight World Champion, completed the second stop of their three-city press tour with a full day of interviews and a press conference at the TV Azteca Studios in Mexico City, Mexico. The 12-round unification fight will take place at T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas Saturday May 4 and will be streamed live exclusively on DAZN.


Below is what today's participants had to say at the event:

CANELO ALVAREZ, Lineal and Ring Magazine Middleweight World Champion:

"It's important to fight in May and September on the dates where Mexican fighters have represented the country. I accept the responsibility of participating in big fights like these. It's an honor to represent my country the way others have."


"This will not be my last fight at 160 pounds. It's the weight where I feel best. I will be here for a while. I would still like to have challenges at 168, but I'm fine at 160 pounds."


"All fighters look for the knockout. It's always spectacular. I will go out there to look for it. But I will train for 12 rounds. If the opportunity for the knockout presents itself, I will take it."


DANIEL JACOBS, IBF Middleweight World Champion:

"This means everything to me. I take my hat off to Canelo for accepting this fight. He's a true champion to me. That said, it's our duty to make sure you all receive a great fight. I will bring my arsenal to make sure it's a great fight."


"Whether it ends by knockout or decision, you will see a great battle. I can speak for Canelo and myself by saying that we will give everything in this fight. I guarantee that I will not only be champion on May 4, but also king."


EDDY REYNOSO, Head Trainer and Manager of Canelo Alvarez:

"This is what we wanted. We wanted big fights to leave a big footprint in the history of boxing. It appeared impossible at first. Based on hard work and discipline, we grew little by little-he as a fighter and we as trainers. Thank you to Saul for your loyalty and of believing in us.


"Now the only thing left is to prepare day by day in boxing. We have a big fight, and I want Canelo to be the first-ever Mexican fighter to unify all the titles in a division. No one has ever done that, but Saul will."


JOSE "CHEPO" REYNOSO, Trainer and Manager of Canelo Alvarez:

"I can't help but remember watching him fight here for the first time. But the times have changed. I feel nostalgic seeing so many people and seeing what the presence of Canelo does to the boxing public. There have been many years of working to get where we are. Thank you, Saul. Thank you for believing in us."


"This May 4, you will see a great fight. They say styles make fights. And that's what will happen in this fight. We have the two best middleweights in the world. When you have the best fighters in the world fighting each other, you can expect a great fight."


ANDRE ROZIER, Trainer of Danny Jacobs:

"Danny is a very special individual. He is a dedicated, hardworking family man. He has survived a lot on his life. I affectionately refer to him as my son. We have worked for a long time to get this far. On May 4, when he steps into the ring, I will look forward to him finishing the fight with his hand raised."


OSCAR DE LA HOYA, Chairman and CEO of Golden Boy Promotions:

"This fight is important because it will feature two world champions who will unify their titles to demonstrate who is the best at 160 pounds. This battle is also significant because it features two of the most resilient fighters in the history of the sport."


"With Canelo, we have a young man who has fought as a professional since the age of 15. He's fought the best fighters at 147 and 154, and in December moved up to 168 pounds to become a three-division world champion. With Jacobs, we have a man who defeated a challenge much tougher than a fight: a battle with cancer. He then returned to win two world titles."


"May 4 will be a great night for Golden Boy and we expect a tremendous performance from our champion, Canelo Alvarez."


EDDIE HEARN, Managing Director of Matchroom Sport:

"I want to congratulate many people involved in this promotion. We thank Golden Boy Promotions and Canelo for accepting this challenge. We want to thank DAZN, who are really changing the sport in the United States. We want to thank Tecate, the sponsors, and TV Azteca, for hosting this magnificent event."


"When you have a champion like Canelo who wants to be the best and fights the best, we have what it makes for a great moment. With Danny Jacobs, he will not only face a great champion, but a great man. They told him he may not live again and might not walk again. They also told him that he would definitely never fight again. But here he is. We have a fight that you will forget on May 4."


JOSEPH MARKOWSKI, Executive Vice President, DAZN North America:

"Boxing is having a bit of a moment. And after much discussion and investment across the industry, this fight - Canelo vs. Jacobs - stands out to me as the most significant matchup on the calendar. This is the fight of the year and I am very, very proud to say that DAZN will be broadcasting it exclusively in the U.S."


"Simply put, this fight has got everything. Champion vs. champion. A global superstar. An inspiring New Yorker with a story for the history books. And a world-class venue in the world-class fight city. The only thing missing from this blockbuster showdown is the pay-per-view price tag - and that's because DAZN is different."


"And so, to the two DAZN fighters on this stage, I wish you tremendous luck in camp over the next two months and I look forward to seeing you in Las Vegas for this great fight."

Canelo vs Jacobs NY Presser!

T-Mobile Arena In Las Vegas Gets

Canelo / Jacobs May 4th on DAZN!

(February 6th) T-Mobile Arena will host the biggest boxing event of the year as Canelo Alvarez (50-1-2, 34 KOs) defends his WBC, WBA, Lineal and Ring Magazine Middleweight World Titles in a 12-round unification fight against IBF Middleweight World Champion Daniel “Miracle Man” Jacobs (35-2, 29 KOs) during the celebratory weekend of Cinco de Mayo. The champion-vs.-champion event will take place Saturday, May 4 and will be streamed live exclusively on DAZN.


