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Help Get Charlie Home!

(August 14th) The life of super welterweight boxer Charlie Wynn changed forever on the fateful day of March 16, 2018.


It was a day of routine preparation for his third professional fight when Charlie collapsed following a six-round spar at the iBox Gym in Bromley, having felt weak towards the end of the session.


The successful former amateur, who carried the stage name of ‘Chopper’, subsequently lost consciousness and was swiftly transferred to Kings College Hospital, where his devoted wife Alana and the rest of his family were informed he had suffered an acute subdural haematoma, which translates as a large bleed on the brain.


Emergency surgery followed and a proportion of the now 29-year-old’s skull was removed to alleviate pressure. The operation was successful and the bleed evacuated, but Charlie was left with a serious brain injury.


Alana reports that the last 15 months have been an emotional rollercoaster of a ride including both highs and lows. The raised hopes following an initial upturn in his recovery were dashed after his condition deteriorated and further surgery was required.


His wife and parents, Ian and Tina, had no way of knowing what the future held for their loved one.


Unlike some well-documented health traumas that occurred in the ring under the lights and captured the attention of the public, the plight of Charlie has fallen largely under the radar, yet he still needs your help if at all possible.


In December of last year he was moved to a rehabilitation centre in Kent where Charlie had to start his recovery process all over again. The fighter in him is seeing to it that he is exceeding medical expectations and he continues to fight his personal battle to return to some sort of normality.


Normality for Alana would begin with being able to care for her husband at home. She just wants her Charlie back where he belongs.


Financial pressures have mounted since Charlie suffered his accident and fund raising that has been carried out on his behalf, Alana describes as a ‘God send’ that has helped keep a roof over her head.


The goal now is to get Charlie home and, to do this, provision to cater for his needs is required within the property.


If you are able to make a donation, however small, it would go a long way towards helping to put the Wynn family back together under one roof.


There are currently two channels dedicated towards realising this aim.


A gofundme page has been set up to accept donations  just (click here)


Also, notable boxing scribe and pundit, Steve Lillis, is running the New York marathon to raise funds for Charlie. If you wish to sponsor Steve you can do so

(click here)


“In such a difficult time, it is so comforting to know that there as so many kind and caring people out there,” said Alana. “We are truly overwhelmed. Words will never be enough to express our gratitude.


“All our love always Alana Wynn (Wife) Ian and Tina Wynn (Dad and Mum).”

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