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1958, Joe Jennette Passed!

Joe Jeannette  

Born: August 26th, 1879

Birth Name: Jeremiah Jennette

Birth Place: North Bergen, New Jersey

Residence: Union City, New Jersey

Pro-Debut: November 11th, 1904

Alias: Joe Jennette

Division: Heavyweight

Stance: Orthodox

Height: 5′ 10″  

Reach: 74″ 

Bouts: 104

Rounds: 728

Record: 82-10-10, 69Ko’s 

Ko’s: 66%

Died: Age 78, July 2nd, 1958



Joe Jeannette worked as an apprentice to his father, a blacksmith, and then as a coal truck driver before he became a boxer.


In 1904, at the age of 25, Jeannette began his boxing career on a dare, fighting a boxer named Arthur Dickinson. Although Jeannette lost, he decided to make boxing his career.


Jeannette held the World Colored Heavyweight Championship.


Jeannette fought Sam Langford 14 times, Jack Johnson 10 times, Battling Jim Johnson 10 times, Sam McVea 5 times and Harry Wills 3 times.


Jeannette knocked out Kid Cotton in four rounds in 1913 and two rounds in 1916. He was scheduled to fight Cotton at the Vanderbilt A.C. in New York City on February 15, 1915, but no result has been found.


In 1923, Jeannette became the first African American referee and judge licensed by New York State.


From 1924 until 1949, Jeannette owned a boxing gym on 27th Street and Summit Avenue in Union City, New Jersey, where he trained numerous boxers, including Jim Braddock.

Joe Jeannette Historical Marker in Union City, New Jersey

Jeannette, who was fond of automobiles, eventually converted his boxing gym into a garage. He also operated a fleet of rental limousines and then a taxi company named Adelaide, after his wife, which was located at 522 Clinton Avenue, now New York Avenue, in Union City.


Jeannette had a street named after him in Union City. Jeannette Street is located between Summit Avenue and Kennedy Boulevard.


On April 17, 2009, the 100th anniversary of Jeannette's 49th-round knockout of Sam McVea, a historical marker was dedicated where Jeannette's former residence and gym once stood. It is Union City's first historical marker.


International Boxing Hall of Fame: Class of 1997


July 2nd

1916: Manuel Ortiz born.

1921: Jack Dempsey KO4 Georges Carpentier - The first million-dollar gate.

1925: Harry Greb W15 Mickey Walker

1940: Max Baer KO8 (Two-Ton) Tony Galento

1958: Joe Jennette, 78, died.

1968: Lionel Rose W15 Takao Sakurai

1970: Jose Luis Garcia KO8 Ken Norton

1973: Joe Frazier W12 Joe Bugner, London.

1977: Carl Froch born.

1978: Eusebio Pedroza KO12 Ernesto Herrera

1989: Brian Mitchell WTD9 Jackie Beard

1994: Orlin Norris KO3 Arthur Williams

Wilfredo Vasquez KO2 Jae-Won Choi

2001: Light heavyweight Beethavean Scottland, 26, dies of brain injuries suffered in a June 26 bout with George Jones in New York City. Scottland was knocked out in the 10th-round and never regained consciousness.

2002: Former Heavyweight Champion Riddick Bowe files a $55-million lawsuit against former manager Rock Newman, alleging “unjust enrichment” and “breach of contract.”

2006: Manny Pacquiao W12 Oscar Larios

2007: Elena Reid W10 Shin-Hee Choi

Kelsey Jeffries W10 Donna Biggers

2011: Jonathan Victor Barros WSD12 Celestino Caballero

Rosilete Dos Santos W10 Maria Jose Nunez

Wladimir Klitschko W12 David Haye

Renata Szebeledi W10 Pia Mazelanik

Katia Gutierrez W10 Ana Arrazola           

Arely Mucino TKO 4 Soledad Macedo    

Jessica Chavez TKO5 Mayerli Altamar

Hernan Marquez TKO3 Edrin Dapudong

Chanttall Martinez TKO8 Paulina Cardona

2012: Wisaksil Wangek TKO2 Lionel Mark Duran

2015: Thammanoon Niyomtrong TKO4 Alexis Diaz

2016: Zulina Munoz KO4 Vanesa Lorena Taborda

Ganigan Lopez W12 Jonathan Taconing

2017: Jeff Horn W12 Manny Pacquiao   

Jerwin AncajasTKO7 Teiru Kinoshita

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