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1927: Gene Tunney vs Jack Dempsey

Infamous Long Count

National Boxing Association World Heavyweight Title

September 22nd,

Soldiers Field, Chicago, Illinios   

Infamous Round 7: Dempsey drops Tunney to the canvas. Referee Dave Barry trying to enforce the new rule where the knockdown count does not begin until the standing boxer is in a neutral corner ordered Dempsey into a neutral corner to no avail; Dempsey just stood there, giving Tunney a few extra seconds. Referee Barry began the count at which time Tunney until Dempsey quickly rose at the count of nine. Tunney's time on the canvas as 14 seconds, from the moment he fell until he got up. Because of this delay, it became known as The Long Count Fight.


Over looked by most when discussed is that in the eighth round Tunney resumed boxing from a distance, and he floored Dempsey solid 1-2. Tunney was dominant in the final two rounds, and went on to retain the world title by a unanimous decision. After the fight, Dempsey lifted Tunney's arm and said, "You were best. You fought a smart fight, kid." It was Dempsey's last career fight, and Tunney's next-to-last. In March 2011, the family of Gene Tunney donated the gloves he wore in the fight to The Smithsonian's National Museum of American History.


September 22nd

1927: Gene Tunney W10 Jack Dempsey

1933: Young Stribling W10 Maxie Rosenbloom

1937: Frank Gelb born.

1938: Peter Kane W15 Jackie Jurich

1960: Pone Kingpetch KO8 Pascuel Perez

1964: Emile Griffith W15 Brian Curvis

1973: Jose Napoles W15 Clyde Gray

1981: Lupe Pintor KO15 Hurricane Teru

1983: Donald Curry KO6 Nino LaRocca

1984: Richard Sandoval W15 Edgar Roman

1988: Roger Mayweather KO12 Gato Gonzalez

1989: Antonio Esparragoza KO5 Fili Montoya

1990: Tony Lopez W12 Jorge Paez

1991: Orlando Canizales W12 Fernie Morales

1998: Sugar Shane Mosley KO5 Eduardo Morales

Angel Manfredy W12 John Brown

Freddy Norwood KO10 Koji Matsumoto

2001: Fernando Vargas KO7 Shibata Flores

2005: Leavander Johnson passed days after collapsing following his September 17th 11th round IBF Lightweight Title TKO loss to Jesus Chavez at the MGM Grand, Las Vegas.

2006: Sharon Anyos TKO6 Esther Schouten

2011: Naoko Fujioka TKO9 Kanittha Kokietgym

Etsuko Tada W10 Nongmuay Kokietgym

2012: Cecilia Braekhus W10 Anne Sophie Mathis

Diego Gabriel Chaves TKO2 Jose Miranda

Juan Jose Montes W12 Oscar Ibarra      

Irma Sanchez W10 Carina Moreno

Juan Carlos Sanchez Jr KO9 Rodel Mayol

Krzysztof Wlodarczyk W12 Francisco Palacios

Hekkie Budler W12 Florante Condes

Ricky Burns TKO4 Kevin Mitchell

2015: Shinsuke Yamanaka WSD12 Anselmo Moreno

Moises Flores TKO12 Luis Emanuel Cusolito

Gilberto Ramirez W12 Jesse Hart

Oscar Valdez W12 Genesis Servania

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