Ticket information for the event will be announced shortly along with an exciting, action-packed undercard.


“I’m excited to return to T-Mobile Arena for a fifth time,” said Canelo Alvarez. “I inaugurated this arena to boxing at an international level, and it’s a place where I have had some of my biggest fights. This fight against Daniel Jacobs will not be the exception. I am ready to capture another world title in front of a packed house, listening to the unconditional support of the fans in attendance, and also for those who will watch this fight through the screens of a huge platform in DAZN. I want it so when people talk about T-Mobile Arena, they say that is where Canelo Alvarez fights.”


Daniel Jacobs said, “I’m thrilled that this huge night has landed in Las Vegas. I made my debut there in 2007, but I haven’t boxed there for nearly nine years. Scheduling the biggest fight of my career at T-Mobile Arena is the perfect occasion to return to the bright lights and shine on a massive stage. Canelo is a champion and he’s fought the best so it’s an honor for me to face him, and of course it’s a brilliant fight for the fans. But my legacy is on the line and I have a lot to gain – I want to be a hall of famer one day, and this is the sort of fight that will get me there.”


Oscar De La Hoya, CEO and Chairman of Golden Boy Promotions, said, “Fights of this magnitude have a home, and that home is Las Vegas. Ever since Canelo Alvarez introduced T-Mobile Arena to boxing fans, he has hosted his biggest fights there. On May 4, we expect a full house of fans from all over the world to watch Canelo capture another world title with a great victory over Daniel Jacobs in a mega-fight that will be streamed exclusively live via the global sports streaming giant, DAZN.”


Eddie Hearn, Managing Director of Matchroom Sport, said, “I’m delighted that this brilliant fight is heading to Las Vegas. We know that Canelo’s fights there on Cinco De Mayo weekend are always special, and with the size of this fight, this could be the biggest yet. Daniel has been on an impressive run since signing with Matchroom Boxing USA, and has risen to the occasion, taken three unbeaten records in his last three fights and regained his world champion status. May 4 is such a huge night for Daniel, Matchroom Boxing USA, DAZN and Sky Sports – and I believe that Daniel will unify the titles under the bright lights of Vegas and his remarkable story will have yet another incredible chapter.”


Joseph Markowski, DAZN EVP, North America, said, “It’s about time DAZN landed in Las Vegas. The vibrant atmosphere and high-profile crowds surrounding Canelo fights at T-Mobile Arena are truly unique. We look forward to spotlighting that environment for all those watching at home live on DAZN.”


Richard Sturm, President of Las Vegas Sports & Entertainment, said, “We are proud to celebrate Cinco de Mayo weekend with our partners at Golden Boy Promotions, Matchroom Sport and DAZN.  Canelo Alvarez and Daniel Jacobs, two of the sport’s top fighters, are certain to deliver boxing fans worldwide a sensational event on the biggest stage live from T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas.”

Canelo Alvarez to Face Danny “Miracle Man” Jacobs

In Middleweight Unification Fight Cinco De Mayo Weekend!

(January 17th) Boxing’s biggest star will take a step closer to becoming undisputed champion as Canelo Alvarez (50-1-2, 34 KOs) defends his WBC, WBA, Lineal and Ring Magazine Middleweight World Titles in a 12-round unification fight against IBF Middleweight World Champion Daniel “Miracle Man” Jacobs (35-2, 29 KOs) during the celebratory weekend of Cinco de Mayo. The champion-vs.-champion event will take place Saturday, May 4, 2019 and will be streamed exclusively live on DAZN.


Additional details for the event, including venue and ticket information, will be announced shortly.


Canelo is a 28-year-old native of Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico who became the top man in the sport by facing the best competition and making the best fights for the fans. At 154 pounds, Canelo captured several world titles and defeated the likes of Austin “No Doubt” Trout, Sugar Shane Mosley, Alfredo “El Perro” Angulo, Erislandy “The American Dream” Lara and Liam “Beefy” Smith. However, Canelo scored his most significant victory yet at 160 pounds, where he defeated Gennady "GGG" Golovkin in their highly anticipated rematch in September 2018 and established himself as the WBC, WBA, Lineal and Ring Magazine Middleweight World Champion. Canelo then made history by signing the most lucrative sports contract for an athlete in history to begin a groundbreaking, exclusive partnership with global sports streaming platform DAZN that saw the last king of pay-per-view boxing step into a new era as the new king of sports streaming.


In his debut performance, Canelo became a three-division world champion by knocking out Rocky Fielding in three rounds to capture the WBA Super Middleweight World Title in December 2018. Canelo will return to middleweight for this fight as he continues to clean out the 160-pound division.


“I’m happy to announce my next fight during the festive weekend of Cinco de Mayo,” said Canelo Alvarez. “I will unify my middleweight titles against Daniel Jacobs on one of the two most important dates that belong to me. I have no doubt that I will be victorious and that I’ll be one step away from becoming the undisputed middleweight world champion. And what better way to watch it than on as tremendous a platform as DAZN.”


