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1922: Willie Pep Was Born!

Willie Pep    

Born: September 19th, 1922

Birth Name: Gugliermo Papaleo

Birth Place: Middletown, Connecticut

Residence: Rocky Hill, Connecticut

Pro-Debut: July 25th, 1940

Division: Featherweight

Alias: Will O' the Wisp

Stance: Orthodox

Height: 5′ 5″  

Reach: 68″

Record: 229-11-1, 65Ko’s 

Bouts: 241

Rounds: 1955

Ko’s: 27%  

Died: Age 84, November 23rd, 2006


Was seriously injured in a plane crash where the co-pilot and two passengers were killed January 1947.



World Featherweight Champion

1942 Nov 20 – 1948 Oct 29          

World Featherweight Champion

1949 Feb 11 – 1950 Sept 8         


International Boxing Hall of Fame – Class of 1990

Knocked out in two rounds by Lulu Perez on February 26, 1954. Many believe Pep took a dive. A late surge of betting on Perez moved the odds favoring him from 6-5 to 3½-1, and some bookmakers took the fight off the boards.


A 1980 Inside Sports magazine article called "The Fix" said a boxer, identified as "The Champ," threw a fight against Lulu Perez in 1954 for $16,000. Pep filed a $75 million libel suit against Newsweek Inc., which owned Inside Sports. The jury deliberated for just 15 minutes and ruled against Pep.


September 19th

1922: Willie Pep born.

1932: Panama Al Brown KO1 Spider Pladner

1945: Sammy Angott KO6 Ike Williams

1954: Robert Cohen W15 Chamrem Songkitrat

1958: Azumah Nelson born.

1967: Chartchai Chionoi KO7 Walter McGowan

1969: Kostya Tszyu born.

1980: Lupe Pintor KO12 Johnny Owen –Owen age 24, dies 45-days later from head injuries suffered in the bout.

1984: 23 year old, Detroit super lightweight Dujuan “Mr Excitement” Johnson was shot dead during a robbery.

1991: Joichiro Tatsuyoshi KO11 Greg Richardson

1992: Chris Eubank W12 Tony Thorton

1998: Evander Holyfield W12 Vaughn Bean

Dariusz Michalczewski KO8 Mark Prince

Jorge Elicer Julio W12 Adonis Cruz

2005: Lorenzo Parra W12 Takefumi Sakata

2009: Floyd Mayweather Jr W12 Juan Manuel Marquez

Chris John W12 Rocky Juarez     

2014: Omar Andres Narvaez WMD12 Felipe Orucuta 

2015: Jessica Chavez W10 Arely Mucino

Luis Concepcion RTD10 David Sanchez

Hekkie Budler W12 Simpiwe Konkco

Su Yun Hong TKO4 Kanittha Ninthim

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