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Emile Griffith vs Benny Paret III

March 24th, 1962

World Welterweight Title

Madison Square Garden, New York

March 24th

1866: Jack Mc Auliffe born

1899: Kid Mc Coy W20 Joe Choynski

1924: Harry Greb KO12 Fay Kaiser

1932: Billy Petrolle KO12 Battling Battalino

1933: Maxie Rosenbloom KO4 Bob Goodwin

1938: Benny Lynch D15 Peter Kane

1950: Rocky Marciano W10 Roland La Starza

1962: Emile Griffith KO12 Benny Paret

Griffith took an 8-count in round six, ahead on points going into the 12th round, Paret took "an unmerciful beating" leaving Paret unconscious and in a coma when the fight was stopped. Paret was taken immediately to Roosevelt Hospital, never regaining consciousness before his death there on April 3, 1962.

1970: Buster Mathis Jr. was born.

1975: Muhammad Ali KO15 Chuck Wepner

1978: Hugo Cazares born.

1980: Hilario Zapata W15 Shigeo Nakajima

1988: Roger Mayweather KO3 Mauricio Aceves

1990: Juan Coggi W12 Jose Luis Ramirez

Humberto Gonzalez KO3 Francisco Tejedor

2001: Vassiliy Jirov KO1 Terry McGroom

Sven Ottke KO8 James Crawford

Oscar De La Hoya KO5 Arturo Gatti

2007: Mikkel Kessler W12 Librado Andrade

2012: Danny Garcia W12 Erik Morales

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