Jacobs is a 31-year-old native of Brooklyn, New York who is widely considered as one of the best middleweights of this era. Despite being away from the sport for 19 months, due to a form of bone cancer that he courageously overcame, Jacobs rose up the middleweight rankings to win the WBA Middleweight World Title against Jarrod Fletcher in 2014. Jacobs made several successful defenses, including a thunderous first-round knockout of Peter Quillin the following year. Despite losing to Gennady Golovkin in a very close fight in 2017, Jacobs has remained undefeated since his return, defeating former amateur champion and middleweight contender Sergiy Derevyanchenko to capture the IBF Middleweight World Championship. Jacobs will look to capture more middleweight hardware in the biggest fight of his career, and the first fight of three fight deal with Matchroom Boxing USA and DAZN.


“This is the opportunity I have been waiting for. The opportunity to achieve greatness inside the ring,” said Daniel Jacobs. “I have always believed I can beat Canelo, and on May 4 live on DAZN, I will get my chance to play it out. It's been nearly four years since Canelo has faced an American challenger. It’s going to be a huge event where I believe I will cement myself as the best middleweight in the division.”


“Canelo Alvarez wants the best fights and the biggest challenges,” said Oscar De La Hoya, Chairman and CEO of Golden Boy Promotions. “That’s what he did as the 154-pound champion, and that’s what he’s doing now as the king of the middleweight division. We are also proud to demonstrate to boxing fans that this new partnership with DAZN means that fans will get pay-per-view level fights without the cost of pay-per-view. Golden Boy Promotions is continuing its promise to make the sport as accessible as possible by putting this champion-vs.-champion fight on the platform.”


“What a fight! I can’t tell you how happy I am that Danny Jacobs gets this opportunity to fight Canelo on Cinco de Mayo in a massive unification fight,” said Eddie Hearn, Managing Director of Matchroom Sport. “Victory would cap one of the most incredible, inspirational boxing stories of our generation, and Danny and the team will be putting everything in place to lead him to victory. Respect to Canelo and Golden Boy for accepting this challenge, and congratulations to DAZN and their subscribers for getting this incredible fight with no extra cost. Let’s go May 4! Let’s go Daniel Jacobs!”


“On any other network or platform, Canelo vs. Jacobs would be an expensive pay-per-view,” said Joseph Markowski, DAZN EVP of North America. “At DAZN, we believe the best fights should be available to our subscribers at no extra charge.


“Beyond being a champion, Danny is a terrific person with an inspiring story. Adding him to the mix is a key part of DAZN’s plan to orchestrate premium events that deliver pay-per-view level fights without pay-per-view cost.”

“Miracle Man” Daniel Jacobs Honored to Pen

Matchroom Boxing USA and DAZN Deal,

IBF World Champion Extends Relationship

With Eddie Hearn and Joins New Streaming Giants!

(January 17th) Daniel Jacobs says he’s thrilled to have has signed a three-fight deal with Matchroom Boxing USA and DAZN – with the first fight of the deal a blockbuster World Middleweight unification showdown with Canelo Alvarez on Cinco de Mayo weekend, live on DAZN.



Jacobs extends the deal with promoter Eddie Hearn that led to the ‘Miracle Man’ becoming a two-time World Middleweight champion in December, beating Sergiy Derevyanchenko to land the IBF title at Madison Square Garden in New York.


The Brooklyn favorite will meet the Mexican star and WBC and WBA king on May 4 at a venue to be announced soon, and the 31 year old expects to come out on top in what promises to be one of the biggest fights of the year.


“It is such an honor and privilege to be a part of DAZN and Matchroom Boxing – thank you guys for believing in me,” said Jacobs. “Displaying my skills on such a platform would do wonders for my career I have an opportunity to make history! Plus I have the best team to ensure the best possible opportunities for my career.


“This is the moment that I’ve been waiting for my whole entire career I’ve been through so much in life just to get to this point, I look forward to taking advantage of such an amazing opportunity. Canelo is a great champion and a worthy opponent to ensure an epic fight the fans will remember for ages!! in order to be the best, you have to beat the best – this with this fight represents to me.”


“Danny is where it all started for us in America and I want to thank him for believing in us,” said Hearn. “It has been a pleasure working with him and his manager Keith Connolly who has fought every inch to get Danny the best opportunities and position within the sport.


“Danny captured the World title under our guidance and now he enters one of the biggest fights in World boxing to establish his position as the world’s number one Middleweight. Above that he is a man of class and humbleness and we will always be grateful that he was the trail blazer for US fighters to sign with Matchroom Boxing.


“For DAZN this is another major signing as we continue to build an emphatic team of fighters - Jacobs vs. Canelo is a wonderful addition for subscribers and fans, it truly is one of the great fights in boxing today.”


“We are super excited to have re-signed with Matchroom Boxing,” said Connolly. “Eddie has done a fabulous job guiding Danny to a World title and now a mega fight. He has delivered on everything he said he would when we first met him.


“We are grateful that DAZN has such belief in Daniel Jacobs as they look to push him into superstardom over the next chapter of his career.”

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